Featured:-Q&A: Did You Study At A University To Come To Be So Knowledgeable About The Bible?


Question: Did You Study At A University To Come To Be So Knowledgeable About The Bible? 


Donald Bohanon: Absolutely not, because if I had been educated as it relates to man’s worldly religious systems I would be completely blind and ignorant of scripture.


You can’t learn God’s word by being educated as it relates to worldly unbiblical doctrines and man’s worldly religious systems. By being taught by educational systems comprised of men who teach unbiblical doctrines and theology which conflict with biblical instruction.


Following that route only ensures you are deeply immersed in darkness and virtually solidifies your ignorance of God’s word. That’s why the Bible tells us God has hidden these things from the wise and prudent (those who are highly educated as it relates to man’s worldly religious systems).


And instead revealed them unto babes (those who are humble and yielded and operating from a clean slate to receive God’s instruction and guidance) as opposed to the instruction and guidance of men and their false,error-filled, worldly, religious systems,theories,thesis and doctrines.Matthew 11:25.


That form of education produces nothing but ignorance, false teachings and doctrines because it’s taught from an error-filled, inaccurate, flawed foundation. Resulting in gross biblical misinterpretation. God emphasizes throughout scripture that his servants, his elect, are all taught by him. Isaiah 54:13, John 6:45, Ephesians 4:20-21.


Because they are yielded and focused on what God says specifically in his word, as opposed to the flawed, inaccurate, unbiblical, teachings and theories of men. Resulting from gross biblical misinterpretation. And they are led by and filled with the Holy Spirit and knowledge of his word and allow the Bible to interpret itself as opposed to applying their own error-filled, false, personal interpretation to it.


And they walk in the fear of God. All of which produces a much deeper knowledge and understanding of scripture… Proverbs 9:10, John 6:45, Isaiah 54:13, Ephesians 4:20-21. The arrogance, ignorance, and blindness being educated as it relates to worldly, false doctrines, and false religion/baal worship produces are profound and destructive when you understand its impact. 


No one who is highly educated in relation to man’s worldly religious systems/false religious systems and who consistently apply their own error-filled personal interpretation to scripture should be a go-to person as it relates to biblical doctrine and what’s required to be considered righteous in God’s eyes. Maybe as it relates to some history and archaeology, etc, depending on what their real motives are.


But as it relates to true Bible-based doctrine and God’s behavioral and doctrinal requirements? Absolutely not. Because you will be led to confusion, darkness, and ignorance. And rebellion against God’s word, commandments, and doctrines.


The truth of the matter is these worldly false teachings and theology lead you away from and in the opposite direction of the true worship of God. It basically encourages and teaches rebellion against God, his commandments and his doctrines, cloaked as true worship and obedience.


That’s why we see so many of them consistently boasting about their educational accomplishments but yet yielding none of the doctrinal and behavioral requirements consistent with scripture. 


A number of them live in open defiance of God’s commandments and word and promote, practice and support, destructive, offensive, behavior God strongly condemns. Christ faced similar circumstances when dealing with the Scribes and Pharisee some who were highly educated about the Bible as it relates to worldly man-made doctrines and teachings.


About the only thing they had correct was the importance of the law/commandments. But their understanding of even that was eventually distorted by adding numerous man-made commandments which eventually canceled out God’s commandments. That, in turn, resulted in widespread hypocrisy. They also refused to acknowledge Christ as the Messiah and would apply their own personal interpretation to scripture, which essentially completely cut them off from God’s guidance, instruction, and revelation.


And because of it they were just as ignorant of God’s requirements and were consistently and repeatedly corrected and rebuked by Christ because of their false unbiblical teachings and their corrupt unbiblical behavior. They actually looked down on Christ and viewed him as an uneducated novice and a poor peasant who was beneath them and who didn’t know what he was talking about.


But he would repeatedly and consistently put them to shame and run circles around them because of his superior knowledge and understanding of scripture. And they hated him with a passion because of it.

The keys to understanding God’s word are 


1.Obedience to God’s word and his commandments all of them. Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4, John 14:15-17, 1 John 2:4-6, 

2. Being led by or filled with God’s Holy Spirit which you won’t receive if you don’t keep the first principle. John 14:15-17

3. Careful and consistent study of scripture while cross-referencing verses about the same topic or topics in different books of the Bible. While praying for more clarity and a deeper understanding of scripture. 2 Timothy 2:15.

4. Allowing the Bible to interpret itself when studying and never applying your own personal interpretation of scripture. Isaiah 28:10.

5 Believing the Bible is the infallible word of God and it means what it says and says what it means.

6. And doing all this in the fear and reverence of God. Isaiah 33:6, Proverbs 9:10

Without applying these principles you will never be able to properly interpret and understand God’s word and will always be in error, deceived and misleading others to their destruction and you to yours.


Worldly religious education equals absolute ignorance and eventual destruction. Because of the rank rebellion against God’s word, commandments, doctrines and principles it teaches. Because of the rank hypocrisy that in turn produces. Following God’s instruction, doctrines, and teachings, equal obedience, truth, knowledge, wisdom, and life.


The more educated you are from a worldly religious perspective the more confused, lost, blind, and ignorant you are. No, I wasn’t educated by a University I was educated by God and Christ.


And what I mean by that is I had to dismiss all the previous false information I had been taught and open my mind to accept God’s truths clearly outlined in his word.


In some cases from God’s true ministers as they provided that truth and as I studied the word of God for myself and God provided even more truth and revelation.


But I had to open my mind to be taught by God as he provided that truth through ministers and directly from his word as I studied and as I confirmed his truths by deep study of his word. I had to open my mind to what God was specifically saying in his word about all matters.


 As opposed to what men were telling me he was saying, much of which wasn’t being supported by or lining up with scripture. In contrast, compare what I teach (as I’m taught by God) with what’s outlined in God’s word and be honest with yourselves. 


Just like a child is transfixed only on what his father says and no other words matter. The child is only concerned about following his father’s instruction while blocking out all other conflicting opinions. This is the type of humility and obedience God requires to receive proper instruction and guidance. To really come to understand his word.


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