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Is America’s Out Of Control Inflation An Act Of God?

I disagree with Tucker Carlson’s position that America’s out-of-control inflation is not an act of God. When God curses a nation because of its abominable sins his ability to do it on every level is not limited. God has authority over the whole Universe and that includes the weather, men and women, angels and demons, etc. Everything in existence is subject to God’s power and authority.

The Bible says God plants and plucks up governments and nations. If one government or nation displeases him he can and will pluck it up and replace it with another one to fulfill his purposes. Or to simply completely destroy it because of its unwillingness to submit to God’s good and righteous will- Jeremiah 1:10, Jeremiah 31:28.

The worse mistake you can make is to assume that if you remove the present administration and replace it with a conservative administration it will automatically and permanently solve the problem of inflation and other problems without addressing the abominable sins that greatly anger God.

There are examples in the Bible where God has intentionally put governments in place comprised of evil men to punish those nations because of their very offensive sins. It would be utterly foolish to allow sexual deviants and just biblically ignorant individuals in general, in your ears, espousing these ridiculous theories as a way to ensure their evil and perverse way of life is not disrupted. An evil way of life that is contributing, in a major way, to the present conditions.

God can and will allow evil misguided individuals to acquire power as a way to punish as well. Many of you appear to be on the right path but there is so much more to accomplish. We have to be intentional, unwavering, and unrelenting, in our efforts to destroy the efforts of perverse groups and individuals as they seek to brainwash, indoctrinate, molest and pervert children, and in so doing ensure the fall and destruction of the nation.

Don’t be naive in thinking that the practicing, support, and promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism, and homosexual and lesbian marriage is not the catalyst or creator of all other new and different confusing forms of sexual perversion. Homosexuality is merely the tree that has given birth to many other branches that extend outwardly.

Those branches being in the form of other forms of offensive confusing sexual perversion. In fact, all these other perversions are merely examples of how homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality profoundly pervert, corrupt, and confuse.

Don’t be arrogant and cocky thinking you have all the answers and know more than God. And allow yourselves to be influenced by sexual deviants whose counsel if heeded will prove disastrous for you. Address the abominable sins and work to establish moral order. And your nation will heal and prosper.

If you follow the lead and recommendations of sexual deviants as they beg and plead with you to understand their position and work to influence you through deceptive, dishonest, clever arguments and support them, no matter what their financial status, prominence, or level of influence, you will be destroyed. Your economic, weather, and health problems will continue and only get worse. God will never compromise with that abominable evil. They must repent like everyone else is required to repent of their own individual sins. Whatever they may be. There are no exceptions, exemptions, or different sets of rules for them.

Being sympathetic to the plight of God-hating sexual deviants who don’t love or respect God evidenced by what they practice and promote and who clearly seek to rape and molest children will result in national collapse and calamity. Remember, this present government was put in place primarily because a pandemic undermined all the accomplishments of the previous administration. Don’t be so sure that it can’t happen again.

God is more than capable of doing it again. And of course, they will tell you that they are coming after women’s rights next, but it’s a lie. Women providing for themselves and earning a living is not offensive to God. But men inserting their penises in other men’s poop-filled anuses and other orifices and calling it good and acceptable in God’s eyes is. As well as mass murder, and racism. and the promotion of black magic and sorcery, etc.

Don’t ever foolishly think that God can’t influence evil ignorant men to completely wreck an economy as a part of his will to punish you for your abominable sins. What you see happening now in terms of out -of -control inflation was most certainly predetermined by God because of those abominable sins.

No one is fit to lead in this present age who modifies/changes his or her righteous character, position, or actions, to fall in line with the views of evil, sexually perverse men, and women, simply to be liked, accepted, and praised. Or to appease those individuals. No one, man or woman, who adopts this way of thinking is fit to lead in these dangerous and uncertain times.

Where evil and confusion abound and are proliferating globally virtually ensuring the fall and destruction of nations if not quickly addressed and corrected. And where strong, righteous, unwavering leadership is needed that can’t be negatively influenced or misdirected by the evil agendas and opinions of evil corrupt men and women. If you can’t perform the basic critical function of thinking for yourself in these wicked and deceptive times while using the honest truth based critical information you have acquired in that analysis you are simply a problem and liability in this present age.

The Shooter Killed Whites And Blacks But Spared What Appeared To Be A Homosexual Employee At The End Of The Video And Refused To Shoot Him? Was The Shooter A Homosexual Man? (WARNING!!! The Link Below Leads To Extremely Violent And Graphic Content!! View At Your Own Risk!!!)

Could This Be A Response To Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoots Call For Violence?

Let me start out by saying I don’t support or condone any acts of violence against any individual or group. This is a very sad and tragic event and I pray for the victims and their families. There are so many unanswered questions regarding this shooting. And the fact that the shooter killed blacks and whites but apologized to what appeared to be a homosexual employee at the end of the video and refused to shoot him is very troubling. He even killed a white woman at the outset but refused to kill what appeared to be a gay man?

