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The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord. Redone.

The Day of the Lord - Wikipedia

Sexual perversions, rape, mass murder in the form of war, in the urban neighborhoods and communities, and in the form of abortion, child molestation, homosexual and lesbian marriage now legalized and accepted as normal behavior, the practicing and promotion of black magic and sorcery, political corruption at the highest levels of government, lies, bribery, treachery, betrayal, etc.

Would a loving God sit back and allow such behavior to continue unchecked? Well, if you let false ministers who promote an evil ungodly agenda tell it, yes he would allow it to continue.

But as always we should only believe God and what his word says about abominable sinful behavior. And God through his word the Bible says a destructive event of cataclysmic proportions is soon to affect planet earth and all of its inhabitants. This event is called the great and terrible day of the lord.

The Bible says it will follow right on the heels of the great tribulation. Another event of widespread suffering and sorrow. God says he’s going to punish a sinful world because of their abominable rebellion against him.

The Bible says God’s anger will be poured out in this way because of the sins of the world. Let’s study God’s word to see what this event is, why it will happen, and when it will happen. Today’s audio is entitled the coming great and terrible day of the lord. This audio was recorded on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Listen: The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord 2Redone.

This version is a redo of the previous version. I didn’t like how it turned out so I re-recorded it. I left out the statement about how the United States is exporting the abominable sins to other nations and former President Barrack Obama being a part of that. But those actions are going to bring the full wrath of God upon the whole earth because it’s a form of suicide by cop.

Satan is actually destroying humanity by influencing them to sin against God in abominable ways because he knows how God is going to respond, by completely destroying man. Which is Satan’s goal the complete destruction of mankind as a whole on a physical and spiritual level. Similar to what happened in the great flood but much worse.

But he’s just doing it by God’s hand in this case by influencing mankind to defy and sin against God in abominable ways. He does it by using his servants like Barrack Obama and others to spread and promote abominable sexual perversions and sinful behavior here in this country and to nations worldwide. Once again, a type of suicide by cop.

But the statements I made in the previous audio about the American government and former President Barrack Obama and how they are exporting sin and perversion to other nations still apply. I also in this newer audio said Christ telling the woman at the well that he would have given her living water was in Matthew but it’s actually in John 4:10. Sorry I was just talking a little too fast. The original audio is below.

Listen: The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord.

Is Grace A License To Sin?

According to the Bible Grace was bestowed upon us as an act of mercy from Christ to pay the penalty for our sins. Christ also applies it as a way to cover our sins when we stumble. In such cases when we stumble we ask for forgiveness for our sins and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and shed blood then cover those sins when we stumble on occasion. But one of the most dangerous and false doctrines that are being taught today is that grace gives us a license to freely sin.

False ministers teach the false soul-destroying doctrine of salvation by grace through faith which means if you accept Jesus Christ as your savior verbally the price for sin has been paid and you can freely continue in sin without any change in behavior which is completely unbiblical and is the result of false unlearned ministers applying their own personal interpretation to scripture as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself.

No one can interpret the Bible, the Bible simply interprets itself and you must allow it to do that. Any other approach leads to complete error and gross biblical misinterpretation. As we study God’s word you will clearly see that to willfully sin and to use grace as a license to sin leads only to condemnation when judged and to spiritual death.

The truth of the matter is taking spiritual advice from false unlearned ministers with a perverted evil agenda can and will lead to your spiritual destruction. Because in most cases they will lead you into rebellion against God’s word and his commandments. And as we will see momentarily that will only ensure that you are a recipient of God’s wrath when you are judged.

It’s important to reveal this information at such a time when you consider there are so many false ministers who are supporting and promoting offensive unbiblical behaviors that if practiced and embraced are sure to result in destruction when judged. This will be made clear as we study God’s word.

But the problem is many people are embracing and practicing the behaviors that false ministers are teaching are okay to promote and practice.. We will also see that the freedom that’s being emphasized by Paul as a result of grace is freedom from the enslaving shackles of sin. And not the freedom to fully engage in sinful behavior. Let’s study God’s word to see how he views using grace as a license to sin and how he promises to punish it. Today’s audio is entitled Is Grace A License To Sin? This audio was recorded on June 27, 2022.

At the beginning of this audio I keep mentioning let’s go to Romans 2:6-12 but what I actually meant was Romans 2:6-16. It was late at night when I recorded the audio and I was sleepy I also had Romans 2:6-12 written down so kept referencing it while failing to realize the mistake. Sorry about that.

