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Sexual perversions, rape, mass murder in the form of war, in the urban neighborhoods and communities, and in the form of abortion, child molestation, homosexual and lesbian marriage now legalized and accepted as normal behavior, the practicing and promotion of black magic and sorcery, political corruption at the highest levels of government, lies, bribery, treachery, betrayal, etc.

Would a loving God sit back and allow such behavior to continue unchecked? Well, if you let false ministers who promote an evil ungodly agenda tell it, yes he would allow it to continue.

But as always we should only believe God and what his word says about abominable sinful behavior. And God through his word the Bible says a destructive event of cataclysmic proportions is soon to affect planet earth and all of its inhabitants. This event is called the great and terrible day of the lord.

The Bible says it will follow right on the heels of the great tribulation. Another event of widespread suffering and sorrow. God says he’s going to punish a sinful world because of their abominable rebellion against him.

The Bible says God’s anger will be poured out in this way because of the sins of the world. Let’s study God’s word to see what this event is, why it will happen, and when it will happen. Today’s audio is entitled the coming great and terrible day of the lord. This audio was recorded on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Listen: The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord 2Redone.

This version is a redo of the previous version. I didn’t like how it turned out so I re-recorded it. I left out the statement about how the United States is exporting the abominable sins to other nations and former President Barrack Obama being a part of that. But those actions are going to bring the full wrath of God upon the whole earth because it’s a form of suicide by cop.

Satan is actually destroying humanity by influencing them to sin against God in abominable ways because he knows how God is going to respond, by completely destroying man. Which is Satan’s goal the complete destruction of mankind as a whole on a physical and spiritual level. Similar to what happened in the great flood but much worse.

But he’s just doing it by God’s hand in this case by influencing mankind to defy and sin against God in abominable ways. He does it by using his servants like Barrack Obama and others to spread and promote abominable sexual perversions and sinful behavior here in this country and to nations worldwide. Once again, a type of suicide by cop.

But the statements I made in the previous audio about the American government and former President Barrack Obama and how they are exporting sin and perversion to other nations still apply. I also in this newer audio said Christ telling the woman at the well that he would have given her living water was in Matthew but it’s actually in John 4:10. Sorry I was just talking a little too fast. The original audio is below.

Listen: The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord.