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Get the money at all costs and nothing else matters is what many are taught by the false prophet, and even by the rapper. Many tout money as the solution to what ails the world. I recently heard a prominent rapper speaking to a group of black youth explaining that enriching their communities, by financial gain, is essentially the solution to all that afflicts their communities.

Nothing was mentioned in relation to transforming or changing the moral behavior that is the primary contributor to the violence that plagues those communities. Neither was there a mention of the negative impact the poisonous gangster rap music has on the community, which he says he seeks to change. But most of the rappers who are reaping major financial rewards from the music they are peddling, normally, wilfully, overlook the impact that music is having on their communities.

They instead, falsely claim, that the music plays no part at all in the demise of their communities while suggesting that the music is simply a reflection of the reality of their environments while they themselves live lavishly in multi-million dollar homes far removed from the reality of the communities they claim to represent.

While the music continues to glorify getting the bag no matter what the cost. While promoting and glorifying violence at the same time. If there is to be any real change the music must evolve into a method that promotes positivity with beats and lyrics. Positive change will NEVER come by infusing destructive messages by way of lyrics into the minds of the youth.

Many claim that job creation alone is the solution. But that is ridiculous reasoning. It may have a slight impact but if the moral condition of those communities is not addressed it will be minimal at best. And the destructive music that’s being ingested by the youth will undermine those minimal gains.

The messages that they broadcast to many, unfortunately, are comprised of children from broken homes, and in many cases from one-parent homes. And many of these wayward kids have no positive influences and therefore view the gangster rappers as idols who should be followed and emulated and whose destructive lyrics should be acted upon.

The truth of the matter is money funneled to individuals like that without first working to transform the environment will only exacerbate the problem. God’s word tells us that the solution is to first ensure our souls prosper and then the financial blessings will come. Which means changing the moral behavior to reflect how the Bible defines proper moral behavior.

God says that is the way he will bless financially because he knows financially feeding a corrupted person, who is hell-bent on living unlawfully, and who refuses to address and cast out his many demons and change his way of thinking and acting, will only make the situation worse. And not all financial blessings come from God. Satan has the power to bless financially also. That needs to be emphasized and understood. The spiritual condition which influences the moral actions of the individual must first be addressed, and corrected before any widespread positive change can ever be realized.

I’m not suggesting that no financial assistance should be given to these communities when America has been partly responsible for the present conditions as a result of years of discrimination and racism. But only that widespread positive change can only come from addressing the abysmal moral condition that exists in many of these communities.

And you certainly won’t get there by following false ministers, who teach false doctrines, that encourage hypocrisy in the form of rebellion against God’s commandments and word. They will only add to the problem. Let’s examine God’s word and see how he feels about putting money above everything else, without acknowledging the importance of spiritual growth, and moral change, first.

And how he explains to us that acquiring money, without any spiritual growth, or moral change, will only result in destruction. And that wealth or riches will not save us in the day of his wrath but only righteousness delivers from death. Today’s audio is entitled What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but yet lose his own soul? This audio was recorded on December 30, 2022. Let’s start by going to.

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The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord.

The Day of the Lord - Wikipedia

Sexual perversions, rape, mass murder in the form of war, in the urban neighborhoods and communities, and in the form of abortion, child molestation, homosexual and lesbian marriage now legalized and accepted as normal behavior, the practicing and promotion of black magic and sorcery, political corruption at the highest levels of government, lies, bribery, treachery, betrayal, etc.

Would a loving God sit back and allow such behavior to continue unchecked? Well, if you let false ministers who promote an evil ungodly agenda tell it, yes he would allow it to continue.

But as always we should only believe God and what his word says about abominable sinful behavior. And God through his word the Bible says a destructive event of cataclysmic proportions is soon to affect planet earth and all of its inhabitants. This event is called the great and terrible day of the lord.

The Bible says it will follow right on the heels of the great tribulation. Another event of widespread suffering and sorrow. God says he’s going to punish a sinful world because of their abominable rebellion against him.

The Bible says God’s anger will be poured out in this way because of the sins of the world. Let’s study God’s word to see what this event is, why it will happen, and when it will happen. Today’s audio is entitled the coming great and terrible day of the lord. This audio was recorded on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

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Anointing And The Anointed. What It Is, What It Means, And What They Mean To God.

The Bible often speaks about the anointing and the anointed. Many self-proclaimed ministers have interpreted this to mean some kind of power a specific individual has. And although that’s a part of it, in many cases, it doesn’t define what it is or what it means. The Bible gives specific examples throughout scripture as to what the anointing and the anointed mean. The Bible explains that the anointed is an individual chosen by God.

And the anointing is the choosing of an individual to be a disciple, a king, a prophet, or a priest. etc. These individuals really have no say in the matter and were chosen according to scripture before the world was even created. They are chosen for specific purposes in relation to God’s will. With that anointing comes serious responsibility for the anointed.

They are highly favored in God’s eyes and he protects and fights for them in a way that many can’t comprehend. To ensure his will is fulfilled concerning them. Let’s take a deep dive into God’s word to find out what the anointing and the anointed are and what they mean. We will take a look at what it is and how God has responded to those who have opposed them throughout history. The first part of this audio will explain what it is.

The second part will outline how God has fought for them throughout history using a few scriptures to emphasize this. Today’s audio is entitled The Anointing And The Anointed what it means, who they are, and what they mean to God. This audio was recorded March 6, 2022– Let’s start by going to Leviticus 7:35-37

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The Bible teaches us there are two significant and profound days of wrath coming from God. One is in a physical context which is referred to in scripture as The Great And Terrible Of The Lord. And is a time when God will pour out his wrath on a sinful world, because of their abominable sin and rebellion…Isaiah 2:10-22,1 Thessalonians 5:2-3.