Listen: Is Grace A License To Sin?

Are All Sins Equal?

Bible Verses About All Sins Being Equal - King James Version (KJV)

Many have been taught that all sins are equal and they all carry the same weight of punishment when judged. But what does the Bible teach? Does for instance lying carry the same punishment as stealing? Or does witchcraft result in the same punishment as practicing sorcery for instance?

Many have been fooled into believing by false unlearned ministers many who promote a perverse agenda that every sin is equal. But what does God and his word say? This is the primary authority and source we should look to regarding matters about life and its many unanswered questions.

Let’s examine God’s word to see what it says in regards to sin and if they all are equal in his eyes. Today’s audio is entitled Are All Sins Equal? This audio was recorded on June 18, 2022. This will be very brief audio and will cut to the chase using just a few critical scriptures to lay out God’s view about specific sins and how they are not all the same in God’s eyes.

Listen: Are All Sins Equal ?

Coming Soon: Are All Sins Equal?

Are All Sins Equal? - 119 Ministries - YouTube

The Anointing And The Anointed. What It Is, What It Means, And What They Mean To God.

The Bible often speaks about the anointing and the anointed. Many self-proclaimed ministers have interpreted this to mean some kind of power a specific individual has. And although that’s a part of it, in many cases, it doesn’t define what it is or what it means. The Bible gives specific examples throughout scripture as to what the anointing and the anointed mean. The Bible explains that the anointed is an individual chosen by God.

And the anointing is the choosing of an individual to be a disciple, a king, a prophet, or a priest. etc. These individuals really have no say in the matter and were chosen according to scripture before the world was even created. They are chosen for specific purposes in relation to God’s will. With that anointing comes serious responsibility for the anointed.

They are highly favored in God’s eyes and he protects and fights for them in a way that many can’t comprehend. To ensure his will is fulfilled concerning them. Let’s take a deep dive into God’s word to find out what the anointing and the anointed are and what they mean. We will take a look at what it is and how God has responded to those who have opposed them throughout history. The first part of this audio will explain what it is.

The second part will outline how God has fought for them throughout history using a few scriptures to emphasize this. Today’s audio is entitled The Anointing And The Anointed what it means, who they are, and what they mean to God. This audio was recorded on March 6, 2022.

In this audio, I say the surrounding tribes lived by no law but what I meant was they lived by no moral laws. They lived by no moral laws. And moral laws are really the most important laws to ensure the stability and survival of nations and sadly today many nations live by no moral/ spiritual laws. Also, Saul was not God’s original choice of King. The Israelites chose Saul even after God told them he would be a King that wouldn’t have their best interest in mind and wouldn’t do what God required. So God had Samuel reluctantly anoint Saul. Saul wasn’t God’s original choice as King of Israel.

I also chuckle a little bit in this audio when describing how Abishai wanted to kill Saul with his spear but not because Abishai wanted to kill Saul but only because I could relate to Abishai’s state of mind after being pursued relentlessly by Saul as Saul sought to kill David and his men.

Listen: The Anointed and the Anointing.

Be Ye Separate From Them.


Liberals, the liberal media, liberal and corrupt politicians, mislead and deceived citizens, etc, want the American public to think that inclusion of every form of deadly, perverted, destructive behavior is the form of unity that strengthens the foundation of nations and is what the Bible is referencing when it says a house divided against itself cannot stand. They are now aggressively promoting this false narrative as the kind of mindset that needs to be embraced and is what will eventually bring the nation together.


But is embracing corrupting and destructive behavior that has led to the collapse, and fall, of every nation and empire that engaged in it previously, and that God powerfully condemns, the type of unity God, Christ, and the Bible had in mind? Well, the truth of the matter is the Bible offers a completely different take on the type of unity that God commands, and that truly does lead to a prosperous, blessed, and unified society. And it is not unity with a radical agenda that promotes destructive, corrupting, sexually perverse behavior of all forms which will most certainly lead to further division and to the eventual fall and collapse of the nation.


That includes the promotion and legalization of every form of twisted sexual behavior like homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, transgenderism, and I’m sure many more twisted forms of sexual behavior that are coming and that has yet to be introduced to the American public.


The legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage is the catalyst that’s produced and is producing every other form of twisted sexual behavior being birthed right before our eyes. Not to mention the widespread promotion of sorcery and black magic. As well as mass murder in the form of abortion and in the urban neighborhoods and communities. In addition to pockets of racism scattered throughout the nation.


