Hyper Extreme, Radically Insane, Democrats Getting A Dose Of Their Own Medicine And They Just Can’t Takes It Anymore: The Migrant Crisis Will Destroy My City’, New York Mayor Eric Adams Declares As The City Battles To Cope With The Influx Of Thousands Drawn There By Joe Biden’s Open-Door Policy, TOM LEONARD Writes.

I don’t agree with what the videos below seem to be suggesting, and that is, the influx of migrants is comprised of

Devastating Risks Of Transitioning To ‘Green’ Energy: Mining For Electric-Powering Minerals Has Left 23 Million People Exposed To Toxic Waste, 500,000km Of Rivers Polluted And 16 Million Acres Of Farmland Ruined.

Toxic byproducts of metals mining also pollute 10.7 million acres of flood plains   Researchers estimate the pollution also impacts 5.72 million livestock

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