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Why Do You Oppose The Catholic Church When They Keep The Commandments As Well And Produce Fruit Proven By How They Give And Help The Poor, Etc?

Question: Why Do You Oppose The Catholic Church When They Keep The Commandments As Well And Produce Fruit Proven By How They Give And Help The Poor, Etc?

Donald Bohanon: They don’t keep God’s weekly Sabbaths, or his annual Sabbaths, which are the Holy Days. These are absolute requirements as well. The Bible tells us in James 2:10 that if you break one commandment regularly and consistently you are guilty of breaking all of God’s commandments. And in so doing have made the commandments void. So if you willfully, intentionally, and continually, break the Sabbath commandments you have violated the whole law.

And essentially voided it out. And John 2:4-6 says if a man says he knows Christ and keeps not his commandments he is a liar and the truth is not in him. And yes I have heard that the Catholic Church is helpful in times of need but when determining if a person or a Church is actually producing righteous fruit the whole picture needs to be taken into consideration.

Remember, Christ tells us a good tree can’t consistently bear bad fruit. And a bad tree can’t consistently bear good fruit. Matthew 7:17-18. So with that being said, I will ask you what about the thousands of cases of rampant child molestation in the Catholic Church? So all the giving to charities obviously is a way to garner trust from the community to advance an even more diabolical agenda to deceive the masses and violate children.

And what about the fact that the Catholic Church covered up most of those incidents as a way to protect its fake reputation as a righteous godly institution? But in reality, it was immersed in some of the most abominable sins and more than likely still is today. Are those examples of righteous fruit being produced? And would you call lying for centuries to cover it up examples of faithfully keeping God’s commandments?

What you must understand is that the Catholic Church has been engaging in this kind of abominable sinful behavior for centuries while effectively covering it up just as long. It’s no secret that the Catholic Church is infested with homosexual/ pedophiles, behavior that hasn’t been addressed much less repented of.

You may say if they repent they should be forgiven, and you would be right, but repentance is defined by first admitting that you are wrong and working to correct and totally eliminate the offensive unbiblical behavior. Not to willfully continue in it undeterred and unabated. They haven’t even admitted any wrongdoing in the majority of these cases. Repentance first starts by admitting you are wrong they haven’t even done that yet. So how can they even get to the repentance part?

Many people who are members of the Catholic Church will be offended by what I’m saying. But don’t get offended prove me wrong and prove that the Church you attend is a reputable righteous organization. We are commanded by God to prove what we believe. Go to youtube and other sources and you will find extensive information and documentaries about the Catholic Church that supports what I’m saying. And if you find what I’m saying is true but yet you continue to follow the Church you are as guilty as the priests who molest those children in God’s eyes.

The Catholic Church has shown no desire or intention to keep God’s true Sabbaths or repent of the rampant and widespread sin of child sex abuse. And certainly, where you will find that kind of abominable sin you will find sins of all forms, as well as the complete trampling of the ten commandments. So based on this you tell me why you or anyone else should be singing their praises? They are not and have never been God’s true Church. The Bible actually refers to it as the great false Church. For all the obvious reasons.

Community Activist And Catholic Priest “Father Pfleger” Accused Child Sex Abuse.

Power Hungry Global Elite Satan Worshippers And A Coming New World Order?

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It’s amazing how I stumbled across this video after writing the article below in parenthesis without knowing anything about the video (Are Facebook, Twitter, Google, And The Liberal Left Media All Examples Of A Coming State-Run Media?)  God obviously led me to the video.


Incidentally, the information outlined in this video about establishing a “one-world government” is completely supported by scripture.


But the Bible takes it further by emphasizing that this will lead to a coming world dictator who will probably be funded by this group and urged by a coming great false prophet to embark on a campaign of world domination and worldwide deception through miracles and massive liberal mainstream media brainwashing to ensure that “one-world government” is realized.


The video above describes how they are using the Covid-19 outbreak and Climate Change as well as the push for Marriage Equality as a form of brainwashing and mass control of citizens of all nations to establish a coming worldwide dictatorship.


I have been emphasizing it’s about control with these deranged, power-hungry elites for decades, well before information like this was coming out. I have been prophesying this for decades.


And you can rest assured once they have everyone in lockstep a microchip implant into the hand or forehead as a means to buy and sell will eventually be a requirement.


As the video suggests they are also using the coronavirus plague as a way to destroy small businesses globally so all financial power can be concentrated into a few major corporations who wield all the financial power.