The other is in a spiritual context when God’s wrath will be expressed in a resurrection to judgment against those who have sinned in abominable ways while living in this physical life, unrepentant. This day of wrath will focus on a spiritual destruction and a physical destruction of the wicked and ungodly.

As opposed to a physical destruction exclusively which The Great And Terrible Of The Lord will be focused on. Some self-proclaimed ministers deceptively, dishonestly and inaccurately, teach that a simple verbal acceptance of Jesus Christ frees us from this punishment.

Others teach that this event will be in the context of a judgment, and won’t involve destruction or punishment but will simply be a day when God informs men of their offenses and then informs them that Christ’s sacrifice paid the penalty for those sins.

But are these beliefs right and in line with scripture? The truth of the matter is the judgment is the day of wrath upon ungodly men because of their sin and abominable evil. Something that’s clearly outlined by the word of God. Let’s examine scripture to determine what the day of judgment is, and what it involves. Today’s audio is entitled “Judgment Day: The Day Of Wrath.”.This audio was recorded on February 3,2018.

This is actually a remake of a previous version I did on January 28,2018 but I had to redo it because I inserted Jesus Christ as the Revelator or speaker in Luke 3:7 when in actuality it should have been John the Baptist being emphasized as the speaker. A slight error on my part as a result of rushing to get the audio done but I will try to ensure that I don’t make that mistake again.

I also mention that Christ mentions in Revelation that men will be judged by their works but in the context of the Bible as a whole being Christ in print… because Christ is the word of God in print, flesh and in spirit. John wrote the text but it was revealed to him to write by Christ through visions. In this context, Christ is revealing it to John.I also mention the ungodly will see God face to face but in terms of witnessing the glorious presence of God. Sort of like Moses when he witnessed God’s glory in the burning bush.

In other words in this case they wont see his face but will probably see his glorious presence in the form of his body sitting on his throne but in all likelihood, his face will be hidden or cloaked in some way. Because no human can see God’s face and live…Exodus 33:17-23.But they will still be frightened nonetheless…Hebrews 10:31.

Judgment Day: The Day Of Wrath.

Listen to Judgment Day: The Day Of Wrath.

This audio was recorded on January 28,2018.

Sexual Liberation & Sexual Freedom,Or Sexual Addiction ….Which Is It?

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Sexually liberate yourselves by engaging in destructive, infectious, perverted, sexually addictive behavior is the prevailing theme in today’s society, and is what’s being promoted as liberation and freedom to this wayward and confused generation. In a time when sexual promiscuity and sexual liberty is being promoted as the new sexual freedom. Why is it that the same perverted lifestyles that are being promoted as the new form of sexual freedom and liberty, are in fact, according to God’s word, enslaving and shackling those that practice those same lifestyles and behaviors?

The truth of the matter is many prominent homosexuals and lesbians have labeled the same sexual practices they themselves promote and practice, as very addictive, corrupting and enslaving. But yet the corrupt liberal media and the radical liberal left is hellbent on promoting these same corrupting enslaving lifestyles as beneficial and wholesome, and a societal, physical and spiritual progression, as opposed to a societal, physical and spiritual regression. Which in reality is what it really is. Those corrupt and perverse individuals who are enslaved by these same perversions tell us to embrace the same things they themselves are enslaved by, while calling those same corrupting, enslaving and addictive behaviors, sexual freedom and liberty.

They tell society to embrace these addictive, corrupting behaviors, while deceptively and dishonestly referring to those same addictive corrupting behaviors as liberty and freedom. But this is how Satan operates, coming as a wolf in sheep’s clothing while promoting addictive, corrupting and destructive behaviors, as wholesome and beneficial. With the sole objective being to destroy men and women both physically and spiritually by promoting these very destructive behaviors. These perverse groups and individuals tell us to embrace these destructive lifestyles while, touting them as a form of liberty.

But God and his word commands us to flee these behaviors and lifestyles and warns us that they are not liberating at all, but in reality are very addictive, corrupting and shackling, destructive and enslaving. Let’s examine Gods word to find out how he feels about lust in all its corrupting, shackling and destructive forms, and why he commands and instructs us to flee from and avoid these very destructive, corrupting and enslaving behaviors at all costs, for our physical and spiritual benefit.

I make the statement in this audio that anyone who teaches that all men will be saved is a deceiver but that’s not to suggest the true Churches of God who teach God’s doctrines are deceivers,but just simply wrong (as is supported by scripture) as it relates to this particular issue and or point of doctrine.

Listen: Sexual Liberation & Sexual Freedom…Or Sexual Addiction Which Is It?

Created and uploaded ..Sunday  June 18,2017.

Are You Really Born Again?!!!!!!

The term born again is often used in the professing Christian community. It’s often used in reference to or when describing a Christian conversion. Many self-professing Christians believe they are born again because of the doctrine they’ve been taught. Today’s most prevalent false doctrine teaches that once a person verbally accepts Jesus Christ as their savior they’re Immediately born again. But is this true? And how does the bible define being born again?

The bible actually provides some select verses that clearly define what born again means, how it happens and what it involves. According to the bible it does not take place at the time a person verbally accepts Jesus Christ as their savior. There is actually nothing in the bible that suggest that.

But it happens only in the first resurrection and second resurrection of those who are in Christ.Or those who are repentant and bear fruit until the end. The bible also describes it as a complete change from flesh to spirit. From weak to powerful. From mortal to immortal. Let’s examine God’s word to get a clearer understanding of what the term born again means. And what the true born-again process entails. This is a relatively short audio and was recorded Tuesday July 7, 2015. Lets begin by going to John 3:1-8.

I mention in this audio that the Born Again Process only happens in the first and second resurrections. But what I was trying to say is there are two stages of the first resurrection. The resurrection of the dead in Christ first and then the catching up in clouds of those who are alive in Christ second. Sorry if I confused anyone. I tried to clarify it later in the audio.  

