Boycott John Deere!!: John Deere Goes Radically Woke And Is Now Funding Pride Events For Children As Young As Three Years Old.

Trump Has Immunity From Prosecution For Official Acts Supreme Court Rules In Monumental Decision For Presidential Powers.


This Type Of Stuff Makes A Person Seethe With Rage: Fears Texas Girl 12 May Have Been Gang Raped Before She Was Murdered During Two Hour Ordeal Under Bridge As Illegal Immigrant Suspects Mugshots Are Released.

Romans 1:18-32–Examples Of Wise And Courageous Decision Making: More Than One Million United Methodists Quit The Church Overnight After Sex Rule Change.

By LAURA PARNABY FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 13:13 EDT, 3 June 2024 | UPDATED: 07:41 EDT, 4 June 2024 This is an example of standing on the truth

Of Course He Would Promote And Support The Fake Man Made Climate Change Agenda: Pope Francis Uses First Ever US TV Interview To Slam Climate Change Deniers As ‘Fools’ And Insists ‘Climate Change Exists’

The truth of the matter is the real, honest, ethical, science and scientists who aren’t being funded by the government don’t support

Romans 1:26-32: A Transgender Sex Offender Is Seen In Creepy Mugshot After Trying To Snatch A Young Boy From An Elementary School.

By ALEXA CIMINO FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 17:08 EDT, 22 April 2024 | UPDATED: 17:08 EDT, 22 April 2024 A transgender sex offender has been arrested for attempting to kidnap

Romans 1:26-32: Like I Have Been Saying For Decades They Are Coming For Your Children. Listen To Her. Fight!, Fight!, Fight!, And When You Feel You Can’t Fight Anymore, Continue To Fight! (Warning! Strong Language.)

Listen to her, except the part about some transgenders being acceptable no sexual perversion should be deemed acceptable no matter whose practicing

Romans 1:26-32–Why Am I Not Surprised? Underaged Boys Are Like Crack Cocaine To Homosexual/Pedophile Men They Just Can’t Get Enough Of Them. Prominent Ivy League LGBTQ Activist, 53, Is Arrested On Child Porn Charges At His Home Near Princeton University.

By DOMINIC YEATMAN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 19:28 EDT, 27 March 2024 | UPDATED: 19:37 EDT, 27 March 2024 An LGBTQ activist with top degrees from Harvard, Yale and Princeton

Moscow Attack Suspect Screams In Terror In New Footage Of His Capture As He Is Chased Through Woods By Russian Troops Who Tell Him They’ll ‘Cut Him Up’, Then Slice Off His Ear And Force Him To Eat It.

By PERKIN AMALARAJ and DAVID AVERRE PUBLISHED: 07:34 EDT, 25 March 2024 | UPDATED: 07:44 EDT, 25 March 2024 Leaked footage has revealed that one of the four terrorists

This Is Wrong What They’re Doing To Trump: Trump Rages He Will Be Forced To ‘Sell Off Great Assets’ At ‘Fire Sale Prices’ To Pay The $454 Million New York Fraud Fine And Rants Judge Engoron Is Trying To ‘Take His Rights Away ‘ After Lawyers Revealed He Couldn’t Cover The Bond.

By GEOFF EARLE, DEPUTY U.S. POLITICAL EDITOR PUBLISHED: 09:10 EDT, 19 March 2024 | UPDATED: 15:36 EDT, 19 March 2024 Former President Donald Trump unloaded on Judge Arthur Engoron

Romans 1:26-32: Child Sexual Indoctrination 101…Pete Buttigieg’s Sex Partner Makes Kids Pledge Allegiance To The LGBTQ Pride Flag.

By JAMES GORDON FOR DAILYMAIL.COM  PUBLISHED: 21:14 EDT, 11 March 2024 | UPDATED: 02:28 EDT, 12 March 2024 The husband of U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is engaged

Romans 1: 18-32: The LGBTQ Community Is Coming For Your Children. Montana Parents Who Lost Custody Of Their 14-Year-Old Daughter To The State After Refusing To Let Her Transition Reveal How She Obtained Sex Change Hormones Off Amazon.

Parents from Montana lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter, now identifying as Leo, after they obtained sex change hormones through Amazon Their

Romans 1:18-32: Doritos FIRES Trans Activist TWO DAYS After Bringing Him In As A Brand Ambassador After Being Alerted To Sick Tweets About Doing ‘Depraved Things’ To A 12-Year-Old.

