Question: Why Do You Say The Stars Mentioned In Your Audio “The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord” Are Asteroids?

Donald Bohanon: Because stars are actually planets. And asteroids are pieces of planets. Obviously, the Bible could not be talking about whole planets striking earth because there would be nothing left alive on earth, and in that scenario, the earth would most likely be completely destroyed.

When we consider verses in scripture that emphasize Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish his government we know whole planets couldn’t be striking earth at that time because there would be nothing left for Christ to return to.

Many scientists will tell you that asteroids are pieces of a planet and vary in size and weight so this is the most logical and reasonable scenario and supports other verses in scripture that suggest the outcome of those asteroids striking planet earth will be that the light of the sun and moon will be blocked out because an asteroid depending on it’s size and weight after striking earth will produce a dust cloud that blocks out the sunlight and the moonlight.

That’s actually a scenario that resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs. God caused that destruction because he knew dinosaurs couldn’t safely co-exist with humans. And he’s going to cause the same thing to happen to mankind because of their abominable sins, unfortunately.

The asteroids that strike planet earth in the “great and terrible day of the lord’ may not be as massive as the one that destroyed the dinosaurs but they will be big enough to create a similar effect but maybe not of the same magnitude or duration because that would result in the destruction of every living thing on planet earth with the exception of maybe insects and rodents.

So, the more likely scenario will probably be smaller asteroids striking the earth with a similar effect to the one that resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs but with less of a duration and magnitude.

But it will be no less frightening and impactful. Humanity will also, unfortunately, need to contend with tidal waves, hurricanes, floods, and other destructive events of cataclysmic proportions as a result of God shaking planet earth, in addition to the asteroids. God shaking the earth will probably happen before the stars/asteroids begin to fall from heaven/space to earth.