Listen: Are You Really Born Again?

The Fate Of The Hypocrite

The term hypocrite is used quite frequently by many people but without any real explanation about what it really means. Many people toss the term around and use it frequently. But I’m convinced many of them don’t really understand what it means in the biblical context. The term hypocrite is mentioned quite frequently in the Bible as well but the difference is the Bible explains what it means and how offensive it is to God, as well as how seriously the practice of hypocrisy will be punished when judged.

God actually detest the practice of hypocrisy and gives strong warning about the consequences for engaging in it. But why does God hate the practice so much? And why has he promised in his word to take away the soul of the hypocrite? Because hypocrisy can be contagious in that it makes those who are led by and or influenced by the hypocrite believe that hypocritical behavior is okay in the eyes of God, which results in spiritual destruction. And because hypocrisy can really be defined as just another form of rebellion and wickedness, cloaked as righteousness.

The only difference is the wicked don’t claim to be righteous but the hypocrite who is wicked in many respects claims to be righteous. That is the major difference. One individual knows and accepts that he or she is living completely contrary to the word of God. While the other is living completely contrary to the word of God but claims to be righteous in the eyes of God. This is something that’s very offensive to God and he promises to destroy the hypocrite when he judges him or her.

In light of such an ominous warning about the fate of the hypocrite, I think it’s important for us to identify what it is and how to work to avoid being labeled or viewed as a hypocrite in the eyes of God. Let’s study Gods word to find out how seriously he takes the offense and how he plans to punish the act of hypocrisy. Today’s audio is entitled The Fate Of The Hypocrite. This audio was recorded January 24, 2015. Lets begin by going to.  The volume of the audio decreases at some point in the audio but regulates to normal volume after about 3-4 minutes.  I also state in the audio that it was recorded in 2014 but obviously what I meant was 2015. Sorry.

 The Fate Of The Hypocrite

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Added Saturday January 24,2015

 Thou Shalt Not Lie

Did you know God hates the offensive sin of lying and views lying as one of the most abominable sins?  But yet most people will utter a lie or a slander without a second thought.

There are a number of people who actually delight in lying and slandering others because they get a sense of enjoyment out of the fact that they feel they are destroying the reputation and lives of those they utter the lies against. Not understanding how much this sin angers and offends God, because of their lack of understanding of God’s word. So why don’t self-proclaimed ministers teach about the seriousness of this sin?

I don’t expect false unlearned ministers to speak the truth or to even have knowledge of the truth as it relates to these topics but I am shocked that God’s true ministers don’t expound on the seriousness of this particular sin.

Did you know God promises to destroy any and everyone who happily, blatantly and freely, engages the offensive sin of lying and slander by casting them in the lake of fire when they are judged? But very few people understand or know of the consequences for the behavior because of their ignorance of God’s word. Because of the lies and biblically contrasting information that they are getting from false unlearned ministers.

The Bible says in Matthew 12:36-37 every idle word men speak they will have to an account of in the day of judgment, by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned. So in other words for a person to make fun of the way another person dresses, or to make fun of their living conditions, or their economic situation the slightest things etc. May be amusing to the person who is uttering the words but it is very offensive to God. Actions that may very well result in condemnation when judged which is clearly emphasized in Matthew 12:36-37, and I hope to make that clear to you today.

Let me begin by emphasizing God does not view every lie the same. A little white lie for instance would not be as offensive as a malicious lie or a slander. Like a parent for instance telling their ailing son or daughter that everything will be alright to comfort them or appease them knowing that the situation is more grave and dire than the child understands, is not necessarily viewed in the same way as bearing false witness, slandering or lying maliciously, to destroy a persons name reputation or life.

This form of lying greatly angers God and will result in condemnation when judged, as opposed to lying for instance to comfort an ailing child so as not to put them under mental or emotional duress when knowing the situation is more dire than the child understands. Because the parent has faith that the situation is going to turn out for the better any way.

Or for instance, lying to get a friend out of a dangerous situation because you know in your heart that friend is not guilty of what they are being punished for. But this person later understands the error of their ways and works to ensure that it does not happen again. As opposed to a person who regularly engages in the practice of lying and slandering viciously and maliciously to hurt and do harm. This type or blatant lying results in condemnation when judged.

God takes the sin of malicious lying, bearing false witness, and slandering very, very, very seriously and promises to destroy anyone who freely and happily engages in the behavior when they are judged. Let’s examine God’s word to get a clear understanding of how God feels about the sin of lying, slandering and bearing false witness and about how he promises to punish it. Today’s Audio Is Entitled Thou Shalt Not Lie, This Audio Was Recorded Saturday February 22, 2014.

I said in this audio that King David didn’t break the commandments but what I meant was King David didn’t blatantly and willfully break the commandments he did transgress the law at points but always repented and worked as best as he could to never transgress the law again. Just in case I was misunderstood. I also make the statement in this audio that the bible has never referred to murder as an abomination.

Only as it relates to the taking of innocent life the shedding of innocent blood is abominable to God. Now don’t get me wrong although extremely offensive to God murder is not considered an abomination unless it involves the taking of innocent life on any level. That applies to other sins as well like fornication for instance done on a major scale which would be considered whore mongering would be considered abominable behavior, just to clarify so as not to confuse anyone. 


I also mention in this audio that you have to be a priest to build God’s temple and not a King. What I meant to say is you have to be a Priest or a King with clean hands for the most part. King David was not allowed to build God’s temple because he was a man of war and his hands were too bloody so that responsibility was given to Davids son King Solomon.

King Solomon was an exception because God promised King David that his son would build his temple as a type of honor, love and respect for David, and he Solomon was a man of peace and not a man of war, and had not shed as much blood as previous Kings or his father before him. Sorry if I confused anyone.

