We at TTPAS have no association or affiliation with WSHH they are merely the source of this troubling information. Keep in mind that Barrack Obama has played a key role in it all and is the source who is controlling Biden behind the scenes. He was instrumental in working to legalize or advance virtually every law or policy that would cause America to fall apart at the seams.


I’m convinced he has been instrumental in manipulating Biden to pick pratically every appointee he has chosen from a proud and open homosexual in Pete Buttigieg head of transportation an appointee whose department has somehow conveniently fallen apart as it relates to supply chain issues which are contributing to rampant inflation which is causing the dollar to weaken which in turn negatively impacts all other economies.


To a transgender secretary of health, as a way to social engineer society to behave in ways that will incur the full wrath of God. I have been sounding the alarm for years that this is all by design to implement an evil satanic agenda courtesy of Barrack Obama and the radical liberal left. But yet he sits comfortably, untouched, for all the chaos and evil he has caused and is causing. The goal of collapsing economies by incurring the wrath of God through abominable immoral behavior I’m convinced is a part of the plan and is something Barrack understands.


He’s not so much concerned about helping homosexuals and other sexual deviants as he is in destroying the moral foundation of America and other nations and in so doing destroying them and their economies to build from it a new digital system that implements the mark of the beast. Not to mention the fact he encouraged the black community to drink deadly lead-tainted water by falsely claiming it was safe when he knew it was very dangerous.


So he obviously doesn’t care about the black community at all.  The same thing applies to the man-made climate change hoax. Its sole purpose is to engineer a new economy from the ashes of a destroyed economy courtesy of the man-made climate change hoax. Correcting the abominations that greatly offend God so he can turn back his wrathful hand so we can work towards healing and prospering the nation is the beginning of the real solution. Revelation 13: 16-17