It’s Mandatory That You Are Able To Think For Yourself In These Evil Deceptive Times.

And let me explain why. These are very evil and deceptive times we live in today. I know first hand because I have experienced it first hand. Let me explain by beginning with me posting a young ladies content on my site.

But I eventually took the content down because she started promoting information that I didn’t agree with. But after that the young lady began to post videos online, slick messages, that gave the appearance that I have actually met her and been in her company.

She would also take it further by way of her messaging making it appear like we have actually been in contact with each other and have spent quality time with each other. To anyone watching from a distance this is the impression her videos could portray. That also started producing rumors with others gossiping and suggesting I had actually been sexually involved with this young lady.

But the truth of the matter is I have never seen her in person or been in contact with her in any way shape or form. I really think the young lady has some serious mental issues and I will pray for her. I also posted an article about all of that but I took it down and the only reason I took it down was because I saw a video of her one day on the verge of tears claiming that there were days that she didn’t want to be here anymore.

I took that to mean that she felt suicidal and although I have never met her I didn’t want to be responsible for someone taking their life so I took the article down. But I think I may need to repost that article again because the lowkey false innuendo and deceptive tactics are getting ridiculous.

I don’t personally know this young lady and I have never spent time with her or been in her company. I would never disrespect and misrepresent God in such a way by claiming I am celibate while secretly engaging in intimate behavior with different women. That has never happened and it will never happen. And the young lady needs to cut it out before God takes notice and does something.

That is not the position she wants to be in, trust me. I am celibate and have been celibate for decades and will continue to be until I am married. And that’s by choice because I obey the commandment in relation not committing fornication. To put it in Layman’s terms for you I have not had sex with any woman for decades. And let me be absolutely clear, female/woman is the only gender I have ever or will ever have sex with. And that’s females/women that have been created by God not the men with lab created fake breasts, and butts, and lab constructed vaginas that they’re cranking out now. Absolutely not.