Proverbs 6:16-19

King James Version (KJV)

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Listen: Thou Shalt Not Lie

Thou Shalt Not Lie

Climate Change Or The Wrath Of God?

A few scientist say the extreme weather patterns that we and other nations have been experiencing can be attributed to man made climate change but the majority of scientist say that these weather patterns have nothing to do with man made climate change and the man made climate change theory is bogus, baseless, and completely unsubstantiated. In fact a number of scientist that originally supported the man made climate change theory, after careful study, completely reject it now, and say that it is not at all consistent with the data that they have come up with.

At one point biased, government funded climate change scientist, referred to the phenomenon as global warming, but after major flooding, snow and cold snaps, they opted to change the phenomenon to climate change because it covers the whole spectrum. Because a warming globe was not conducive to major flooding, snow and cold snaps, in the eyes of many observers. So instead of calling the ever changing weather conditions global warming, they changed it to climate change in an effort to cover their behinds, because this definition seems more reasonable and covers the whole spectrum.


And if it’s not man made climate change what is really behind the destructive weather events of epic proportions that we and other nations have been experiencing? Weather manipulation by the hand of God? Yes. But man made climate change? I don’t think so! What we and other nations have been experiencing has nothing to do with man made climate change. The truth of the matter is the word of God has clearly outlined and prophesied that these destructive events would take place before the term scientist or meteorologist ever existed.
I hope to make it clear to you today, which is clearly outlined by the word of God, that the swiftly approaching wrath and judgement of God on our nation and other nations because of our manifold transgressions. Which include legalizing abominable, filthy, sexual perversions like homosexuality/bisexuality and lesbianism as well as the widespread  promotion and practice of black magic and sorcery, and mass murder in the urban communities.  As well as the practice of other very offensive sins are the sources of all our weather related issues, epidemics and economic problems.

Let’s examine the word of God to find the truth about the source of all our problems. Today’s Audio Is Entitled Climate Change Or The Wrath Of God Of God? This is a remake of an audio I did several years ago This Audio Was Recorded Thursday January 23, 2014 – The Original Audio was Recorded around 2010.  I mention the Nation of  Ninevah  in this audio  but obviously what I meant was the nation of Assyria and the city of  Ninevah, just speaking a little too fast sorry if I confused anyone.

Listen: Climate Change Or The Wrath Of God?

Climate Change Or The Wrath Of God?

Added  Thursday January 23, 2014

 The Merciful Will Obtain Mercy

Showing mercy or love in this  life carries so much weight with God, so much so that he says the man or woman who shows love or mercy will be shown mercy when they are judged. God delights in mercy so much that he says those who exercise and show it consistently throughout life will be shown that same love and mercy when they stand before him to be judged.Whether they are a fully committed follower of Christ or not. God in his mercy has made a way for the person who is not a fully committed follower of Christ to receive mercy when he or she is judged.  Yes righteousness is one way to receive mercy from God when judged but there is another way as well. As scripture states in Psalm 68:20 to God belongs the issues from death, or ways to escape death  Let’s study Gods word to find these golden nuggets of truth that produce mercy and life, in this life, and in the judgment when followed.

Listen: The Merciful Will Obtain Mercy

Listen: The Merciful Will Obtain Mercy

Added Saturday  December 21, 2013

Grace……What Does It Mean?

What is grace and what is the purpose of it? So many ministers have taught on the subject of grace but all seem to be saying the same thing, the same biblically inaccurate and distorted theme teaching that grace is a license to sin. But when you study God’s word you begin to clearly see that how most self proclaim ministers define grace is not consistent with how the bible defines grace. Most teach in so many words that grace gives you the green light to behave in anyway you like, without worrying about repercussion or consequences, because you are under grace and no longer under the law. But what does the bible mean when it says you are no longer under the law but under grace? What law is it talking about? And does grace give us the right to continue in sin as many of these self proclaimed ministers teach?

The truth of the matter is when you study scripture and allow the bible to properly interpret itself as opposed to applying your own personal interpretation to scripture you will see that it is painting a completely different picture and telling a much different story than many of these self proclaimed minister teach. When you carefully study scripture you see that grace is not a license to sin and to believe that lie can result in condemnation when judged. There are many verses in scripture about grace, but because of  widespread misinterpretation, based on gross biblical misinterpretation. I chose to focus on the verses in scripture that define what grace is and that put grace in it’s proper perspective. There are two primary components of grace that the bible references that need to be put in their proper context. One is the grace that Christ and or God showed by shedding his blood for the sins of men this is the grace that is outlined in Ephesians 2:8-9. A verse that is normally taken completely out of context by false unlearned ministers, who twist it to make it seem like works are not necessary in the whole process of repentance and conversion. And  also to make it appear that grace is a license to continue in sin.

The other component of grace is the grace that is free unmerited favor that is shown to the called in terms of protection and watching over them to bring them out of the world into total conversion and ultimately being born into the very family of God. Also a a type of pardon for sins once the believer has stumbled, a forgiveness for the infraction is imparted at which point the believer is to work diligently to overcome the sin or thing that offends God or  is contrary to him and his word. But it is not a license to willfully sin as many false ministers teach. And as we study God’s word I hope to make that clear to you. So let’s study God’s word to find out what grace really is and what purpose it really serves. I make the statement in this audio that the righteous use grace as a license to sin but obviously what I meant was the wicked use grace as a license to sin just speaking a little too fast, sorry.

Listen: Grace What Does It Mean ?

Listen: Grace What Does It Mean ?

Added December 15, 2013

Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed

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Do you have secrets  that you don’t want anyone to know about, secrets that you are hoping no one ever finds out about? I can recall watching movies for instance that were centered around doing illegal activity and those doing it in secret hoping that no one would find out about it. But is that reality can a man or a woman do evil in the dark and not have it come to the attention of anyone? The truth of the matter is absolutely not,God has what amounts to a big spiritual video camera and actually sees and records everything we do on a physical and spiritual level. And in actuality the human spirit serves two purposes whether people know it or not, one is to impart life, the other is as a surveillance device to record all our actions and thoughts.

