Q&A: Many Now Believe The Corona Virus Was Lab Created By Men And If So Can It Be The Wrath Of God At The Same Time?

Question: Many Now Believe The Corona Virus Was Lab-Created By Men And If So Can It Be The Wrath Of God At The Same Time?

Donald Bohanon: Absolutely. There are numerous examples in the Bible where God has used ungodly men and men in general to accomplish his will. The story of the prophet Jeremiah and King Zedekiah is a classic example of how God used the ruthless King Nebuchadnezzar to conquer Judah and kill the sons of King Zedekiah and throw King Zedekiah in prison for the rest of his life. Because of the sins of the nation and because King Zedekiah sought to kill God’s prophet, Jeremiah. Jeremiah Chapters -51-52

This is just one example. But there are numerous examples of God operating the same or a similar way throughout scripture and throughout history using men to accomplish his will. The Bible also says God has made all things for himself even the wicked for the day of evil. Proverbs 16:4

In other words, God has created certain wicked individuals, or individuals in general, both men and women, for appointed times or for certain times in history to accomplish His will as relates to punishing an individual or group for persecuting his servants or for accomplishing a broader goal or agenda in accordance with God’s will which impacts individually or collectively, etc.

So the fact that men possibly under the influence of God as God possibly allowed evil spirits to influence them to create a virus in a lab from its inception to its release on the world stage to affect the world population to ensure a specific prophecy was fulfilled. Or to punish or stop what God possibly saw as a brewing threat to his beloved servants, etc.

Or to punish and or stop some form of widespread evil that God understood would eventually grow much worse over time negatively affecting and impacting millions of physical and spiritual lives, is absolutely a possibility and consistent with God’s word, character, and recorded behavior. But this is not necessarily me laying blame on any nation or an indictment against anyone. Just me giving an honest Bibles-based answer to the question.

One thing is for certain the coronavirus shut down, albeit temporarily, the practicing and celebration of many forms of widespread sin, in many respects. And it also had a punishing effect in that it resulted, unfortunately, in the loss of many lives.

But would that be considered God doing evil or tempting men to do evil? Absolutely not. Any circumstance that God creates by his own hand or by the hands of men to accomplish His will no matter how damaging, or destructive, to an individual or a group, it may appear at the outset, can never be considered evil but good because everything God does at its core is done from a foundation of perfect and pure love and boundless wisdom, understanding that the ultimate outcome ( no matter how destructive it appears to the human eye on the surface)  will ultimately produce a greater good.

Men and women, on the other hand, because of their flawed, corrupt, character, and sinful nature, can never operate from the same premise, expecting a good, or similar outcome, because it will always end disastrously because unrighteous and or wicked men and women’s actions will always be motivated by greed, hate, jealousy, blind ambition, selfishness, lust, or pride, etc,  on some level.

But with God, the ultimate goal will always be the benefit and good of men and society as a whole. He is motivated by no destructive emotions only by pure love and the desire to do good.  Much different compared to the motivations of most unrighteous and or wicked men and women whose actions for the most part are motivated by some form of selfishness, greed, pride, or lust, etc, in varying degrees. God never does anything based on selfishness, jealousy, greed, lust, or pride, etc,  because he’s not motivated or governed by those corrupt desires or emotions because they have no place in him or power over him.

As the Bible says he is incorruptible, Romans 1:23. In other words, he can’t be made filthy or motivated in any way to do evil because some of the main sources of spiritual corruption, which govern, or influence, most human lives in varying degrees, have no effect on, or place in God. In fact, he views all those traits as evil and detestable because they always produce bad outcomes, sorrow, death, and suffering, in some form, and on different levels, eventually and over time.    

His motivation is always love and the ultimate good of mankind as a whole no matter how terrible and destructive the situation he’s created appears to be at the outset or on the surface. Anything God does whether it’s punishing individuals who are a threat to his servants.

Or destroying evil on a massive scale to do away with the widespread pain and suffering evil causes and will always cause is considered a righteous act in God’s eyes because the end result is always the ultimate good and benefit of an individual or individuals as a whole.

2 Thessalonians 1:6. God destroying evil of any form is always good in God’s eyes because evil has proven throughout history to be nothing but a conduit for, and spreader of pain, sorrow, suffering, and death. And God uses both angels and men to punish evil and or destroy it, by different methods. Genesis 12:14-20
Genesis 20: 1-18.