Liberals, the liberal media, liberal and corrupt politicians, mislead and deceived citizens, etc, want the American public to think that inclusion of every form of deadly, perverted, destructive behavior is the form of unity that strengthens the foundation of nations and is what the Bible is referencing when it says a house divided against itself cannot stand. They are now aggressively promoting this false narrative as the kind of mindset that needs to be embraced and is what will eventually bring the nation together.


But is embracing corrupting and destructive behavior that has led to the collapse, and fall, of every nation and empire that engaged in it previously, and that God powerfully condemns, the type of unity God, Christ, and the Bible had in mind? Well, the truth of the matter is the Bible offers a completely different take on the type of unity that God commands, and that truly does lead to a prosperous, blessed, and unified society. And it is not unity with a radical agenda that promotes destructive, corrupting, sexually perverse behavior of all forms which will most certainly lead to further division and to the eventual fall and collapse of the nation.


That includes the promotion and legalization of every form of twisted sexual behavior like homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, transgenderism, and I’m sure many more twisted forms of sexual behavior that are coming and that has yet to be introduced to the American public.


The legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage is the catalyst that’s produced and is producing every other form of twisted sexual behavior being birthed right before our eyes. Not to mention the widespread promotion of sorcery and black magic. As well as mass murder in the form of abortion and in the urban neighborhoods and communities. In addition to pockets of racism scattered throughout the nation.


The truth of the matter is unifying with these forms of twisted, evil, and ungodliness will lead and is leading to your fall as a once-great nation. The truth of the matter is the only way to prevent your fall as a nation is to unify under a banner of Bible-based righteousness and to totally reject any form of evil, twisted, behavior that is contrary to the form of Bible-based righteousness that will ensure you continue as a great and respected nation.


Embracing destructive corrupting behavior as a form of futile, vain, and biblically condemned unity will, not result in your prospering and growth as a nation, but in reality quite the opposite. From the establishment of Israel as a nation to the present, God has been calling for the righteous and decent to be separate from the wicked, perverted, and ungodly, as a way to ensure their own survival. Let’s examine God’s word to discover the kind of unity that truly leads to national prosperity, strength, and growth… ATTENTION!: At one point in this audio I make the statement that perverse individuals are averse to twisted abominable behavior but what I actually meant was they are not averse to these behaviors I was obviously speaking a little too fast. Sorry.



Listen: Be Ye Separate From Them.