Islam… The Untold Story: Where Did Islam Originate From What Are Its Origins?

It’s interesting that they couldn’t even find the origins of Islam most people are just ignorant and blindly follow anything as a way to feel accepted and a part of something.

The only thing you can deduce from this video and their investigations is that Islam has no real history or ancient findings to confirm it as a legitimate religion.

Only that one ruler created and established it as a way of worship after coming to power and as a way to consolidate his power but no history whatsoever beyond that. But yet millions still blindly and haphazardly follow it.

But, in contrast, the Bibles authority, veracity, and its history have been proven over and over and over again through numerous archaeological finds confirming the existence of numerous biblical characters.

Simply put, the Bibles authenticity and veracity can not be disputed! So now, after being armed with all this information what the heck are you doing? Because no rewards or benefits come from following a fairy tale, that’s for certain.

Christs words ring true in this situation as well and that is when he said ‘Let them alone they be blind leaders of the blind and if the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into the ditch’. Matthew 15:14

Matthew 15:14
“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

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