Is America’s Out Of Control Inflation An Act Of God?

By Donald Bohanon published May 21, 2022.

I disagree with Tucker Carlson’s position that America’s out-of-control inflation is not an act of God. When God curses a nation because of its abominable sins his ability to do it on every level is not limited. God has authority over the whole Universe and that includes the weather, men and women, angels and demons, etc. Everything in existence is subject to God’s power and authority.

The Bible says God plants and plucks up governments and nations. If one government or nation displeases him he can and will pluck it up and replace it with another one to fulfill his purposes. Or to simply completely destroy it because of its unwillingness to submit to God’s good and righteous will- Jeremiah 31:28.

The worse mistake you can make is to assume that if you remove the present administration and replace it with a conservative administration it will automatically and permanently solve the problem of inflation and other problems without addressing the abominable sins that greatly anger God.

There are examples in the Bible where God has intentionally put governments in place comprised of evil men to punish nations because of their very offensive sins. It would be utterly foolish to allow sexual deviants and just biblically ignorant individuals in general, in your ears, espousing these ridiculous theories as a way to ensure their evil and perverse way of life is not disrupted. An evil way of life that is contributing, in a major way, to the present conditions.

Many of you appear to be on the right path but there is so much more to accomplish. We have to be vigilant, intentional, unwavering, and unrelenting, in our efforts to destroy the efforts of perverse groups and individuals as they seek to brainwash, indoctrinate, molest and pervert children, and in so doing ensure the fall and destruction of the nation. We must also unite, fight for, defend, and protect, those who are fighting for the same causes.

Don’t be naive in thinking that the practicing, support, and promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism, and homosexual and lesbian marriage is not the catalyst or creator of all other new, different, and confusing forms of sexual perversion. Homosexuality is merely the tree that has given birth to many other branches that extend outwardly.

Those branches being in the form of other forms of offensive confusing sexual perversion. In fact, all these other perversions are merely examples of how homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality profoundly pervert, corrupt, and confuse.

Don’t be arrogant and cocky thinking you have all the answers and know more than God. And allow yourselves to be influenced by sexual deviants whose counsel if heeded will prove disastrous for you. God tells you who they really are and that they have no character, and can’t be trusted, because they are governed and consumed by their perverted lust Romans 1:26-32.

And that lust gives way to strong demonic influence resulting in a perverted corrupt mental and spiritual condition. Just look at what they are doing in terms of their debased sexual behavior and their confused state of mind evidenced by their confused perverted sexual behavior and sexual agenda. And how that is clearly giving birth to other new and confusing forms of sexual perversion.

Rational, sensible, thinking doesn’t govern their actions, and decisions but consuming perverted lust does. They are blinded, sickened, and rendered insane in many instances by it. Do you take their advice over God’s advice and instruction? That’s one of the main reasons you are cursed.

God says cursed is the man who puts his trust in men (over God’s instruction or over trust in God and what God says is what it means) Jeremiah 17:5. Magnify that a hundredfold when you put your trust in evil, perverted, ungodly, men and women. The Bible also says blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly. In other words, he or she doesn’t follow or give an ear at all to what the ungodly instruct, say, or teach Psalm 1:1. Address the abominable sins and work to establish moral order. And your nation will heal and prosper.

If you follow the lead and recommendations of sexual deviants as they beg and plead with you to understand their position and work to influence you through deceptive, dishonest, clever arguments and support them, no matter what their financial status, prominence, or level of influence, you will be destroyed.

Your economic, weather, and health problems, etc, will continue and only get worse. God will never compromise with that abominable evil. They must repent just like everyone else is required to repent of their own individual sins. Whatever they may be. There are no exceptions, exemptions, or different sets of rules for them. And if not there will be consequences.

Being sympathetic to the plight of God-hating sexual deviants who don’t love or respect God evidenced by what they practice and promote and who clearly seek to rape and molest children legally and illegally will result in national collapse and calamity. Remember, this present government was put in place primarily because a pandemic undermined all the accomplishments of the previous administration. Don’t be so sure that it can’t happen again.

God is more than capable of doing it again. And of course, they will tell you that they are coming after women’s rights next, but it’s a lie. Women providing for themselves and earning a living is not offensive to God. But men inserting their penises in other men’s poop-filled anuses and other orifices and calling it good and acceptable in God’s eyes is. As well as mass murder in the urban neighborhoods and communities and in the form of abortion, and racism. and the promotion of black magic and sorcery, etc.

Don’t ever foolishly think that God can’t influence evil ignorant men to completely wreck an economy as a part of his will to punish you for your abominable sins. What you see happening now in terms of out-of-control inflation was most certainly predetermined by God because of those abominable sins.

No one is fit to lead in this present age who modifies/changes his or her righteous character, position, or actions, to fall in line with the views of evil, sexually perverse men, and women, simply to be liked, accepted, and praised. Or to appease those individuals. No one is fit to lead whose goal is to win a popularity contest. No one, man or woman, who adopts this way of thinking is fit to lead in these dangerous and uncertain times.

Where evil and confusion abound and are proliferating globally virtually ensuring the fall and destruction of nations if not quickly addressed and corrected. And where strong, righteous, unwavering leadership is needed that can’t be negatively influenced or misdirected by the evil agendas, financial bribes, and opinions of evil corrupt men and women. If you can’t perform the basic critical function of thinking for yourself in these wicked and deceptive times while using the honest truth based critical information you have acquired in that analysis you are simply pathetic, the problem, and a liability, in this present age.

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