By GERMANIA RODRIGUEZ POLEO FOR DAILYMAIL.COM  PUBLISHED: 14:46 EST, 5 March 2024 | UPDATED: 17:06 EST, 5 March 2024 Doritos has fired a transgender activist who appeared in one

Men And Women Of Character And Conviction Don’t Fold When Pressure Is Applied They Grow Stronger And More Resilient While Exercising Their Faith In God.

And be not deceived bad company corrupts good character. And also be mindful of who you associate with there are a lot

Far Left Liberal Media Propaganda Primarily Inspired By The European Union Designed To Put The Fake Warmongering Label On Putin When In Actuality A German Led European Union Is Secretly Planning And Preparing For World Domination?: Putin ‘Could Strike Targets Across Europe’ In All-Out War Against The West, Generals Say.

NATO generals warned there may be just three years left of peace with Russia They said the body needs to start cutting

A New Name But The Same Twisted, Sick, Evil, Agenda: Employers Are Banning DEI And Swapping It For ‘Wellbeing And Inclusion’ As College Anti-Semitism Debacle Turns Term Toxic.

Companies are distancing themselves from the controversial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and moving towards employee ‘wellbeing and inclusion’  Business consultants believe

Romans 1: 26-32–A Prominent Trans Activist Is Charged With Raping Two Boys Under 13 After Previously Working With Philadelphia DA On Policies To Protect The LGBTQ+ Community.

Kendall Stephens, 37,  was arrested on Monday accused of raping two minors The trans LGBTQ+ activist became a well-known campaigner after becoming

Romans 1:26-32: As Long As You Keep A Homosexual Or Lesbian Deviant In Your Ear And Believe What They Say Your Mind Will Always Be Screwed Up. You Will Be Immersed In And Blinded By Lies And Never Find Or Know The Truth. Taking Advice From A Homosexual Or Lesbian Deviant Is Like Taking Advice From Satan Himself And Allowing Satan To Think For You. It’s Sure To Lead You Deep Into Abominable Sexual Sin And Other Forms Of Sin And End Disastrously For You.

Target Under Fire For ‘Sexualizing Christmas For Children’ With ‘Pride Santa’ Decorations.

Target has rolled out a ‘Pride Santa’ and a ‘Pride Christmas Nutcracker’ Figurine as part of their LGBTQ+holiday decoration line  The big

I Have Been Sounding This Alarm For Over A Decade… EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama Is Using His Toxic Radical, ‘Anti-American, Marxist And Anti-Semitic’ Views To Control The Biden Presidency, Author Scott McKay Claims In New Book.

Author Scott McKay claims Obama would have never been elected ‘if mainstream America recognized the full extent of his radical associations and

The Marvels Gets KILLED! Massive DROP Means It’s DEAD!

Romans 1:26-32: The LGBTQ Community Is Coming For Your Children! Twelve-Year-Olds Are Being Taught About Anal Sex In School While Nine-Year-Olds Are Told To ‘Masturbate’ For Homework. The Shocking Lesson Plans Used By Teachers In UK Classrooms.

EXCLUSIVE: Schools across Britain taught kids to masturbate and have anal sex Teachers have also ‘indoctrinated’ children with false claims about biological

Romans 1:26-32: The LGBTQ Community Is Coming For Your Children! Video Exposes Trans ‘Indoctrination’ In Primary School: Teacher Tells 10-Year-Olds About How An Unhappy Boy Teddy Became A Happy Girl Teddy In A Lesson From Controversial ‘Inclusion’ Charity.

EXCLUSIVE: Video exposes trans ‘indoctrination’ in British primary schools READ MORE: The shocking lesson plans used by teachers in UK classrooms HAS IT

The Gradual, Subtle, Inconspicuous, Steps To The Total Control Of U.S. Citizens: You Would Be A Fool To Allow This To Happen. At The Urging Of Barrack Obama And Others The Biden Administration In An Unparalleled Power Grab Is Seeking To Take Full Control Of The Internet.

