Q&A: Why Do You Claim Barrack Obama Is A Servant Of Satan?

Question: Why Do You Claim Barrack Obama Is A Servant Of Satan?

Donald Bohanon: Because he’s proven it by his actions. He tried to get the black community to drink lead-tainted water when he knew it was poisonous. He’s been instrumental in legalizing homosexual and lesbian marriage. He paved the way for men who claim to be women to access women’s bathrooms and compete in women’s sports.

He has paved the way for children to get gender reassignment surgery. Among other things. All these things are detestable to God. But he has gone full steam ahead in promoting this detestable offensive behavior. He claims to serve God but his actions clearly say otherwise. The Bible says these types of individuals profess to know God but by their works they deny him being abominable and disobedient unto every good work reprobate.

Titus 1:14-16. Matthew 7:15-20, Matthew 15:8. Many other verses in scripture support my position. He is also stiffnecked proud and resistant to everything pertaining to God which is the very nature and character of Satan. I see Satan clearly working in him like looking through a glass window.

Words mean nothing to God your actions determine who you are to God. And he has done nothing but promote abominable rebellion against God. Abominable behavior that’s going to bring the full wrath of God crashing down on the heads of the whole human race if they don’t reject it and turn it around. Based on his actions and according to God’s word he’s a servant of Satan and an enemy of God in every sense of the word.  John 8:44.

But yet fools continue to follow and seek his counsel when it has done nothing but undermine and destroy the moral fabric of America. And when the moral foundation of a nation is destroyed the nation collapses. And I’m convinced he knows that better than most.

And he has the audacity to talk like he’s the one who defines what decency is and acts as the moral authority when he is promoting cutting off the genitals of children. He’s an example of self-righteous hypocrisy at its worst. There is one moral authority and that is God and his word. Not Barrack Obama.

Not to mention the economic catastrophe his advice has created. Another major part of the problem that’s destroying the country is that you have nothing but clueless puppets and followers of fools in positions of leadership. What could possibly go wrong in such a scenario?