The truth of the matter is unifying with these forms of twisted, evil, and ungodliness will lead and is leading to your fall as a once-great nation. The truth of the matter is the only way to prevent your fall as a nation is to unify under a banner of Bible-based righteousness and to totally reject any form of evil, twisted, behavior that is contrary to the form of Bible-based righteousness that will ensure you continue as a great and respected nation.


Embracing destructive corrupting behavior as a form of futile, vain, and biblically condemned unity will, not result in your prospering and growth as a nation, but in reality quite the opposite. From the establishment of Israel as a nation to the present, God has been calling for the righteous and decent to be separate from the wicked, perverted, and ungodly, as a way to ensure their own survival. Let’s examine God’s word to discover the kind of unity that truly leads to national prosperity, strength, and growth… ATTENTION!: At one point in this audio I make the statement that perverse individuals are averse to twisted abominable behavior but what I actually meant was they are not averse to these behaviors I was obviously speaking a little too fast. Sorry.



Listen: Be Ye Separate From Them.

How To Know Or Spot A False Prophet/False Teacher From Gods Word Not My Own Opinion. This Will Be A Thorough In Depth Audio That Will Include The Totality Of Scripture As Opposed To One Or Two Verses Taken Completely Out Of Context.


Consistent with the Bibles warning many false prophets are arising in the end times. Some claim to have been spoken to in dreams by God while refusing to follow or acknowledge God’s commands to follow his commandments and word.


But God says he hasn’t spoken to them. Others fall into the category of false teachers. Most, or, all of them, seem convincing. So many false prophets saturate the landscape now, that the false prophets are attacking other false prophets, accusing those false prophets of being false prophets themselves.


The false prophets are now calling other false prophets, “false prophets”. I was watching a video the other day where two gentlemen had come together in a video discussion to condemn others they deem as false prophets.


Without using the word of God to apply that same scrutiny to their own message and ministry. How I know the condemning false prophets are in fact false prophets themselves, will be thoroughly covered in this audio.


These two gentlemen articulate their message fairly well and have big followings on youtube. These two gentlemen, one in particular, also seem to want to ensure false prophets are punished for their false prophecies because he seems to always bring up the verses in the old testament where it emphasizes if a person’s decree doesn’t come true they should be stoned.


But that’s very dangerous because he’s basing it on one verse in scripture without having a thorough knowledge of God’s word. Without allowing the Bible to interpret itself. Something false teachers normally do.


One person’s gross misinterpretation of scripture is what it amounts to. If that were the only standard we are to use when determining if a person is a false prophet or not then Jesus, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, and others would have been stoned to death as well.


Because many things they prophesied about haven’t come to fruition, yet. This is the danger in having unlearned individuals who shouldn’t be teaching at all, teach the word of God. God also tells us that not all of us should be teachers for teachers will receive the greater condemnation in James 3:1.


They also fail to understand that their own error-filled teachings, that are in total contrast to what the Bible teaches, and that are leading millions down paths of destruction, will result in their own destruction when judged and would also qualify them as candidates for stoning if that now abolished law was still in effect.


Because most of what they teach won’t come to fruition. God promises in 2 Peter 2:3, that the judgment of these false teachers lingereth not and their damnation slumbereth not. In other words, their damnation is quickly approaching.


The Bible also says false prophets always prophecy of peace when destruction is at the doors. When God says sound the alarm they instead do the opposite. There is obviously a time of peace coming when Christ comes to establish His government and we are told to prophesy about that as well.


But before that ever happens a time of destruction is coming because of the terrible sins God commands us to warn about. But false prophets never do, because they don’t have knowledge and understanding of God’s word. And also because they don’t want to offend anyone and as a result stop the cash flow from coming in.


These individuals also seem sincere in their beliefs. As most do. And I don’t want to appear to be attacking them unnecessarily, so I won’t mention names, but my goal is only to teach the truth so others won’t be led astray down paths of destruction by ignorant, disobedient, and unlearned, individuals.


The Bible tells us false prophets speak well and are skilled at seducing others to follow their false message. False teachers/prophets condemn the doctrine of God and Christ and call it legalistic, and they reject the word of God and essentially say listen to me and not the word of God.


They appear caring, loving, and knowledgeable. The keyword is, appear. They are able to deceive the ignorant because the ignorant don’t have any knowledge of God’s word. But when faced with individuals who know and understand God’s word, they are easily exposed as frauds, who are ignorant of God’s word themselves.