God has appointed a day in which he is going to expose every secret work for all to see. So every thing you’ve ever done is going to be an open book for everyone else to see, whether good or evil, friends, enemies, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grand fathers, grandsons, granddaughters every body is going to know who you really were on the day of judgement. Your thoughts, actions, and words are being recorded in detail and all will be revealed on the day of judgment, laid bare for all to see. Let’s examine God’s word to get specific details about this very revealing event that is soon to take place.  In this audio I make the statement that ancient Assyria is in fact  modern day Germany today, not Syria, but Assyria, for those who may have misinterpreted what I said.  I’m sure I mispronounced Sennacherib also I had two pronunciations but just rolled the dice and went with the one.

Listen: Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed

 Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed

Added Saturday November 23, 2013

Repentance……What Is  It Exactly?

What is repentance and how does the Bible define it? There have been so many self proclaimed ministers of God that have offered their own personal interpretations or opinions about what repentance is.

But most or nearly all are not consistent with the word of God. I have heard many of these self proclaimed ministers claim that a verbal acceptance of Jesus Christ can be defined as repentance, but this is wrong and not consistent with the word of God.

I recall talking to  a false minister years ago who when I asked him what repentance was he responded by saying  repentance can be defined as going to a good church that emphasized not to drink, but as most of these self proclaimed ministers are he was completely wrong.

It’s not a sin to drink, there is an account in Genesis 9:21 of Noah being drunk, but yet he was considered one of the most righteous men in the Bible.

Christ said in Matthew 11:19 that the son of man came eating and drinking and they called him winebibber or a wino and a friend of publicans and sinners, but he was sinless. It also says in 1 Timothy 5:23 to drink no longer water but have a little wine for your stomachs sake and oft infirmities.

Paul emphasizes  in 1 Corinthians 6:12 that all things are lawful for him but he wont be brought under the power of anything. Which simply means if it is legal it is lawful for him, in that he can do what he wants to do, but he wont allow anything to control him, self control and moderation is what’s being emphasized by him in all things.

So if a verbal acceptance of Christ or refraining from drinking  can not be defined as repentance or righteousness how do we determine it? How do we define what righteousness and repentance are? Let’s examine Gods word for the truth.

Let me start out by saying this is pretty lengthy audio I felt it necessary to be thorough as it relates to this topic, and even with that said there were still a number of relevant scriptures left out  to minimize the length of the audio. In this audio I mention that homosexuality and lesbianism is punishable by death in Jude 1:9-11 but what I meant was Jude 1:7-11 sorry if I confused anyone. 

I also make the statement in this audio that a senator in  New Jersey legalized same sex marriage but he actually presided over marriage ceremonies I don’t think he legalized homosexual marriage himself.

I also emphasize in this audio that Christ says nothing that goes into the man can defile him. Allow me to clarify myself  lest sexual deviants twist God’s word to make it sound like that is in reference to inserting penis in stinking, toxic, caustic anus and fecal matter which is absolutely ridiculous and not consistent with the word of God.

Homosexuality is condemned throughout the Bible and it says that it is punishable by death, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-32, Romans 1:32.  What Christ means by that statement is nothing that enters into the mans mouth can defile him in relation to food, or drink ,or smoke, is what that means.

It is not in relation to what enters into his anus in terms of penis in anus or even penis in mouth, that needs to be clarified. Lest perverts, sexual deviants/haters of God try and twist God’s word to make it appear to be saying something  that it is not.

Listen: Repentance What Is It  Exactly

Listen: Repentance What Is It  Exactly

Recorded Thursday October 14, 2013

God’s Love For His Servants.

I felt it important to teach on this subject because I recently heard a false minister mention in what a appeared to be in a gloating fashion, that the persecution of God’s servants is a way of life.

I have also determined from observation that many people in this world feel you can treat true Christians any way you like  without worrying about any repercussions. An attitude that is permeating society and quite possibly because of the teachings of so many false ministers and false self  proclaimed prophets in these end times. But how does God really feel about his  servants?

God has expressed his love for his servants throughout his word and more  profoundly by sending his only begotten son to die as a sacrifice for the sins of  men. Not only does he express his  love by guiding, advising, teaching and  protecting his servants, but he also promises to punish and destroy anyone who persecutes or harms his servants, that’s if he allows that to take place, no man can do harm to the servants of God if God does not allow it.

The Bible states in Psalms  34:7, that angels are encamped about them that fear or sincerely obey God to deliver and protect them.  Something else that is clearly outlined in the word of  God and needs to be understood is God promises to destroy anyone on a physical and spiritual level that persecutes and harms his servants.

The Bible says as the heavens are high above the earth so is God’s mercy or love for those that fear him. Let’s examine God’s word to learn the depth of the love that he has for his servants and what he promises to do to anyone that harms or persecutes them.

Psalm 101:5-8

King James Version (KJV)

Whoso privily slandereth his neighbour, him will I cut off: him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer.

Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me: he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me.

He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.

I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Lord

 This is a remake of the original audio I did several years ago.

Listen: God’s Love For His Servants

Listen: God’s Love For His Servants

Added Saturday October 19, 2013

Pride The Pipeline To Satan’s Total Control And Influence.

Image result for pride cometh before a fall

Pride is condemned throughout the Bible and God makes it clear that he hates it and plans to destroy all the proud because of the wickedness that pride produces which is emphasized in Malachi 4:1-3.

But why does God hate pride so much that he will go to such extremes to completely eradicate it along with those who harbor the pride?

Why is something that is so strongly encouraged and promoted in society especially in this generation and is viewed as a quality that is beneficial rather than destructive, so offensive and repugnant to God?

