The Truth: Are You Saved?

Although I agree with most of what the UCG teaches I don’t agree with the teaching that all men will be saved. That has proven to be a major sticking point for me when deciding to join the church. That teaching unfortunately is the result of Herbert Armstrongs teachings but it doesn’t line up fully with scripture.

That’s not what God and Christ are saying in the Bible and I follow God and Christ and no man especially if what they say is not supported by God and Christ. The Bible is clear that all of the wicked and ungodly will be destroyed when they are judged. But fortunately they are the minority and don’t make up vast majority of humanity. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:6 that by mercy and truth iniquity/sin is purged/cleansed and by the fear of God men depart from evil.

When you teach people that all men will be saved you are basically hindering the power and effectiveness of the Bible to convert. Because no one is going to go the route of repentance if they feel they can do anything without any consequences. And the question then becomes why repent? Why repent if I can do anything and still be spared and find favor with God. And unfortunately this is not supported by scripture at all. And I’m convinced those who teach it will be held accountable for it in the judgment and before. This video is accurate though.