A Cautionary Tale?: Young Ladies Modify Your Sexual Behavior Before You Live To Regret It.

By Donald Bohanon Published 5/27/23

The young lady in the video above is a porn star her name is Reily Reid. She began a career in porn at a young age. And like most young ladies who are lured into porn, her parents were divorced and the father was not in the home. And I’m convinced the absence of her father, his love and direction, played a major role in her life choices. Those choices unfortunately have been damaging on so many levels.

Not to mention the fact that if she ever has children they will grow up to see much of the content she’s created only to be severely emotionally and mentally affected by it themselves. I can hear the pain in her voice and see it in her eyes when talking about how her relationship with her mother was strained because she no longer gives her money. And how her father now rejects her.

Makes you wonder if the mother ever really cared about her but only really cared about the money after she distanced herself from her daughter because she stopped giving her money. It’s a possibility that her mother intentionally allowed her so much freedom because she knew where it would lead and how that would affect her father.

Her intentions all along may have been to use her daughter as a tool to get back at her father. She said her father is “religious” and that’s the keyword “religious” because if he was really led by God’s holy spirit and living in accordance with God’s word he would comfort his daughter and love her to ease her pain.

I think what the young lady needs to also understand and take accountability for is the pain she’s caused her father as well. To see his daughter being sexually violated by different men on the big screen like that would be crushing for any decent responsible father. As well as very emotionally and psychologically damaging. So she needs to be mindful of what she has put him through also. And I think what he needs to be mindful of is how his absence in her life contributed to her present circumstances. If he had been present, loving, engaged, and involved things may have turned out quite a bit different.

They both need to take responsibility for the pain they have caused each other, apologize to each other, forgive each other, and support each other, so healing can commence. But what Riley needs to understand is it will be very difficult to get to that point if she doesn’t change her profession to prove to her father that she respects his feelings and is moving towards positive change and a respectable career.

There is no way I could kick my daughter to the curb watching her suffer like that no matter what she did if I really loved her. Or disregard the suffering I have put my father through as a result of my actions if I loved him. A major issue that’s destroying families and undermining society today is the fact that many parents and children are engaging in behavior that’s hurtful to one another. The parents to the children, and the children to the parents, without taking the other’s feelings, concerns, and pain into consideration.

This is a selfish generation and society that’s focused on pleasing themselves no matter how impactful or damaging it is to them or those who love them or society as a whole. This is a major issue that’s destroying families and society. A Christian is called to live an unselfish lifestyle and that means taking into consideration how your actions will impact not only you, but God, those you love, and society as a whole.

This is what true unselfishness is and how God defines it. And to avoid those actions or behaviors if they negatively affect any of the parties above. But God’s desire takes precedence over everything else because he knows what’s best above everyone else. This is how you avoid many of the things that destroy the self, families, and societies. She can come out of it though, but it’s going to take forgiveness, patience, a sincere change in behavior, and a commitment to a different way of life.