But the Bible gives clear instruction on how to spot them. And the problem is their teachings and claims to be ministers of God don’t line up with scripture, which makes them false prophets. Let’s examine scripture, to find out how God, through his word, tells us how to spot and know false teachers and false prophets.


I apologize because the audio ended abruptly without my trademark “don’t’ believe me believe the word God” ending due to a technical issue. Also please excuse all of the belching and snorting, I ate a spicy meal so my hiatal hernia was active which contributes to the belching. My sinuses were also draining more than usual because of the spicy food. But you should already know we speak the truth and keep it raw and real here at TTPAS. LOL



Listen: How To Identify A False Prophet And Or False Teacher Part 1


ListenHow To Identify A False Prophet And Or False Teacher Part 2

What Was The New Covenant Established On?


Many self proclaimed ministers teach Christ came to do away with the commandments and that doing away them is a part of the new covenant. They teach that we are to now live by faith alone separate from any other biblical requirements. They teach that faith alone and belief in Jesus as the son of God and Savior is the only requirement for salvation.


Many, unfortunately, have fully embraced this false, dangerous, and unbiblical doctrine, as truth and fact. But the truth of the matter is the Bible teaches something quite a bit different. Are you aware that this false teaching doesn’t line up with scripture at all? And are you aware that following it can actually lead to condemnation because of the hypocrisy and rebellion against the commandments and the word of God it teaches, promotes, and produces?


The false doctrine has also given birth to other subcategories of false doctrine if you will. For instance like faith being the only requirement for salvation. Sort of like a tree that births branches that extend outwardly in different directions. But only in this case all equally as false and misleading. In all honesty, the salvation by grace through faith only doctrine is a soul-destroying doctrine created by satan through men as a result of their gross biblical misinterpretation.


As a result of men not understanding a crucial and all-important truth which is you can’t understand the Bible unless you live it in terms of living Gods commandments and word while being powerfully led or filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing the Bible to interpret itself… the latter of which cannot happen unless you obey it in terms of living by the commandments and Bible as a whole.


You will find as we study scripture the charge to keep God’s commandments in conjunction with faith and good works is the prevailing theme and instruction throughout the Bible, and is what God commands, and is what he defines as righteous behavior, and is what he requires to be justified in his eyes. And you will also find the new covenant is based on keeping the commandments as well, but only in this case even more profoundly than was emphasized in the old testament. Let’s examine scripture to find out what the new covenant is and what it’s based on.



In this audio, I mention God talks about the punishment and destruction of false ministers in 2 Peter 3:1-3 But what I meant was 2 Peter 2:1-3. Sorry I was just speaking a little too fast. I also make the statement “you can’t be obeying God in abominable ways” when speaking about those who claim to be humble but yet live lives in abominable rebellion against God.


But obviously what I meant was “you can’t be disobeying God in abominable ways” but at the same time claim to be humble, and meek, I was just speaking a little too fast again. I also mention that Mr. Armstrong was wrong in interpreting the Bible to mean all people will be saved which based on my study I find to be an error.


He was right about many things in relation to keeping the commandments and the Holy Days, etc, but based on my own thorough study of scripture he was wrong in his interpretation of the fate of the Wicked/Ungodly/ Haters Of God.



Recorded And Uploaded Sunday 1/31/21

Listen: What Was The New Covenant Established On? Part1


Listen: What Was The New Covenant Established On? Part2




Featured-Judgment Day:The Day Of Wrath-Redone.






The Bible teaches us there are two significant and profound days of wrath coming from God.One is in a physical context which is referred to in scripture as The Great And Terrible Of The Lord.And is a time when God will pour out his wrath on a sinful world, because of their abominable sin and rebellion…Isaiah 2:10-22,1 Thessalonians 5:2-3.


The other is in a spiritual context when God’s wrath will be expressed in a resurrection to judgment against those who have sinned in abominable ways while living in this physical life,unrepentant.This day of wrath will focus on a spiritual destruction and a physical destruction of the wicked and ungodly.


As opposed to a physical destruction exclusively which The Great And Terrible Of The Lord will be focused on.Some self proclaimed ministers deceptively,dishonestly and inaccurately, teach that a simple verbal acceptance of Jesus Christ frees us from this punishment.


Others teach that this event will be in the context of a judgment, and wont involve destruction or punishment but will simply be a day when God informs men of there offenses and then informs them that Christ sacrifice paid the penalty for those sins.


