Question:  I Don’t Need God Or The Bible To Define, Or Be Moral Or Empathetic To Others. So What Real Purpose Does Either Serve?


Donald Bohanon:  Mankind needs a supreme, loving, all wise, all knowing authority,to determine what’s right and wrong. Without it all sense and expectation of what’s truly right or wrong, good or evil, completely breaks down.


Because men and women are then left to their own devices in terms of determining what is moral, good or evil, and what defines truth or falsehood,empathy and or morality,etc. That sadly in most cases will be determined based on ones own greed,likes, desires and lusts,etc. And not in relation to what is truly empathetic, moral,good or evil,truth or lies,etc.


For example a heroin junkie will obviously advocate for the legalization and use of heroin,and call it good, because he loves it and is addicted to it.Although it’s  very addicting, destructive and dangerous.A methamphetamine junkie will obviously advocate for the use and legalization of methamphetamine. Because they’re addicted to it and love it.Even though its very addictive,dangerous,and obviously very destructive.


A crack junkie will obviously advocate for the legalization and use of crack,and call it good, because they’re addicted to it and love it.Even though it’s very addictive, destructive and dangerous.


Pedophiles once the shame and stigma associated with it is removed(something they are working to accomplish) will eventually advocate and are advocating for the legalization and practicing of pedophilia,and call it good,because they’re addicted to the sexual perversion and love it.They will eventually argue it’s based on their love for the child more than anything.Even though its sick,perverted and twisted,and unfathomable to most people


People who love to  have sex with animals,once the shame and stigma associated with it is removed(something they are working to accomplish) will obviously eventually argue for legalization of it,and claim it’s based on their love for their animal more than anything.Even though it’s deranged,beyond sick,twisted, and unfathomable to most people.And the examples are endless.


Men and women’s own lust and desires will be the ultimate determining factors as to what’s evil and what’s good.If they are left to self determine these things anything he or she feels is good based on his or her own filthy lusts,desires and pleasure, will be considered good, and the standard by which good and evil, right and wrong,love and hate are determined.No matter how destructive,corrupting,twisted and warped it really is.At which point all things eventually spiral completely out of control and descend into abominable sin and perversion,chaos,anarchy, and eventually death and destruction.Which is Satan’s objective by the way.


God is incorruptible and therefore can’t be changed, corrupted, swayed or influenced by lust, greed, perverse sexual desires and or pleasures, etc, Romans 1:23. Good will always be good and unwavering as God interprets it.And evil will always be evil and unwavering as God defines it.


Both governed by an incorruptible standard established by God. Based on his infinite wisdom and knowledge of what’s truly good and beneficial,and what’s evil and destructive. God will never change the definition of either for these reasons.Or because of selfish desires, lust or greed, etc.But men and women have and always will.With devastating effects and consequences.


But God  has none of those corrupting character flaws. He is perfect and incorruptible.God can’t be corrupted and operates from a position of pure and perfect love, boundless wisdom, limitless knowledge, judgment and righteousness. And is therefore the only authority qualified/worthy to determine what love,truth and falsehood,good and evil, empathy and morality,etc,truly are.


Man is incapable of self determining what is truly empathetic, moral, right or wrong, good or evil.Or what love is separate from God. That has been tried historically with other civilizations and societies with devastating and destructive consequences. Complete anarchy and failure,death and destruction, has always been the result.


There is one more very important powerful element that most people seem to completely ignore and that is the existence of Satan and his powerful influence over mankind and society. Remove God and the Bible which are the sources that determine proper moral behavior, and that makes an already flawed, carnal human nature, much, much worse.


At which point Satan will be the force that is powerfully influencing mankind but deceiving him into thinking he is actually self reliant and self determining. While Satan is actually at the helm,in the drivers seat. Promoting perversion, anarchy, immorality, hate for God and everything good.Encouraging and cultivating pure evil and rebellion,under the false guise of love,independent thought, and self determination.


God is the supreme authority for a reason because man separate from God is absolutely incapable of governing himself in such a way that produces the right outcomes. History has been a stern and honest witness against mans desire for self determination and self rule.


It’s simply been disastrous and it’s getting much worse. All one needs to do is look at the state of the world and its obvious steady regression into destruction to truly gauge if man is really capable of determining what truth or lies,love,empathy and morality,etc, are separate from God. If the worlds present condition is any indicator of mans love or his morality and empathy,honesty and truth, we’re in a hopeless state and condition.The state of the world and humanities past failures are proof man is incapable of determining what these things are.


God created man, he has always had mans best interest in mind.Although mankind has been too blind to see it because of his carnal nature. God is the supreme authority and his word is the only trustworthy, true viable source, to determine what love and hate,right and wrong, good and evil, empathy and morality really are.


Because he is incorruptible and operates from a position of perfect love,unlimited wisdom and knowledge,he will never change the definition of either for money, or to satisfy a sexual addiction, or for some form of perverse sexual desire or lust,etc.Evil will always be evil based on it’s corrupting and destructive effects.And good will always be good based on its benefits.


The desire to self determine what love,empathy and morality are is nothing but a satanic deception created by Satan to push God out of the picture.So Satan can take full control to insure the physical and spiritual destruction of millions. If you are not serving God to your good, you will be serving Satan in varying degrees,and depending on what level of sin you’re engaging in,to your ultimate destruction.