Are The Biden Administrations Extremely Radical Foreign Policy Objectives Turning Other Nations Against America?

The Bible says in the last days America will be despised by all other nations. The fact that you have whole countries and continents feeling disrespected, abused, and violated by America, according to scripture it’s part of the curses God would heap on the nation because of its abominable sins.

It appears nations are joining forces to push back at what many of them perceive to be American bullying. But even in the obvious face of widespread discontent America still continues to push its extremely radical, destructive, corrupting, lifestyles and ideologies on other nations and in many cases using its economic might as a tool to subjugate the governments and citizens of those nations.

But many of those nations have simply had enough and the Bible says if America doesn’t repent of its abominable sins that include disrespect and bullying of other nations and working to force their ungodly agenda on other nations they will eventually be on the losing end of it all.

The Bible says it will eventually bring more calamity on America in the form of destructive weather events, disease, famine, economic woes, etc, and will all eventually culminate in American cities being laid waste by nuclear annihilation from the hands of the European Union and all the nations who have felt violated, abused, offended, and betrayed by America turning their backs on America in its most dire time of need.