How To Know Or Spot A False Prophet/False Teacher From Gods Word Not My Own Opinion. This Will Be A Thorough In Depth Audio That Will Include The Totality Of Scripture As Opposed To One Or Two Verses Taken Completely Out Of Context.

Consistent with the Bibles warning many false prophets are arising in the end times. Some claim to have been spoken to in dreams by God while refusing to follow or acknowledge God’s commands to follow his commandments and word.

But God says he hasn’t spoken to them. Others fall into the category of false teachers. Most, or, all of them, seem convincing. So many false prophets saturate the landscape now, that the false prophets are attacking other false prophets, accusing those false prophets of being false prophets themselves.

The false prophets are now calling other false prophets, “false prophets”. I was watching a video the other day where two gentlemen had come together in a video discussion to condemn others they deem as false prophets.

Without using the word of God to apply that same scrutiny to their own message and ministry. How I know the condemning false prophets are in fact false prophets themselves, will be thoroughly covered in this audio.

These two gentlemen articulate their message fairly well and have big followings on youtube. These two gentlemen, one in particular, also seem to want to ensure false prophets are punished for their false prophecies because he seems to always bring up the verses in the old testament where it emphasizes if a person’s decree doesn’t come true they should be stoned.

But that’s very dangerous because he’s basing it on one verse in scripture without having a thorough knowledge of God’s word. Without allowing the Bible to interpret itself. Something false teachers normally do.

One person’s gross misinterpretation of scripture is what it amounts to. If that were the only standard we are to use when determining if a person is a false prophet or not then Jesus, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, and others would have been stoned to death as well.

Because many things they prophesied about haven’t come to fruition, yet. This is the danger in having unlearned individuals who shouldn’t be teaching at all, teach the word of God. God also tells us that not all of us should be teachers for teachers will receive the greater condemnation in James 3:1.

They also fail to understand that their own error-filled teachings, that are in total contrast to what the Bible teaches, and that are leading millions down paths of destruction, will result in their own destruction when judged and would also qualify them as candidates for stoning if that now abolished law was still in effect.

Because most of what they teach won’t come to fruition. God promises in 2 Peter 2:3, that the judgment of these false teachers lingereth not and their damnation slumbereth not. In other words, their damnation is quickly approaching.

The Bible also says false prophets always prophecy of peace when destruction is at the doors. When God says sound the alarm they instead do the opposite. There is obviously a time of peace coming when Christ comes to establish His government and we are told to prophesy about that as well.

But before that ever happens a time of destruction is coming because of the terrible sins God commands us to warn about. But false prophets never do, because they don’t have knowledge and understanding of God’s word. And also because they don’t want to offend anyone and as a result stop the cash flow from coming in.

These individuals also seem sincere in their beliefs. As most do. And I don’t want to appear to be attacking them unnecessarily, so I won’t mention names, but my goal is only to teach the truth so others won’t be led astray down paths of destruction by ignorant, disobedient, and unlearned, individuals.

The Bible tells us false prophets speak well and are skilled at seducing others to follow their false message. False teachers/prophets condemn the doctrine of God and Christ and call it legalistic, and they reject the word of God and essentially say listen to me and not the word of God.

They appear caring, loving, and knowledgeable. The keyword is, appear. They are able to deceive the ignorant because the ignorant don’t have any knowledge of God’s word. But when faced with individuals who know and understand God’s word, they are easily exposed as frauds, who are ignorant of God’s word themselves.

But the Bible gives clear instruction on how to spot them. And the problem is their teachings and claims to be ministers of God don’t line up with scripture, which makes them false prophets. Let’s examine scripture, to find out how God, through his word, tells us how to spot and know false teachers and false prophets.

I apologize because the audio ended abruptly without my trademark “don’t’ believe me believe the word God” ending due to a technical issue. Also please excuse all of the belching and snorting, I ate a spicy meal so my hiatal hernia was active which contributes to the belching. My sinuses were also draining more than usual because of the spicy food. But you should already know we speak the truth and keep it raw and real here at TTPAS. LOL

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