Question: Why Do You Oppose The Catholic Church When They Keep The Commandments As Well And Produce Fruit Proven By How They Give And Help The Poor, Etc?

Donald Bohanon: They don’t keep God’s weekly Sabbaths, or his annual Sabbaths, which are the Holy Days. These are absolute requirements as well. The Bible tells us in James 2:10 that if you break one commandment regularly and consistently you are guilty of breaking all of God’s commandments. And in so doing have made the commandments void. So if you willfully, intentionally, and continually, break the Sabbath commandments you have violated the whole law.

And essentially voided it out. And John 2:4-6 says if a man says he knows Christ and keeps not his commandments he is a liar and the truth is not in him. And yes I have heard that the Catholic Church is helpful in times of need but when determining if a person or a Church is actually producing righteous fruit the whole picture needs to be taken into consideration.

Remember, Christ tells us a good tree can’t consistently bear bad fruit. And a bad tree can’t consistently bear good fruit. Matthew 7:17-18. So with that being said, I will ask you what about the thousands of cases of rampant child molestation in the Catholic Church? So all the giving to charities obviously is a way to garner trust from the community to advance an even more diabolical agenda to deceive the masses and violate children.

And what about the fact that the Catholic Church covered up most of those incidents as a way to protect its fake reputation as a righteous godly institution? But in reality, it was immersed in some of the most abominable sins and more than likely still is today. Are those examples of righteous fruit being produced? And would you call lying for centuries to cover it up examples of faithfully keeping God’s commandments?

What you must understand is that the Catholic Church has been engaging in this kind of abominable sinful behavior for centuries while effectively covering it up just as long. It’s no secret that the Catholic Church is infested with homosexual/ pedophiles, behavior that hasn’t been addressed much less repented of.

You may say if they repent they should be forgiven, and you would be right, but repentance is defined by first admitting that you are wrong and working to correct and totally eliminate the offensive unbiblical behavior. Not to willfully continue in it undeterred and unabated. They haven’t even admitted any wrongdoing in the majority of these cases. Repentance first starts by admitting you are wrong they haven’t even done that yet. So how can they even get to the repentance part?

Many people who are members of the Catholic Church will be offended by what I’m saying. But don’t get offended prove me wrong and prove that the Church you attend is a reputable righteous organization. We are commanded by God to prove what we believe. Go to youtube and other sources and you will find extensive information and documentaries about the Catholic Church that supports what I’m saying. And if you find what I’m saying is true but yet you continue to follow the Church you are as guilty as the priests who molest those children in God’s eyes.

The Catholic Church has shown no desire or intention to keep God’s true Sabbaths or repent of the rampant and widespread sin of child sex abuse. And certainly, where you will find that kind of abominable sin you will find sins of all forms, as well as the complete trampling of the ten commandments. So based on this you tell me why you or anyone else should be singing their praises? They are not and have never been God’s true Church. The Bible actually refers to it as the great false Church. For all the obvious reasons.