Q&A:How Do You Respond Those Who Say Whites Are Inherently Smarter Than Blacks Because Of Technological Advancements Etc?


Donald Bohanon: That’s ridiculous.When you say whites I would automatically assume you’re talking about white Americans.And if that’s what you are talking about my response to that is, it’s an absolutely false and ridiculous notion.And it’s actually racist in its intent.Because racism is about a feeling of superiority to another race.


Whether it’s coming from blacks or whites,it has a racist intent.White America’s advancements have everything to do with it’s access to the best educational systems and other economic and social advantages and blessings which God provided as result of his promise to Abraham.And nothing to do with a superior intellect.


In fact,there are studies which suggest that behavioral patterns overtime when consistently practiced can produce a genetic and or hereditary effect.In other words all the educational knowledge the parents have acquired overtime.


The ability to problem solve.The ability to effectively communicate and articulate a message.The ability to retain information when read or ingested,etc.Can in many cases actually be passed down to the children. In other words the children will actually inherit those intellectual and academic strengths.But it only becomes evident and pronounced when those children apply themselves in their own academic pursuits.


This is actually scientifically supported by some studies..So that could obviously play a role in one groups ability to excel in certain academic environments when compared to another  groups inability to excel in certain academic environments.


One group which has been denied the benefits of a possible genetic predisposition to excel academically because of the extensive educational advantages the other  group has been exposed to extensively for a much,much,  longer period of time..Whereas the other group has been denied those same advantages and opportunities.


So the fact that you see many whites excelling or outperforming blacks in certain academic sectors it’s because of those factors.And obviously because of the fact that whites traditionally have had access to much better education for a much longer period of time.


Not to mention the best social settings,ie,drug and crime free communities,no social and economic hindrances,etc.To grow and thrive,economically,socially,intellectually and academically,etc.


And that will obviously have major impact on one groups ability to learn and advance when compared to another groups inability to learn and advance in certain situations.Because that particular group which may struggle in certain instances has been denied access to that same advanced education,and those same social, and economic, benefits and advantages for centuries.


No race is inherently smarter than another race.The notion that one race is smarter than another is ridiculous and racist in it’s intent.The black race has been enslaved for centuries.Has been traditionally denied access to the best education.Denied the right to economic growth and prosperity.Has been persecuted held back and oppressed, even after the end of slavery,as a result of blatant racist practices.


And denied the simple basics of life in many circumstances to be an advancing,prospering,productive community.But yet in spite of all the barriers,setbacks and challenges,they have still been able to advance like no other race could if faced with similar circumstances and  challenges.


If there are white racists who want to cling to that ridiculous notion that whites are smarter, they would do well to consider how accomplished and advanced the black race would be if they weren’t faced with so many obstacles and challenges and  had been from the very start playing on a level playing field.


Ask yourself that question and contemplate where the black race would be if operating under much fairer circumstances.If they were afforded access to the best education from the very start.The economic and social benefits and advantages.And then ask yourself do you honestly believe the white race is smarter than the black race?


If you’re honest about it there is only one conclusion you can come to. Sorta makes you wonder if maybe white racists actually saw that ability and potential from the outset.To think along those lines is racist in it’s intent and motives.


Whether it’s coming from a black man or a white man.And it’s simply stupid,absurd and ridiculous. No race is inherently smarter or superior than another.One race has just had access to the best education,economic and social benefits and advantages for centuries.


Which has obviously produced advantages in the academic,economic,social and technological sectors,etc.In fact all races came from the same woman’s womb and ovaries.God created in her the ability to give birth to every race and nationality.Eve is her name. 


No where in God’s word does he make the claim that he created one race superior to another because that would make God a respecter of persons.And that is something he’s not.Acts 10:34..Romans 2:11-16.I think its also important to point out intelligence can’t really be judged by how you answer a series of question on a piece of paper because there are too many facets to intelligence and intellect.