You better start rallying against it now because if not this can and will result in the government destroying your incomes if

Are People Now Wisely Dumping ESG And Radically Insane Big Business Companies Because Of Their Insane Agenda That Included Trying To Promote And Advance Homosexuality/Pedophilia, Transgenderism, Child Mutilation, Child Sexual Indoctrination, And Every Other Form Of Sick Satanic Twisted Sexual Perversion Imaginable?

Trying To Limit Our Ability To Learn And Turn Us Into Homosexuals Through The Food Supply?:’Gender-Bending’ Chemical Found In Food And Plastic Bottles Now Linked To ADHD And Autism.

Researchers found that kids with ADHD and autism are less able to expel BPA  The team said that BPA exposure could increase

The Manifestation Of Full Blown Demonic Sexual Perversion And Perverted Freakdom: Drag Queen And Member Of The LGBTQ+ Advocacy Group Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence ‘Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore’ Was Caught In A Public Marathon Masturbation Session.

A member of the LGBTQ+ advocacy group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who has previously participated in Drag Queen Story Hour was arrested after


Are People Finally Waking Up To ESG And How It Was Primarily Created By Diabolically Evil, Insane, Morally And Mentally Deranged Elites To Advance A Hyper Extreme, Radically Insane, Twisted, Social And Sexual Engineering Agenda?

Hyper Extreme, Radically Insane, Democrats Getting A Dose Of Their Own Medicine And They Just Can’t Takes It Anymore: The Migrant Crisis Will Destroy My City’, New York Mayor Eric Adams Declares As The City Battles To Cope With The Influx Of Thousands Drawn There By Joe Biden’s Open-Door Policy, TOM LEONARD Writes.

I don’t agree with what the videos below seem to be suggesting, and that is, the influx of migrants is comprised of

Devastating Risks Of Transitioning To ‘Green’ Energy: Mining For Electric-Powering Minerals Has Left 23 Million People Exposed To Toxic Waste, 500,000km Of Rivers Polluted And 16 Million Acres Of Farmland Ruined.

Toxic byproducts of metals mining also pollute 10.7 million acres of flood plains   Researchers estimate the pollution also impacts 5.72 million livestock

They’re Coming For Your Children: Republican Senator Reads Graphic Passages From Books Including Gender Queer And All Boys Aren’t Blue In Disturbing Hearing On Literature In Schools.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) read graphic and sexually explicit passages from LGBTQ books during a Senate Judiciary Hearing on Tuesday He quoted

I Think It’s Pretty Plain At This Point Barrack Obama Was Probably The First Gay Man To Occupy The Office Of The President And To Create This Atmosphere Of Sexual Immorality That’s Plaguing And Destroying The Nation.

Let me explain why I say this. Because as of late there has been a lot of damning information coming out about

Q&A: There Are Many People Claiming To Be Prophets In These End Times And Even The Prophet Elijah. But How Can We Identify Who Is A Real Prophet Of God And Who Is Not?

Question: There Are Many People Claiming To Be Prophets In These End Times And Even The Prophet Elijah. But How Can We

I Have Been Emphasizing This For More Than A Decade. Now I Think We Really Know One Of The Reasons Why He Legalized Homosexual And Lesbian Marriage.

Barack Obama’s gay sex fantasy confession is revealed in unredacted letter to ex: ‘I make love to men daily, in the imagination’

The Strategic And Calculated Sexual Indoctrination And Sexual Mutilation Of Children Into Sexual Perversion In Their Adolescent Years.

Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, who is transgender, said that transgender minors may go through ‘the wrong puberty’  The comment

Isaiah 3:9-12: I Have Always Said This Was Their Ultimate Goal. They Don’t Even Hide It Anymore. Their Consuming Lust And Desire For Perverted Sexual Gratification Has Them Targeting Your Sons And Daughters For Sexual Abuse Worldwide.

Romans 1:26-32: We’re here, we’re queer and we’re coming for your children’: Topless drag queens spark outrage with inflammatory chant at NYC

The LGBTQ Community And The Biden Administration Loudly Proclaim By Their Actions And Words ‘Your Children Belong To Us To Do With As We Please!!’

Parents’ rights are under attack’: Fury as New York schools are told to keep children’s gender identities secret from families: New guidance

Target Partners With A Company That Pushes Kids Genders To Be Secretly Changed Without Their Parent’s Knowledge.

Is America Trying To Morally Corrupt, Pervert, And Convert, African Nations By Way Of Economic Threats And Bribes?