 Pride has been a characteristic of men and nations throughout history that has brought the wrath of God upon them and has ultimately resulted in the fall and destruction of those men, women, and nations in one form or another.

Something else that is very important and worth noting is God’s arch enemy Satan was the first being that pride was discovered in. That same pride that many men and women display, ultimately completely corrupted Lucifer,so much so that he is now referred to as Satan which is another term for adversary or enemy.

The same pride that many men and women display was so destructive that it completely corrupted a holy angel an arch angel in Lucifer. So honestly the question you need to ask your selves is if it corrupted a holy angel what do you think it is going to do to mere mortal man?

 Well God has the answer to that question and that is why he hates it. Because it actually makes anything that it influences after it has corrupted and perverted in it’s fullness and totality become enemies and haters of God .

This is why God hates it so much because ultimately it will result in the destruction of the thing that harbors it or is greatly influenced by it. And anyone who is powerfully influenced by it is being led by God’s arch enemy Lucifer because he was the first being to be corrupted and perverted by pride and is the father of it and now broadcast that same pride, and the rebellion and defiance that it produces through blind naive men and women.

 Pride is the pipeline to Satan’s total control and influence and anyone who allows themselves to be influenced by it will ultimately be completely corrupted by it,and that results in complete rebellion and defiance of God,his word, and his authority.

And ultimately complete destruction of the man or woman who is powerfully led and controlled by the pride, because of the wickedness that full blown pride produces. Let’s examine Gods word to get a clear understanding of what pride is, what it does, and why God hates it so much, and why we as followers of Christ, servants of God are to work to purge ourselves from every vestige of it.

Listen:Pride The Pipeline To Satan’s Total Control And Influence.

Listen:Pride The Pipeline To Satan’s Total Control And Influence.

Added Saturday September 21, 2013

 The Fear Of God……. What Does It Mean?

What does the Bible really mean when it says fear God? Is it emphasizing just a respect for God or does it mean something much more ? Many self proclaimed ministers teach that the fear of God can simply be defined as a respect for God.

But is that in line with scripture? The truth of the matter is respect and fear are really two separate and distinct things. The fear of God actually plays a very important role in the whole conversion process. The fear of God works in conjunction with the Holy Spirit in developing perfect righteous character.

The fear of God is actually a blessing and is probably one of the most important contributing factors in developing Godly character in conjunction with being filled with the Holy Spirit, to insure that one is not condemned when judged.

The Bible actually refers to the fear of God as mans treasure. Upon careful study of scripture we will see that the fear of God is something that is taught and emphasized throughout scripture as the Bible justifies and interprets itself. Let’s go to Gods word to get a clear picture of how important the fear of God is and what this term really means.

In this audio I mistakenly use the term she once when speaking about King Abimelech but obviously what I meant was he.Sorry once again just speaking a little too fast which I have a tendency to do.

Listen: The Fear Of God What Does It Mean

Listen: The Fear Of God What Does It Mean

Redone Added September 7, 2013

The Importance Of Good Works

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor good works

So many self proclaimed ministers teach that only faith is important, most or the majority teach that works are for the most part insignificant and play virtually no role at all in the process of salvation. Most of these self proclaimed ministers teach that only faith should be the focus, they teach that salvation comes only by grace through faith.

But are works important, and what role do they play if any in the Christian lifestyle and the whole process of repentance, righteousness  and conversion? What if any spiritual benefits do they offer? And will they play a role in determining whether human beings are judged harshly or favorably? Well the truth is quite a bit different from what most are being taught.

The truth is, good works are equally as important as faith when exercised in their  proper context. Just as bad works can result in condemnation when judged. Good works are an essential part of the journey to salvation and can result in acquittal as opposed to condemnation when judged. Let’s study God’s word to discover the absolute importance and necessity of good works as part of the Christian faith and lifestyle. 

In this audio I made the statement that the story about Bathsheeba, Uriah The Hittite, and King David could be found in 2 Samuel 2,  but that story is actually found in 2 Samuel 11:2 – Chapter 12, a slip of the tongue,sorry if I confused anyone. I also accidentally make the statement about  women sleeping with other men’s husbands that was a gross mistake and slip of the tongue.

But obviously what I meant was women sleeping with other women’s husbands. That was obviously a terrible slip of the tongue, forgive me. I have a tendency to speak a little too fast at times and obviously this was one of those occasions.

I definitely want to clarify that lest lying, slandering, warped, distorted, sexual deviants use that slip of the tongue as an opportunity to suggest that I condone the filthy behavior of homosexuality which is definitely not the case.  

God hates homosexuality with a deep, unbridled hatred and so do I for all the filthy obvious reasons. And I have no problem voicing it.

I also make the statement that God asked King David in the book of Samuel why has he despised him by sleeping with Uriah the Hittites wife and having Uriah killed by the sword?But God actually asked why have you despised the commandment by sleeping with Uriah the Hittites wife and having Uriah killed by the sword?

Which God views as a hate for him. To despise God’s commandments is to despise God, is how God views it, and is the point I was making. Something I have emphasized frequently in previous audios.



Listen: The Importance Of Good Works

Listen: The Importance Of Good Works

Added August 17, 2013


The Importance Of Doctrine.

Image result for doctrine

Is doctrine really important? I was recently asked by a woman why do you emphasize doctrine? As if to suggest teaching doctrine is wrong or biblically condemned. But the truth of the matter is doctrine is very very important and is the cornerstone of true Christianity.

Many people have been taught by self proclaimed ministers that doctrine should not be taught, and ones focus should only be on Christ, but in 2 John 1:9-11.  

God informs us that the man or woman who does not have the doctrine that God taught does not have the father or the son. Doctrine is so important in the eyes of God that he says if you don’t have his doctrine the doctrine that Christ taught, that God gave to Christ to teach, you don’t have God or Christ.