You see that presently happening in the U.S. and many other countries with small businesses closing in record numbers because the democrat/liberals (who are apart of this whole sick diabolical scheme) refuse to okay coronavirus relief packages for American citizens who are suffering. And why are these things happening? God says your sins are bringing these things upon you.

Sunset Friday To Sunset Saturday Or Sunday Which Is The Sabbath Day That God Commands Us To Observe?


Although I agree with most of what Mr. Pack teaches I don’t agree with everything but this is pretty informative teaching about the Sabbath day God commands us to observe and what day it falls on.

A Radical Liberal Leftist Pope With A Radical Unbiblical Agenda?: The Pope Ask Us To Pray To The Earth For Forgiveness?

Pope Francis says coronavirus could be 'nature's response' to ...



By Carmine Sabia
Published April 24, 2020 at 5:33pm

The world has become a frightening place in the past few months and many people have even speculated that the end of the world is nigh.


And Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, did not help to assuage those fears when, on Earth Day, he advised the billions of Catholics around the world to ask forgiveness from the earth in a screed that sounded more akin to a New Age movement speech than a Christian one.


“In today’s celebration of Earth Day,” he said on Wednesday, “we are called to renew our sense of sacred respect for the earth, for it is not just our home but also God’s home,” Zenit reported.


For starters, God’s home is heaven. The earth is God’s creation and our (current) home. But that is the least of the issues Francis’ speech.


“Because of our selfishness we have failed in our responsibility to be guardians and stewards of the earth,” he said.


TRENDING: Mike Weinberger: President Trump Was Misled by the Medical and Media Swamps


“We have polluted and we have despoiled it, endangering our very lives. For this reason, various international and local movements have sprung up in order to appeal to our consciences.


“I deeply appreciate these initiatives; still it will be necessary for our children to take to the streets to teach us the obvious: we have no future if we destroy the very environment that sustains us,” Francis said.


Being good stewards of the earth that God gave us is a noble cause, even if the pope is advising children to “take to the streets” to teach us the error of our ways.

“We have failed to care for the earth, our garden home; we have failed to care for our brothers and sisters,” he continued.


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“We have sinned against the earth, against our neighbors, and ultimately against the Creator, the benevolent Father who provides for everyone, and desires us to live in communion and flourish together.


“And how does the earth react? There is a Spanish saying that is very clear,” he went on. “It says: ‘God forgives always; we men forgive sometimes; the earth never forgives.’ The earth never forgives: If we have despoiled the earth, the response will be very bad.”

What is this, Buddhism?


This is where the pope went off the deep end. The earth is not conscious and it does not and cannot forgive.

The earth is a rock floating through space — an inanimate rock that has on it everything we need to sustain human life.


But one cannot “sin” against a rock. And one cannot ask for forgiveness or be granted forgiveness from a rock.

The earth and its bounty was provided to us by God Almighty and he is whom we should both thank and ask for forgiveness of when we sin.


This pope, as he often does, used his speech to make a political statement that aligns with the leftists of the world.


“At the same time, we need an ecological conversion that can find expression in concrete actions. As a single and interdependent family, we require a common plan in order to avert the threats to our common home,” he said.


“I would like to support concerted action also on the national and local levels. It will help if people at all levels of society come together to create a popular movement ‘from below.’


“The Earth Day we are celebrating today was itself born in precisely this way. We can each contribute in our own small way,” he said.


Yes, as Christians, we should take care of the many gifts God has given us, including the earth, but that does not mean we have to go on a radical leftist agenda to do it.


It has been many years since the pope was widely considered a political figure, and he should not be dipping his toe into that arena again.


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Featured:-Cardinal “Timothy Dolan” Claims Every Religious Institution Has A Similar History Of Sexual Sin Consistent With What The Catholic Church Is Guilty Of?

By Donald Bohanon  added 10/29/2019


Catholic Cardinal “Timothy Dolan” in the video above inaccurately and dishonestly makes the claim that all churches and religious establishments, in so many words, have a history of widespread sexual molestation of children that spans decades and centuries.


But truthfully that is simply a big satanic lie, and at the very least grossly dishonest and inaccurate. Cardinal Dolan needs to speak for himself and his own corrupt organization because that statement doesn’t apply to all religious institutions.


To be fair there are a number of false religious institutions that have been responsible for some form of sexual sin and or sexual exploitation of men, women, and children.


