Is Grace A License To Sin?

According to the Bible Grace was bestowed upon us as an act of mercy from Christ to pay the penalty for our sins. Christ also applies it as a way to cover our sins when we stumble. In such cases when we stumble we ask for forgiveness for our sins and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and shed blood then cover those sins when we stumble on occasion. But one of the most dangerous and false doctrines that are being taught today is that grace gives us a license to freely sin.

False ministers teach the false soul-destroying doctrine of salvation by grace through faith which means if you accept Jesus Christ as your savior verbally the price for sin has been paid and you can freely continue in sin without any change in behavior which is completely unbiblical and is the result of false unlearned ministers applying their own personal interpretation to scripture as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself.

No one can interpret the Bible, the Bible simply interprets itself and you must allow it to do that. Any other approach leads to complete error and gross biblical misinterpretation. As we study God’s word you will clearly see that to willfully sin and to use grace as a license to sin leads only to condemnation when judged and to spiritual death.

The truth of the matter is taking spiritual advice from false unlearned ministers with a perverted evil agenda can and will lead to your spiritual destruction. Because in most cases they will lead you into rebellion against God’s word and his commandments. And as we will see momentarily that will only ensure that you are a recipient of God’s wrath when you are judged.

It’s important to reveal this information at such a time when you consider there are so many false ministers who are supporting and promoting offensive unbiblical behaviors that if practiced and embraced are sure to result in destruction when judged. This will be made clear as we study God’s word.

But the problem is many people are embracing and practicing the behaviors that false ministers are teaching are okay to promote and practice.. We will also see that the freedom that’s being emphasized by Paul as a result of grace is freedom from the enslaving shackles of sin. And not the freedom to fully engage in sinful behavior. Let’s study God’s word to see how he views using grace as a license to sin and how he promises to punish it. Today’s audio is entitled Is Grace A License To Sin? This audio was recorded on June 27, 2022.

At the beginning of this audio I keep mentioning let’s go to Romans 2:6-12 but what I actually meant was Romans 2:6-16. It was late at night when I recorded the audio and I was sleepy I also had Romans 2:6-12 written down so kept referencing it while failing to realize the mistake. Sorry about that.

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