So based on that clear instruction who are we to believe? Are we to believe men who have reduced the relevance of doctrine to insignificance separate from what the Bible teaches? But if we are to believe God, and what his word teaches, there is no way to get around the importance of doctrine and it’s place as the cornerstone of true Christianity.  

Without true Bible based doctrine there is no such thing as true Christianity, without doctrine true Christianity does not exist because true Christianity is founded, established, and created based on the doctrines of God.

God’s word teaches us that without the right doctrine, God’s doctrine, you don’t have God or Christ and you are worshipping Christ in vain. Let’s examine scripture to get a clear picture of the importance of true Bible based doctrine. God’s doctrine.

Listen:The Importance Of Doctrine.

Listen:The Importance Of Doctrine.

Added Saturday July 20, 2013


 Lion Of Judah: The Bloody And Violent Return Of Jesus Christ

Related image

Revelation 5:5

King James Version (KJV)

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

The Bible often refers to Christ as the Lamb Of God and the Lion Of Judah but a Lamb is a very docile and timid animal and it is a known fact that it wont even resist if it is being killed. But a Lion in contrast is a very ferocious and vicious animal that fights with a frightening ferocity and it is a known fact that if provoked to anger a Lion can  and will tear  you limb from limb.

But how can a Lion which is ferocious and vicious by nature, be synonymous with a Lamb which is meek and timid by nature?  Well, the answer can be found in both appearances of Christ, in the first coming and the second coming of Christ.

The first coming of Christ was as the sacrifice of God to pay the penalty for the sins of men.The Bible says in Isaiah 53:6-7 that Christ was like a sheep being led to the slaughter. The second coming of Christ will be as a Lion to crush and destroy all opposition and to establish his government here on earth.And to rule with a rod of iron, in love, righteousness and judgement, which will  produce absolute peace, abundance, physical and spiritual blessings for all eternity.

I hope to make it clear to you that the return of Jesus Christ will be violently opposed by a massive military force numbering 200 million men.But that is a grave mistake that will culminate in the bloodiest, most violent event in the history of man.

These armies and evil system are guilty of taking the lives of millions of human beings.They are guilty of conquering Judah and  Israel or the United States.But what’s most offensive is they are guilty of shedding the blood of some of God’s servants.

Will Christ second coming be as the Lamb Of God? Quite the contrary– this is the Lion Of Judah.And he’s coming for vengeance, violence and blood, and to crush all opposition and to establish his government.A government which will last for all eternity, and produce  peace and happiness, and abundant material and spiritual blessings.

Once Christ has crushed all opposition he will be about the business of establishing his own government which will produce lasting peace, abundance, joy and happiness for all eternity.And the saints will play a crucial role in co ruling with Christ.

As long as warmongering blood thirsty nations and armies like this exist there can never be peace. This road block to lasting peace must first be eliminated before his role as Prince Of Peace can be fulfilled.I hope to make that plain to you as we proceed. Let’s take a closer look at this glorious profound event that is soon to take place. 

In this audio I make the statement that the lord only  reveals his secrets unto his servants the prophets in Amos 3:8  but that is actually in Amos 3:7-8 I left out a verse sorry.  I also state that Paul was crucified although there is no proof as to how Paul was killed it is believed that he may very well have been beheaded. Sorry about that Peter was the disciple that was actually crucified not Paul a slight slip of the tongue, just speaking a little too fast, sorry if I confused anyone. The problem with audio is you cant go back and make changes without the proper knowledge and tools if you make a mistake.Sorry.

Isaiah 34:1-3

King James Version (KJV)

34 Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it.

For the indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

This is a Remake of an audio I did several years ago.

Listen: Lion Of Judah Newest Version – Part 1  And Part 2

Listen: Lion Of Judah Part 1

Listen: Lion Of Judah Part 1

Listen: Lion Of Judah Part 2

Listen: Lion Of Judah Part 2

 500 Million Birds Migrate Over Israel Annually

True Prophet Or False Prophet

There are many individuals in these end times who profess to be apostles and  prophets  of  God, and because so many claim to speak for and represent Christ it can be difficult for the unlearned to determine who is right and who is wrong. How can we really determine who speaks for Christ?

How can we know how to distinguish an authentic from an impostor? Well the bible gives clear guidelines on what things to look for to determine who is a true representative of God and or Christ and who is not.

The Bible actually says that those that truly follow Christ will be rejected and despised by this world, because of their righteousness a righteousness that is based on obedience to the commandments and word of God as a whole. That is one identifying factor, but there are others also.

One absolute, is that all the true prophets of God emphasized the necessity and absolute importance of keeping the commandments. Another is that these men were persecuted and in large part, rejected because of their willingness to follow and obey the precepts and laws of God. As opposed to the doctrines of men.Let’s examine the word of God to find  the answer to the question. How do  we determine a true prophet from a false prophet?

Listen: True Prophet Or False Prophet

Listen: True Prophet Or False Prophet

Added November 24, 2012

The Prophesied Destruction Of False Ministers

Matthew 7:15-17

King James Version (KJV)

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

There are so many self proclaimed ministers today who are saturating the landscape with false doctrines, teaching  biblically contrasting doctrines  that promote an environment of defiance and rebellion against the commandments and word of God as a whole. And the fruits of those false doctrines and teachings are on full display in these churches and society as whole.  

Lying, murder, slander, perverse sexual behavior, theft etc. This biblically contrasting behavior is normally justified by that same false Christian doctrine that essentially teaches that all one needs to do is verbally accept Jesus Christ as their savior and  there is no need to do anything further. 

The false doctrine reinforces the belief that because Christ death has  essentially paid the price, the death penalty, there is  nothing further to do.  But when you examine scripture you begin to clearly see that such teachings are a complete facade, and are not at all biblically supported.

