Question: Would You Recommend Children Ruling Over Adults Based On Some Of Your Statements In The Anointing And Anointed Audio?

Donald Bohanon: Absolutely not! Those were exceptions to the rule as it related to King David and other Israeli Kings and Prophets, etc. They were obedient to God’s commandments and word and were foreknown and predestinated and because of it had direct access to God and all his benefits some of those benefits being godly wisdom and knowledge.

They were also groomed at a young age to follow God’s commandments and word by parents who followed God’s commandments and word and because of it had wisdom, knowledge, character, and experience that they passed on to their children. David was no exception. But the fact that he was the elect/anointed of God elevated his knowledge and wisdom because he had direct access to God and God answered his prayers when he prayed. And David prayed for guidance, wisdom, and knowledge frequently. Which God would answer and provide.

Those benefits are virtually non-existent in this wicked generation because they are walking contrary to God and because of it are void of the godly wisdom that only God can provide. Most are governed by, greed, perverted lust, pride, selfishness, drug dependency, ego, sexual perversion, anger, hatred, bitterness, etc. All of which are the antithesis of Godly wisdom and direction.

To allow a child who is governed by the destructive traits outlined above to guide you is the equivalent of running down a busy thoroughfare into oncoming traffic with blinders and noise-canceling headphones on. There is only one way that will turn out. The Bible also says the fear of God/ absolute and sincere obedience to God his commandments and his word is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom of the Holy One. Proverbs 9:10.

So, no, those were exceptions to the rule in ancient times because many followed and obeyed God wholeheartedly so he blessed them with priceless godly wisdom and knowledge. You would be hardpressed to find that kind of wisdom and knowledge in the youth today many who are in many respects guided by Satan as opposed to God evidenced by their behavior.

Many who think they are wise and knowledgeable but God says they are only wise in their own eyes and because of it the Bible says they have become fools. Which normally results in them being led down destructive paths and leading others down destructive paths. Isaiah 5:21-25, Romans 1:22.

In other words, they think they are wiser and more knowledgeable than God himself and can do it all on their own without any guidance or instruction from God. Which has proven throughout history to end terribly. Just look at the state of the world now as it drifts further and further away from God.

The further it drifts away from the moral order that God and the Bible encourage the worse off it becomes. More perverse, more violent, more unstable, lacking true leadership, etc. And make no mistake about it it’s only going to get worse if changes aren’t made.

You have grown men and women in positions of leadership today who have had leadership training with life experience but yet they are still walking around with complete blinders on while making decisions that will eventually prove physically and spiritually disastrous. Why?

Because the majority are not governed by God’s word and direction but are instead blinded, led, and governed, by perverted lust, greed, envy, selfishness, sexual perversion, blind ambition, lust for power, the desire to control and lead in the wrong way which results in physical and spiritual destruction, etc.

Much less, children with no experience, morals, or leadership skills at all and who have been corrupted by a wicked and perverse society trying to lead. That would prove to be catastrophically calamitous. Without question.

Unfortunately, education, technological, and academic advancement alone are not sufficient to ensure the survival of nations. History has shown us that many past societies and great empires didn’t collapse from the lack of academic and educational advancement alone but instead from a lack of and rejection of moral order.

Biblebased morality and moral order is the foundation that nourishes and supports all other things including educational, technological, and academic advancement. Destroy the moral foundation of any nation and everything else collapses. This applies on all levels on a national level and on a family level. Most households that are void of Bible-based morality and order are chaotic, contentious, and steeped in confusion. And the children as a result suffer irreparable damage and because of it they, unfortunately, carry it into adulthood.

They then have children and the unfortunate cycle continues. This also serves to undermine society and in turn nations collapse because of it. You see that clearly playing itself out here in the U.S. now and in many other nations where chaos and confusion abound and where the U.S. has exported this sick and twisted immorality. Households that implement and follow just a few of the more impactful commandments are more stable and productive than those that implement and follow none.