TTPAS does not agree with all the views of these channels but we do agree with their position in relation to rejecting

Q&A: In Romans 10:9-10 It States That If You Confess With Your Mouth The Lord Jesus And Believe In Your Heart That God Has Raised Him From The Dead, You Will Be Saved. For With The Heart One Believes Unto Righteousness, And With The Mouth Confession Is Made Unto Salvation. So Why Do You Teach Works And Keeping The Law?

Question: In Romans 10:9-10 it states that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that

Florida Should Be The Model That All Other States Emulate: Florida Bans Lessons On Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation In ALL Public School Grades.

Florida’s Education Department approved a rule on Wednesday that expands Ron DeSantis’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law  It now prohibits the teaching

Romans 1:26-32: How Support Of The LGBTQ Community And Their Agenda Has Created An Unrestrained Out Of Control Evolving Monster. That Will Continue To Evolve Into A More Confusing, Insanely Evil, Extremely Destructive, Alternate Reality.

The New Diabolical And Maniacal Form Of Victim Shaming.

Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video at By Donald Bohanon published 3/30/23 The violent and deadly acts

African Nations And Nations Around The World If America Is Pushing Sexual Perversions As A Requirement For Economic Assistance Completely Reject It!!!

The United States’ primary goal is to advance a sexual engineering agenda worldwide as opposed to an economic agenda. Advancing an economic

A Complete And Total Self-Righteous Hypocrite: Yoel Roth Who Was Instrumental In Arranging For Underaged Children To Get Butt Raped By Homosexual/Pedophile Sexual Deviants Was ‘Uncomfortable’ Being Grilled Over ‘State Propaganda’ On The Twitter App.

The most recent edition of the ‘Twitter Files’ reveals that FBI officials demanded execs for the social media giant to give them

Romans 1:26-32–Their Primary Goal And Motivation Is Child Molestation: Ex-Twitter Censor Yoel Roth And His Boyfriend Are Forced To FLEE Their $1.1m Home After His Thesis – Which Supports Letting Children Use Gay Hook-Up App ‘Grindr’ – Is Shared By Elon Musk.

Twitter’s former head of trust and safety received a torrent of threats Elon Musk implied in tweets that Roth had advocated for

Romans 1:26-32–They Won’t Stop Until They Can ‘Legally’ Put Their Penises In The Butts, Mouths, And Vaginas,Of Your Underage Sons And Daughters: Drag Queen Invited To White House For Marriage Equality Bill Signing Tweeted ‘The Kids Are Out To Sing And Suck Dick!’ – While Another Performed For Children In A False Church.

President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act Tuesday afternoon in a ceremony attended by thousands on the White House South

Romans 1:26-32– They’re Coming For Your Children: Drag Queen Hour With Grown Men In Dresses Teaching Children As Young As 3 Years Old About Homosexual Sex.

LAUGHING IN THE FACES OF PARENTS. I don’t care who you are!’: Man is arrested for punching a NYPD officer after confronting

Romans 1:26-32-The Homosexual Mass Perverting Of Children In Schools Gets Bolder And Keeps Marching On Advancing To New And Different Perverted Heights: The Homosexual/Pedophile Dean Of Students ‘Joseph Bruno’ Brags About Passing Out Butt Plugs And Dildos To His Students As Young As 14 And Bringing A Drag Queen To ‘Hang Out’ During Lessons About Queer Sex .

By HOPE SLOOP FOR DAILYMAIL PUBLISHED: 14:20 EST, 8 December 2022 | UPDATED: 18:32 EST, 8 December 2022. The dean of an elite school in Chicago has been caught

Proverbs 1:32-The Turning Away Of The Simple/Ignorant Shall Slay Them And The Prosperity Of Fools Shall Destroy Them: Are Some Black Celebrities And Politicians, Etc, As They Are Subjugated As A Result Of Compensation From Rich Sexually Perverse Liberals To Promote The Homosexual/Pedophile Agenda The New Virulent And Extremely Dangerous Form Of Uncle Tom?

By Donald Bohanon published June 14, 2022. Above is another example of a paid puppet and mouthpiece for the homosexual community and

Romans 1:26-32: They Will Even Destroy You If They Have To In Order To Molest And Sodomize Your Children. Wake Up!!!!! School District Tells Philadelphia Teachers To Attend ‘Kink, Trans Sex And BDSM’ Workshop To ‘Learn More About Trans Community’ Where They Were Told There Is ‘No Age Limit For Gender Journey’, How To Use Sex Toys And What ‘Puppy Sex Fetishes’ Are.

