Has America Reached The Point Of No Return?

I agree with most of what’s being taught in this video by the UCG but I don’t agree with its unbiblical view that all men will be saved through a Holy Day plan that is just not supported by scripture. Many will be saved but not all.

And I don’t necessarily agree that it’s too late to turn it around. I don’t think we have reached the point of no return, yet. If we begin to fight now against the forces that seek to destroy us nationally, physically, and spiritually and if we understand that defeat and failure are not an option.

Because the lives of children, the nation, and the world depend on it. We cannot fail. This is going to require courageous men and women from every corner of the Globe.

On every economic level. In every country. Of every race to fight for the truth and what’s right as God defines it. Not as men define it. This is no time to cower in the face of opposition or threats and the like.

Strong courageous men and women need to stand up and fight for righteousness and truth. Because if we don’t the direction Barrack Obama and his cohorts seek to lead the world leads only to worldwide sorrow, suffering, and death.

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