When you consider how God’s word outlines how sneaky, vindictive, diabolical, and evil, this community is it makes you wonder if all the posts and manifestos were intended to create a deceptive and a false narrative that he was racist but instead in reality a homosexual man angered by what he viewed as abuse from those who rightfully and justifiably disagreed with his lifestyle.

I would assume the church-going ladies were long-time customers of the store who probably regularly shopped there at specific times and on specific days. Did the employee who was spared by the gunman know the shooter? And could the employee maybe, possibly, have notified the shooter when the church-goers were in the store?

And maybe notified the shooter that others (both employees and customers) who rightfully and justifiably disagreed with the homosexual lifestyle were in the store as well? Certainly, the homosexual employee would have information about who were LGBTQ supporters and detractors as a result of his daily contact with employees and even customers?

And after all, him claiming to be a racist would take the focus off of the homosexual community if, in reality, he was an angry gay man who sought revenge against those who rightfully and justifiably disagreed with his lifestyle. This scenario is not far-fetched at all and would certainly be consistent with the kind of distorted, vindictive, and diabolical behavior many in the LGBTQ community display which is evident by numerous posts on this site of the numerous news headlines that confirm it.

In addition to how the Bible describes how purely evil anyone who is given over to this kind of sexual perversion is. Romans 1:18-32. The link below shows the shooting in full. Please be warned it is extremely graphic and violent and hard to watch!!! That’s why I refused to post it directly on my site. But I felt it necessary to post a link so visitors can see that the shooter intentionally killed both blacks and whites but refused to kill what appeared to be a gay employee at the end of the video.

And even apologized to him. Did they know each other and were they working together in some capacity? And was the shooter a gay man or gay supporter himself? I think all possibilities need to be thoroughly investigated. And let’s not forget lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot did a call to arms( or a request for a violent pushback using firearms) to the gay community.

If she is bold enough to do a call for violence publicly she is certainly doing it and encouraging it privately. Regardless if she tries to walk it back publicly now. Out of the mouth the heart proceedeth. I’m not emphatically claiming this is the case it’s just something to think about. And to thoroughly look into.

Gas Prices Sky Rocket As The Biden Administration Refuses To Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production.

Inflation Rises To A 40 Year High.

The New Housing Bubble?: Is There A More Diabolical Motive Behind The Increased Buy Up Of Houses By Private Equity Giants, Hedge Funds, And Other Economic Royalists?

Nancy Pelosi And The Democrats Putting The Needs Of Other Nations And The Desires And Goals Of Sexually Perverse Groups Ahead Of The Needs Of American Citizens.


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are essentially preventing money from getting into the hands of American citizens by demanding ridiculous amounts of money go to funding other countries and transgender projects in Pakistan as well as millions for LGBTQ projects instead of in the pockets of the American citizens.


They are essentially putting the homosexual agenda which includes the trans-agenda and its perverse sexual desires and goals, and the needs of citizens of other nations ahead of the needs of the American citizens.


The bulk of the money appears to be going to citizens of other nations and the LGBTQ agenda while American citizens get the leftovers and scraps.


It’s increasingly beginning to look like the Democrats and some Republicans are in the pockets of billionaires and special interest groups who continue to seek to advance a diabolical global agenda at the physical and spiritual expense of American citizens.

Raw Data Proving Tens Of Thousands Of Votes Were Switched In Just 68 Seconds?

Promoting A Godless Society?: They Close Down Church Services And Other Businesses But Open Strip Clubs? A Judge Says Miami Strip Club Can Stay Open Past ‘Illegal’ Covid-19 Curfew.


I Used To Love Strip Clubs Until I Realized 'Escaping' Wasn't A Good Thing


A judge has ruled that a Miami strip club can keep its doors open past Miami-Dade County’s “illegal” Covid-19 curfew.


Tootsie’s strip club in Miami Gardens won a civil case that was closely watched by other local business owners who were forced to close amid the fading Covid-19 pandemic.


Tootsie’s will be allowed to stay open past the county’s Covid-19 curfew nearly three months after the curfew was put in place.


Miami-Dade County ordered all non-essential businesses to close at 11 p.m. to stop the spread of the weakening coronavirus.


Tootsie’s filed a lawsuit, and last week, Judge Beatrice Butchko ruled that Tootsie’s can remain open all night because of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ statewide executive order that slaps down local mandates such as face masks and lockdowns.


“The Miami-Dade curfew orders conflict with [DeSantis’ executive order] because they prohibit Tootsie’s from operating; they prohibit employees and contractors from working; and they reduce capacity to zero for the entire time subject to the curfew,” Butchko wrote in her ruling.


Broward County Mayor Dale Holness also imposed a similar order to close all businesses at 11 p.m.

Nightclub owners in Broward County demanded answers from Mayor Holness, who said businesses would still have to shut down at 11 p.m.


Strip clubs are considered essential businesses because they provide a much-needed outlet to release pent-up sexual tension in the male species.

Hunter Biden And Joe Biden’s Explosive Corrupt Business Dealings Uncovered As The Liberal Media And Big Tech Companies Work To Censor And Cover It Up.

Wealth Gap And The Economy, Freedom Vs Socialism, Etc, What Are The Real Facts In A Trump Vs Biden Presidency?

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