I Think It’s Pretty Plain At This Point Barrack Obama Was Probably The First Gay Man To Occupy The Office Of The President And To Create This Atmosphere Of Sexual Immorality That’s Plaguing And Destroying The Nation.

Let me explain why I say this. Because as of late there has been a lot of damning information coming out about Barrack Obamas sexual proclivities. His former girlfriend said he told her he fantasizes about having sex with men all the time. The homosexual in the video above claimed he had sexual relations with Barrack Obama and Barrack even came back for seconds.

In the face of all these allegations I don’t think I have ever heard Barrack Obama deny the allegations and that is very telling to me. No heterosexual male that I know would allow his name to be tarnished in such a way without defending his reputation. There is no way I would allow sexually perverse individuals to lie on me without strongly defending myself and exposing those individuals for the liars they are. And I think you know that by now.

But not Barrack Obama, I haven’t heard a peep out him. Not one instance of him disputing the accusations. That speaks volumes to me because I know that is not how true heterosexual men respond. He also legalized homosexual and lesbian marriage something no staunch heterosexual male would do.

All of this makes me believe all of the allegations that are now surfacing about him are true. So obviously, I would assume it’s more than just gossip or a rumor at this point. I felt strongly before all this information surfaced that Barrack Obama was a homosexual/bisexual man primarily because of his actions.