But primarily because they don’t teach or follow the commandments and word of God as a whole, but rather preach against it. And instead, falsely and ignorantly preach and teach faith as the only requirement


And because of this, they operate without and reject instruction from God for proper moral behavior and assistance from the Holy Spirit. Not understanding the basic biblical truth that no-one can live a righteous life in accordance with God’s standards without the assistance from both instruction from God, and power and guidance from the Holy Spirit.


And you only receive God’s Holy Spirit by obeying his commandments and his word -St John 14:15-17. But even with that, I know of no other religious institution that has exhibited the behavior and widespread documented sexual abuse of children the Catholic Church has. 


The Catholic Church honestly, and unfortunately, stands alone as a beacon and example of a profound corrupt false religious institution. With documented exploits and perverse sexual behavior that rival any religious institution before or after.


The fact that so much debased, perverse sexual behavior, is now being revealed and uncovered. It makes you wonder how many incidents of child molestation exist that we don’t know about? When you consider we are now only scratching the surface.


In fact, the only time it appears the Catholic Church attempts to walk the straight and narrow is when the spotlight is shed on it. And even with the spotlight shined on them they still appear to have extreme difficulty behaving themselves like righteous individuals. But if the light needs to be shined on you for you to behave yourself in a way that’s consistent with scripture then you aren’t righteous.


The righteous don’t need the spotlight shined on them to behave appropriately or live righteously. The wicked and hypocrites act holy in public but engage in abominable sin secretly. That’s not the definition of a righteous man or organization. And that type of  behavior, unfortunately, leads to destruction Job 27:8, Matthew 24:51, Hebrews 6:6-8, Hebrews 10:26-31,


I also think it’s important to point out, in the true churches of God, you would be hardpressed to find a consistent long term pattern of pastors and members even breaking some of the more basic commandments.


Much less a consistent long term pattern of engaging in some of the more offensive abominable sins like homosexuality/pedophilia. Because they work hard to live by and follow a biblical standard that is clearly outlined in God’s word. And is a requirement for all those who are sincere and committed to following God and his way of life. You won’t find a widespread culture of hypocrisy and blatant open rebellion against the commandments and the Bible in the true churches of God.


They’re not perfect obviously, but because they work hard at being perfect like their father in heaven is perfect and as they are commanded by Christ to work to attain perfection – Matthew 5:48. In addition to following God’s instruction and being led and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, they are more apt to produce fruit and righteous character consistent with what’s outlined in scripture. As opposed to those who falsely and ignorantly reject that instruction and preach obedience is not a requirement and only faith is sufficient.


But yet the Catholic Church has a documented history of engaging in this kind of debased behavior that spans decades and even centuries. And they now claim the problem has suddenly been rectified? But the Catholic Churches’ history, reputation, and perverse sexual exploits speak volumes. And tends to signify, represent, and speak to a lifestyle statement and choice, as opposed to stumbling or an occasional sinful error.


Based on its history and what the Bible says about the institution. Putting absolute trust back in an institution that has betrayed and preyed on its most vulnerable and innocent lay members for centuries.


And has brought nothing but shame and reproach on the name of God for centuries, in my opinion, would be a grave and very costly mistake. They’ve shown you for hundreds of years who they really are without missing a beat or step, and without any change in behavior or direction, but yet you still refuse to believe them? 


The same thing applies to the homosexual community and their largely unreported massive child molestation exploits. The problem in the Catholic Church is actually a massive, hidden, unrestrained homosexual culture, which is fueling a massive child molestation epidemic. Both the Catholic Church and the homosexual community have repeatedly on a consistent basis shown you who they really are. But yet you choose to just simply disregard what you see? Jesus Christ open their eyes before its too late.



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Widespread Massive Homosexual Molestation Of Underage Boys In The Boy Scouts Of America:Boy Scouts ‘Perversion Files’ List 7,800 Suspected Pedophiles


Homosexual Child Molestation Has Always Been Rampant And Pervasive In Society But Only Overlooked And Hidden By The Liberal Mainstream Media.


A Spike In Measles Cases Across The Country.


The Homosexual Deviant Plan For The Widespread Sexual Brainwashing And Indoctrination Of Children In Schools Ramps Up:California Votes To Overhaul Sex Ed Guidelines For Public Schools To Include LGBT Issues.


Story Time Drag Queen Who Teaches Kids Exposed As A Convicted Child Molester.


