Notice how it states below at the mid point of the article that the Affordable Care Act( commonly known as Obama Care) requires states to offer ‘gender transition services’, a recent update detailed. It has always been my position that former President Obama has been the architect of all this perverted, evil, sexual confusion. And the conditions outlined in the ACA further confirm it.


  • ‘Florida must protect children from politics-based medicine’: FL surgeon general
  • DeSantis to ban trans therapies for children – and halt Medicaid help for adults
  • Pro-trans campaigners call move ‘pure cruelty’ and violation of Obamacare law
  • Governor has weaponized culture war issues in apparent 2024 race posturing


PUBLISHED: 05:43 EDT, 3 June 2022 | UPDATED: 05:47 EDT, 3 June 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moved to ban transition therapies for children and revoke Medicaid support for trans adults’ treatments.

The Republican state leader backed a letter sent by state surgeon general Joseph Lapado, who DeSantis appointed to his post in February.

In a letter obtained by NBC News, Mr Lapado urged Florida’s Board of Medicine establish a new ‘standard of care’ for treating minors considering a transition.Governor DeSantis - pictured yesterday with lawmakers, holding the state's record $100billion state budget - backed a letter sent by the state surgeon general he appointed in February+3View gallery

Governor DeSantis – pictured yesterday with lawmakers, holding the state’s record $100billion state budget – backed a letter sent by the state surgeon general he appointed in February

That includes suspending access to ‘puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries’.

Mr Lapado wrote: ‘While some professional organizations […] recommend these treatments for “gender affirming” care, the scientific evidence supporting these complex medical interventions is extraordinarily weak.

‘The current standards set by numerous professional organizations appear to follow a preferred political ideology instead of the highest level of generally accepted medical science. 

Lapado branded trans therapies for children 'politics-based medicine' (image from May)

Lapado branded trans therapies for children ‘politics-based medicine’ (image from May)

‘Florida must do more to protect children from politics-based medicine. Otherwise, children and adolescents in our state will continue to face a substantial risk of long-term harm.’

46-page report by Florida Medicaid further argued scientific evidence in favour of such treatments is of either ‘low quality or very low quality’.

Contradicting federal guidance – and, campaigners claim, the Affordable Care Act’s clauses on discrimination – the report states: ‘This report does not recommend sex reassignment treatment as a health service that is consistent with generally accepted professional standards.’

Such treatments for adults and minors alike are backed by the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association.

Gender reassignment surgery in the United States is largely restricted to over-18s. 

The Affordable Care Act requires states offer ‘gender transition services’, a recent update detailed.

Tampa-based psychologist Gary Howell, who treats transgender youth and adults, told NBC that DeSantis is stripping the rights of parents with transgender children.

He said: ‘It’s unconstitutional for the government to step in and deprive youth — and especially trans youth — of getting the necessary medical care they need.’The letter from the surgeon general to Florida health leaders described transition therapies as 'politics-based medicine'+3View gallery

The letter from the surgeon general to Florida health leaders described transition therapies as ‘politics-based medicine’

The Governor has taken up a series of culture war issues as he is rumoured to seek his party’s nomination for the presidency in 2024.

In March, DeSantis trolled trans swimmer Lia Thomas by naming cisgender competitor Emma Weyant ‘the real winner’ of their race in which Thomas took gold.

DeSantis has also won national notoriety – and adoration – for the state’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

The controversial Parental Rights in Education bill bans teachers from discussing gender and sexuality in the classroom through sixth grade.

It prompted Disney to speak out on behalf of its LGBT+ employees in Florida – and resulted in DeSantis seeking to revoke the company’s protected status in the state.

Meanwhile the surgeon general courted controversy during the Covid pandemic for his opposition to quarantines, face masks, and even vaccinations.

Mr Lapado was a signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration, which in late 2020 called for a laissez-faire approach toward infections in favour of ‘herd immunity’.

He also spoke out in March against vaccinating ‘healthy children’ against Covid, advice ex-White House press secretary Jen Psaki described as ‘deeply disturbing’.