The question is  in the face of such blatant, widespread deception. Resulting from gross biblical misinterpretation, that produces gross rank hypocrisy,and ultimately physical and spiritual destruction.

What does God plan to do to the false ministers who regularly, grossly misinterpret the Bible, for greedy gain and to intentionally deceive and lead astray? And who are the primary sources of this gross deception?

The truth of the matter is God takes the teaching of his word very, very, very seriously and requires that anyone who teaches it has a thorough understanding of it, and  is thoroughly versed in it, and obeys it themselves by keeping the commandments and the word as a whole.

Because when you don’t understand it, and are not thoroughly versed in it, and don’t obey it, you will never be able to properly interpret it.

And the result is what you see now  gross biblical misinterpretation, which results in gross deception, which results in gross rebellion, which ultimately results in physical and spiritual condemnation when judged.

And because of this God promises to destroy those false ministers when he pours out his wrath on the nations and when they stand before him to be judged.

This is something that is clearly and powerfully outlined by the Bible. Let’s examine God’s word to get a clear understanding of the fate of those that deceitfully mishandle, misinterpret, and exploit his word to deceive, lead astray, and simply for monetary gain.

Midway through the audio I say the fruits of the spirit are outlined in Romans 5:19-24, but what I meant was Galatians 5:19-24. I was just speaking a little too fast. Sorry if I confused anyone.

I also mention that the U.S. had ownership of the Panama and  Suez Canal but what I meant to say was the U.S. had control of the Panama Canal, and the U.K. had control of the Suez Canal, both major sea gates.

Listen- The Prophesied Destruction Of False Ministers

Listen- The Prophesied Destruction Of False Ministers

  Added July 11, 2013

Recommended Reading

Ephesians 2:8-9 – By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith

Ascension To Heaven Or Resurrection To  Judgment.

So much misinformation is taught by false self proclaimed ministers today that it makes it hard to determine what is accurate and who to believe. Among the most prominent of these false teachings is the doctrine about the rapture.

This doctrine claims that everyone who has died after they have verbally accepted Jesus Christ as their savior will be instantly transported to heaven when this event takes place. Let me begin by informing you that the term rapture is found no where in the Bible and what is commonly referred to as the rapture is merely the first resurrection.

And contrary to popular belief very few people will participate in that first resurrection. So the false doctrine about the rapture claims that the majority of mankind will be instantly transported to heaven when this event takes place. But what does the Bible say? Is there an instant ascension to heaven to be with God forever, or is there a resurrection to judgment?  Let us examine the word of God for the truth.

I state in this audio that the Bible says in Peter  good works are profitable unto men but I  spoke too fast that is actually found in Titus  3:8, sorry if I confused anyone.

Listen: Ascension To Heaven Or Resurrection To  Judgment.

Ascension To Heaven Or Resurrection To  Judgment

Recorded  2011 – Added Saturday March 29, 2014

Were The Commandments Done Away With?

Many self proclaimed ministers of God teach that the commandments were done away with and that the sacrifice of Christ makes it a non issue. And  that we no longer live under the law, but now under grace and because of  this we are no longer  required to keep the commandments.

But what does the Bible say about this issue, are the commandments done away with? Are we no longer required to keep them?  When you thoroughly study God’s word you begin to understand that the commandments were never done away with, they will never be done away with, and there is an absolute necessity in keeping them, even more so today. Let’s study  the word of God to find the truth, let’s begin by going to.                               

Listen: Were The Commandments Done Away With?

Listen: Were The Commandments Done Away With?

  Are You A Hater Of God?

What is a hater of God, and what determines how you really feel about God? Does a verbal acceptance of Christ  determine if you really love God or is it much more than that?

Did you know that God promises in his word to repay all them that hate him to their face to destroy  them ? Deuteronomy 7:10, Psalms 21:8-9, also notice Malachi4:1, Matthew 13:41-43, Matthew 13:49-50. Jesus own words.

Jesus himself said that broad or wide, expansive, big  is the way that leads to destruction and many go in, or many are destroyed. But straight and narrow is the way that leads to life and few find it. Are we not to believe God or Christ himself!?

Notice Matthew 7:13-14.  In light of such an ominous prophecy I think it is important for us to determine what exactly  constitutes a hater of God.

So how can you really know if you are a hater of God or not? What determines if you love, respect, or just outright hate God? In this audio I mention that over 3 billion people will die in the coming events I mentioned 1/3 of the population but obviously what I meant was 3/4 of the earths population will perish.  

And my reference to the number of people who inhabit the earth was wrong as well that was a slight error  because I think as it presently stands the earths population is around 6-7 billion sorry if I confused anyone just speaking a little too fast.

Created and added in 2011.

Listen: Are You A Hater Of God

Listen: Are You A Hater Of God


Is It Wrong To Judge?

Is it wrong to judge to apply judgment to others?, false ministers have taught for years that it is wrong to judge but is this consistent with the word of God?

Listen: Is It Wrong To Judge?

Listen: Is It Wrong To Judge?

Added  Saturday June 11, 2011

 Do You Understand The God Of Wrath?

There have been a few men and women who claim to represent Christ that have made mention periodically about the God of wrath and judgment but have never gone into detail about this subject. Do you know or really understand who the God of wrath is and what that means?

The truth of the matter is an angry God is a terrible God and when his hand takes hold on judgment or when he decides to punish evil. To the untrained eye he actually does not resemble a God of love at all. But those who know God and his word understand thoroughly that even when God punishes evil, no matter how horrific and frightening that punishment may be to a person that does not know God.

A true servant of God fully understands that every action God takes is based on his absolute love for mankind as a whole. No matter how terrible that punishment. Let’s examine Gods word to develop a true understanding of how terrible an angry God can be in terms of how he punishes evil and rebellion. And why God punishes evil and his purpose behind it.

 Do You Understand The God Of Wrath?

Added  Tuesday December 27, 2011

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