Are You Aware There Are Some In The Homosexual And Lesbian Community  Falsely  Accusing You Of Being A Pedophile?


A Homosexual Doctor For Two Decades Sexually Abused 177 Male College Students While Others Turned A Blind Eye To His Actions.


In Light Of The Current Spate Of Violent Attacks Against The Homosexual,Lesbian And Transgender Community Do You Think You Could Be Partially Responsible For At Least Some Of It Because Of The Information You Put Out?


Sexual Perversion And The Spiritual And Mental Derangement It Produces: A Man Hating Lesbian Mother And Her Lesbian Partner Cut Off Sons Genitals Dismember Him And Stuff His Body Parts Into Bags.


Insane Liberal Hypocrisy:The Attack On Long Standing Normal Male And Female Interaction And Behavior And Traditional Practices Disguised As A Way To Further A More Diabolical Agenda?

The Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Crisis Continues Unimpeded:Bishop Richard Malone Comes Under Fire For Turning A Blind Eye To Child Molestation In The Catholic Church.

Mass Murder At The Vatican?: Thousands Of Bones Found Buried Under A Vatican College.

We have no affiliation with World Star Hip Hop they are simply the source of this disturbing information.

Lesbian Catholic Nuns And Their Dark Secret History Of Pedophilia.

Catholic Church Scandal: 395 Illinois Priests,Deacons Accused Of Sexual Misconduct.

Catholic Church scandal: 395 Illinois priests, deacons accused of sexual misconduct

CHICAGO – Nearly 400 Catholic clergy members in Illinois have been accused of sexual misconduct, but church officials have only informed congregants of a fraction of those who have faced allegations, according to attorneys who represented clergy sex abuse victims across the USA.

A 182-page report, published Wednesday by the Minnesota-based law firm Jeff Anderson and Associates, includes the names, background information, photos and assignment histories of each accused clergy member.

“The danger of sexual abuse in Illinois is clearly a problem of today, not just the past,” the report concludes. “This will continue to be a danger until the identities and histories of sexually abusive clerics, religious employees and seminarians are made public.”

Anderson said he hopes the report will push church leaders to publicly identify hundreds more clergy who faced allegations.

The men named in the report worked in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the dioceses of Belleville, Joliet, Peoria, Rockford and Springfield. Dioceses’ officials pushed back on the report’s findings.

The Archdiocese of Chicago, which serves about 2.1 million Catholics, said it “does not “police itself.”

“It reports all allegations to the civil authorities, regardless of the date of the alleged abuse, whether the priest is a diocesan priest or religious order priest, and whether the priest is alive or dead,” the archdiocese said in a statement.

Andrew Hansen, a spokesman for the Springfield Diocese, dismissed the report as “an impressive professional marketing brochure.”

He noted one of the priests listed in the report, Rev. Frank Martinez, had spent about six weeks in 1985 working as a hospital chaplain in the central Illinois diocese before resigning his position.

The following year Martinez, who was assigned to a parish in Buffalo, Iowa, was accused of propositioning a 15-year-old boy in an Iowa motel room. Martinez was removed from the ministry in 2004. In 2008, he was included on a list by the Davenport Diocese of 24 priests credibly accused of sexual abuse.

“(The report) does not represent, as Mr. Anderson suggests, a thorough and diligent review of the publicly available facts, and it is highly misleading and irresponsible,” Hansen said.

The Rockford Diocese said in a statement it has not disclosed allegations against many of the clergy on Anderson’s list “because the accusations either have not been substantiated or are completely without merit.”Joliet Diocese officials also said that allegations against some named on Anderson’s list have not been substantiated.

“The list includes a number of priests, living and deceased who, at one time or another provided some ministry within the Diocese of Joliet at some point during their priesthood, but are not priests of the Diocese of Joliet,” the Joliet Diocese said in a statement.

Rockford Diocese officials said they were unaware that one former priest named on the list, Rev. Ivan Rovira, had been found to have committed sexual abuse of a child after he left Northern Illinois in the early 1970s. The Brownsville, Texas Diocese earlier this year placed Rovira on its list of “clergy with credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor.”

Rovira admitted to Brownsville Diocese officials in 2002 that he had sexually abused a boy during his time working in Texas. He was forced to leave the ministry, and later fled to Mexico, according to the Anderson report.

“Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, and the list covers the time frame of 1908, when this diocese was established, to the present,” the Rockford Diocese said in its statement. “An allegation against a priest who had an assignment in this diocese but belongs to a religious order or other diocese is referred to the religious order or other diocese to which the priest belongs and is under its jurisdiction.”

Keep the faith?: Sex abuse scandals prompt more to personally question ties to Church, poll finds

Pope weighs in: Francis vows to address scandal, says priests must be guided by ‘holy fear of God’

Attorneys culled the names of the clergy named in the report from legal settlements and news reports detailing claims of child sexual abuse. Although lawsuits were filed involving many of the alleged perpetrators, the majority of the claims against the individuals were settled, according to the report.

“We’ve chosen to reveal this information, because the Catholic bishops and religious orders who are in charge and have this information . . . have chosen to conceal it,” Anderson said.

The six Catholic dioceses of Illinois released the names of 185 clergy members who church officials determined were credibly accused of sexual abuse. The Anderson list includes those who were identified by the Illinois dioceses and more than 200 additional priests and deacons.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who left office in January, issued a preliminary report in December that found there are at least 500 clergy from Illinois’ dioceses who have faced allegations of abuse. The church has not publicly acknowledged or thoroughly investigated those claims, Madigan’s report found. She did not name those accused of misconduct.

Madigan launched her investigation in August after a landmark Pennsylvania grand jury report detailed claims against more than 300 “predator priests” who had abused at least 1,000 victims over roughly six decades. The former Illinois attorney general said her office was flooded with hundreds of emails and calls from people alleging they were victims of abuse by clergy in Illinois in the aftermath of the Pennsylvania report.

Clergy abuse investigation: Illinois Catholic Church allegedly failed to investigate 500 priest sex abuse allegations

Predator priests: States ask for assistance to pursue Catholic Church for documents on abuse by priests, Pennsylvania attorney general says

Madigan is one of at least 14 state attorney generals who have confirmed investigations or reviews after the Pennsylvania report. Madigan’s successor, Kwame Raoul, said before he took office in January that he was committed to continuing the investigation.

“By choosing not to thoroughly investigate allegations, the Catholic Church has failed in its moral obligation to provide survivors, parishioners and the public a complete and accurate accounting of all sexually inappropriate behavior involving priests in Illinois,” Madigan said.

Weeks after Madigan released her report, Anderson, along with other attorneys and clergy sex abuse survivors, launched the “Fight for 500” initiative calling on the Illinois dioceses to release the names of clergy.

The list published Wednesday includes priests and deacons whose affiliations in some cases date back decades. Many of the accused have died.

The report notes the Archdiocese of Los Angeles settled a civil lawsuit in 2007 alleging the Rev. Robert Boley accosted a young girl in the 1980s. Boley moved to a Chicago parish in 1989 and also served at parishes in Darien, Ill., Englewood, N.J., and Louisville, Ky.

“As of 2007, it was believed that Fr. Boley was residing at the Carmelite House in Joliet, Illinois, and working in their archives,” the report says. “Fr. Boley’s current whereabouts, status as a priest, and whether he has access to children are unknown.”

In another case, the report says David Stalzer, an ordained priest in the Joliet diocese, faced a civil lawsuit in 1993, in which he was accused of child sexual abuse while he was working at a diocese parish.

“It is believed that Fr. Stalzer returned to active duty later that year under supervision and purportedly with limited contact with children,” according to the report.

The suit was dismissed in 1994 after the accuser dropped out of sight, according to the Joliet Herald-News. Stalzer died in 2001.

The list includes one priest who is in active ministry, Anderson said.

The priest, who is assigned to a parish on Chicago’s North Side, was temporarily removed from his position in December 2013 after the archdiocese received reports of him molesting a child at another Chicago-area parish where he worked 20 years earlier.

The Chicago Archdiocese reinstated the priest into active ministry months later, after law enforcement found insufficient evidence to prosecute him.

Days after he was reinstated, another man came forward and said he saw the same priest molest a teenage boy at a suburban fitness center. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation, but the claim was never substantiated no charges were filed.

Anderson defended putting the priest on the list even though authorities had not corroborated the allegations.

“(He) may be innocent, but given the fact that are two public allegations that have been made against him, we feel and believe that it needs to be publicly disclosed as somebody who has been publicly accused and not adjudicated,” Anderson said.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Catholic Church scandal: 395 Illinois priests, deacons accused of sexual misconduct

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