They Are Absolutely Right.

They are absolutely correct. Google is just another liberal fascist company that is focused on advancing the radical liberal left agenda and destroying anyone who opposes it. They need to be broken up as a monopoly as fast as possible. I know they are a radical liberal left fascist organization because I have been a recipient of that discrimination when trying to setup advertising campaigns for products I was trying to sell.

And although I had created the campaigns complying with everything they required I was still denied the ability to sell on their platform. They would make up bogus reasons falsely claiming I had not met those standards when I had actually done everything they required and showed it to them but they would still falsely claim I hadn’t.

They had actually green lighted a couple of the campaigns after acknowledging they met all the requirements but would later quickly shut them down falsely claiming violations of TOS similar to what youtube recently did.

They actually claimed I didn’t have a buy button on the page but it was clearly visible on the page. They need to all be broken up as monopolies and those who they discriminate against because of religious beliefs, or political views, etc, need to have the ability granted to them to sue these radical liberal left fascist companies based on that discrimination.

Like I told you before, they have been persecuting me for decades because of my outspokenness and beliefs. But I have kept quiet about it. And I can prove everything that I’m saying. What they are actually engaging in is a form of attempted murder. Because if you try to unjustifiably stop a person from earning a living that is a form of attempted murder. Many others are being subjected to this same kind of persecution at the hands of radical liberal left fascist companies and organizations and it needs to stop.

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