Philadelphia’s School District emailed teachers and staff on their mailing list to inform them about the three-day free Trans Wellness Conference The

Is The Biden Administration And NATO Fanning The Flames Of Nuclear War?: Putin Warns Finland Has ‘Made A Mistake’ After Country’s President Tells Him They WILL Join NATO – Despite Russian Threat It Could Wipe Them And Britain Out In SECONDS With Nukes – As Lavrov Says ‘Total Hybrid War’ Has Been Declared.

Putin: ‘Abandoning […] neutrality would be a mistake since there are no threats to Finland’s security’ Russia’s attack dog foreign minister Sergei

You Ask Why They Are Targeting Children?: I Have Been Sounding This Alarm For Decades And The Q&A Below Outlines Just One Of The Primary Reasons They Are Targeting Children. Not To Mention The Fact That They Just Want To Have Homosexual/Pedophile Sex With The Children As Well.

Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video at Related Information. Why Do You Demonize Gays And Ostracize Them

Romans 1:18-32: Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transgenderism, Pedophilia, Lesbianism, It’s All The Same Corrupting Destructive Sexual Perversion With The Same Goal Of Brainwashing And Molesting Children Just With Different Titles And In Some Cases Different Sexes.

Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video

Romans 1:18-32: An 83 Year Old Transsexual Charged With Murder After Chopping A Woman’s Body Up And Dumping It In The Garbage.

REVEALED: Transsexual, 83, on parole for killing two, arrested and charged for the murder of a third woman whose body was chopped

The Freaks Come Out At Night: Romans 1:18-32–Homosexual/Pedophile Facebook Meta Executive ‘Jeren Miles’ Caught Grooming A Thirteen Year Old Boy For Sex.

 EXCLUSIVE: ‘I love naked cuddles on a cold evening.’ How senior Facebook executive was caught in a pedophile sting after allegedly

The Homosexual/Transgender/Pedophile Community Drawing Closer To Their Goal Of Legalizing Pedophilia: ODU Professor Wants To Normalize Pedophilia And Use Terminology Like ‘Minor Attracted Persons.’

ODU Professor Wants To Normalize Pedophilia And Use Terminology Like ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Tuesday, November 16, 2021 Facebook Old Dominion University students

They’re Coming For Your Children And Working Hard At It: How School Officials Thwart Internal Whistleblowers – To Protect Explicit Sexual And LGBT Books In Middle School Libraries.

    How school officials thwart internal whistleblowers – to protect explicit sexual and LGBT books in middle school libraries. Securing their

Radical Insane Liberal Policies Designed To Usher In And Implement Socialism And Or Fascism? Radical Democrats/Liberals Working To Implement Socialism And Or Liberal Fascism By Way Of A Fake Man Made Climate Change Agenda.

HAHAHAHA.Laura with the man-made climate change impending doom music requirements. To go along with the ridiculous, fake, man-made climate change, impending doom

The Prophesied Rise Of The Strong Man Of Europe?: Former German Defense Minister ‘Karl Guttenberg’ Resurfaces After His Exile In The U.S.

By Donald Bohanon–Added  May 5,2018 Karl Guttenberg– former ‘German Defense Minister’ and once prominent German political figure has resurfaced after his exile

Homo Christianity: A New Age, End Time, Satanic Doctrine And Deception.

By Donald Bohanon added 4-05-2018 The video above is about a homosexual man living the homosexual lifestyle while promoting a false form

Wake Up America & The World!!: If They Can’t Turn You Homosexual Through Lies, False Science, Fake Propaganda, And Other Methods They Will Try To Do It Covertly Through Your Food And Drinking Water.

Biologist Targeted For Exposing The Gender Bending Pesticide And Antidote To Heterosexuality- “Atrazine” – Poisoning America. Christina Sarich Waking Times Fri, 06

Sick Murderous Cowards: Trump Appears To Be Shot In The Ear And Is Left With Blood Strewn Across His Face During Rally In Pennsylvania.

Donald Trumps a tough son of a gun. God was with him. Tucker Carlson said they may try to kill him if