But are these beliefs right and in line with scripture? The truth of the matter is the judgment is the day of wrath upon ungodly men because of their sin and abominable evil.Something that’s clearly outlined by the word of God.Let’s examine scripture to determine what the day of judgment is, and what it involves. Today’s audio is entitled “Judgment Day:The Day Of Wrath.”.This audio was recorded on Febuary 3,2018.


This is actually a remake of a previous version I  did on January 28,2018 but I had to redo it because I inserted Jesus Christ as the Revelator or speaker in Luke 3:7 when in actuality it should have been John the baptist being emphasized as the speaker.A slight error on part as a result of rushing to get the audio done but I will try to insure I don’t make that mistake again.


I also mention  that Christ mentions in Revelation that men will be judged by their works but in the context of the Bible as a whole being Christ in print… because Christ is the word of God in print,flesh and in spirit.John wrote the text but it was revealed to him to write  by Christ through visions.In this context Christ is revealing it to John.I also mention the ungodly will see God face to face but in terms of witnessing the glorious presence of God.Sort of like Moses when he witnessed God’s glory in the burning bush.


In other words, in this case, they wont see his face but will probably see his glorious presence in the form of his body sitting on his throne, but in all likelihood his face will be hidden or cloaked in some way.Because no human can see God’s face and live…Exodus 33:17-23.But they will still be frightened none the less…Hebrews 10:31.



Judgment Day:The Day Of Wrath.

Listen: Judgment Day:The Day Of Wrath.

This audio was recorded on January 28,2018.


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Featured:Sexual Liberation & Sexual Freedom,Or Sexual Addiction ….Which Is It?…James 1:14-15.



Sexually liberate yourselves by engaging in destructive,infectious,perverted,sexually addictive behavior is the prevailing theme in today’s society, and is what’s being promoted as liberation and freedom to this wayward and confused generation.


In a time when sexual promiscuity and sexual liberty is being promoted as the new sexual freedom. Why is it that the same perverted lifestyles that are being promoted as the new form of sexual freedom and liberty, are in fact,according to God’s word,enslaving and shackling those that practice those same lifestyles and behaviors?


The truth of the matter is many prominent homosexuals and lesbians have labeled the same sexual practices they themselves promote and practice, as very addictive, corrupting and enslaving.


But yet the corrupt liberal media, and the radical liberal left, are hellbent on promoting these same corrupting enslaving lifestyles as beneficial and wholesome, and a societal, physical and spiritual progression, as opposed to a societal, physical and spiritual regression.


Which in reality is what it really is. Those corrupt and perverse individuals who are enslaved by these same perversions tell us to embrace the same things they themselves are enslaved by, while calling those same corrupting,enslaving and addictive behaviors, sexual freedom and liberty.


They tell society to embrace these addictive, corrupting behaviors, while deceptively and dishonestly referring to those same addictive corrupting behaviors as liberty and freedom. But this is how Satan operates, coming as a wolf in sheep’s clothing while promoting addictive,corrupting and destructive behaviors, as wholesome and beneficial.


With the sole objective being to destroy men and women both physically and spiritually by promoting these very destructive behaviors.These perverse groups and individuals tell us to embrace these destructive lifestyles, while touting them as a form of liberty.


But God and his word commands us to flee these behaviors and lifestyles and warns us they are not liberating at all,but in reality  are very addictive,corrupting and shackling,destructive and enslaving.


Let’s examine God’s word to find out how he feels about lust in all its corrupting, shackling and destructive forms, and why he commands and instructs us to flee from and avoid these very destructive,corrupting and enslaving behaviors at all costs, for our physical and spiritual benefit.


I make the statement in this audio that anyone who teaches that all men will be saved is a deceiver but that’s not to suggest the true Churches of God who teach God’s doctrines are deceivers,but just simply wrong (as is supported by scripture) as it relates to this particular issue and or point of doctrine.

Listen: Sexual Liberation & Sexual Freedom…Or Sexual Addiction Which Is It?

Created and uploaded ..Sunday  June 18,2017.



James 1:14-15
King James Version (KJV)

14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.




2 Peter 1:3-4
King James Version (KJV)

3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.



Homosexuality,lesbianism,bisexuality,transgenderism, etc,are equal opportunity, perverting, corrupters.No one who engages in the behavior is immune or exempt from it’s profound,corrupting, perverting,destructive shackles and affects.

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