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Is America’s Out Of Control Inflation An Act Of God?

I disagree with Tucker Carlson’s position that America’s out-of-control inflation is not an act of God. When God curses a nation because of its abominable sins his ability to do it on every level is not limited. God has authority over the whole Universe and that includes the weather, men and women, angels and demons, etc. Everything in existence is subject to God’s power and authority.

The Bible says God plants and plucks up governments and nations. If one government or nation displeases him he can and will pluck it up and replace it with another one to fulfill his purposes. Or to simply completely destroy it because of its unwillingness to submit to God’s good and righteous will- Jeremiah 31:28.

The worse mistake you can make is to assume that if you remove the present administration and replace it with a conservative administration it will automatically and permanently solve the problem of inflation and other problems without addressing the abominable sins that greatly anger God.

There are examples in the Bible where God has intentionally put governments in place comprised of evil men to punish those nations because of their very offensive sins. It would be utterly foolish to allow sexual deviants and just biblically ignorant individuals in general, in your ears, espousing these ridiculous theories as a way to ensure their evil and perverse way of life is not disrupted. An evil way of life that is contributing, in a major way, to the present conditions.

Many of you appear to be on the right path but there is so much more to accomplish. We have to be vigilant, intentional, unwavering, and unrelenting, in our efforts to destroy the efforts of perverse groups and individuals as they seek to brainwash, indoctrinate, molest and pervert children, and in so doing ensure the fall and destruction of the nation. We must also unite, fight for, defend, and protect, those who are fighting for the same causes.

Don’t be naive in thinking that the practicing, support, and promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism, and homosexual and lesbian marriage is not the catalyst or creator of all other new and different confusing forms of sexual perversion. Homosexuality is merely the tree that has given birth to many other branches that extend outwardly.

Those branches being in the form of other forms of offensive confusing sexual perversion. In fact, all these other perversions are merely examples of how homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality profoundly pervert, corrupt, and confuse.

Don’t be arrogant and cocky thinking you have all the answers and know more than God. And allow yourselves to be influenced by sexual deviants whose counsel if heeded will prove disastrous for you. God tells you who they really are and that they have no character, and can’t be trusted, because they are governed and consumed by their perverted lust Romans 1:26-32. And that lust gives way to strong demonic influence resulting in a perverted corrupt mental and spiritual condition. Just look at what they are doing in terms of their debased sexual behavior and their confused state of mind evidenced by their confused perverted sexual behavior and sexual agenda.

Rational, sensible, thinking doesn’t govern their actions, and decisions but consuming perverted lust does. They are blinded by it. Do you take their advice over God’s advice and instruction? That’s one of the main reasons you are cursed.

God says cursed is the man who puts his trust in men (over God’s instruction or over trust in God and what God says is what it means) Jeremiah 17:5. Magnify that a thousand times when you put your trust in evil perverted ungodly men and women. Address the abominable sins and work to establish moral order. And your nation will heal and prosper.

If you follow the lead and recommendations of sexual deviants as they beg and plead with you to understand their position and work to influence you through deceptive, dishonest, clever arguments and support them, no matter what their financial status, prominence, or level of influence, you will be destroyed.

Your economic, weather, and health problems, etc, will continue and only get worse. God will never compromise with that abominable evil. They must repent like everyone else is required to repent of their own individual sins. Whatever they may be. There are no exceptions, exemptions, or different sets of rules for them. And if not there will be consequences.

Being sympathetic to the plight of God-hating sexual deviants who don’t love or respect God evidenced by what they practice and promote and who clearly seek to rape and molest children will result in national collapse and calamity. Remember, this present government was put in place primarily because a pandemic undermined all the accomplishments of the previous administration. Don’t be so sure that it can’t happen again.

God is more than capable of doing it again. And of course, they will tell you that they are coming after women’s rights next, but it’s a lie. Women providing for themselves and earning a living is not offensive to God. But men inserting their penises in other men’s poop-filled anuses and other orifices and calling it good and acceptable in God’s eyes is. As well as mass murder, and racism. and the promotion of black magic and sorcery, etc.

Don’t ever foolishly think that God can’t influence evil ignorant men to completely wreck an economy as a part of his will to punish you for your abominable sins. What you see happening now in terms of out -of -control inflation was most certainly predetermined by God because of those abominable sins.

No one is fit to lead in this present age who modifies/changes his or her righteous character, position, or actions, to fall in line with the views of evil, sexually perverse men, and women, simply to be liked, accepted, and praised. Or to appease those individuals. No one is fit to lead whose goal is to win a popularity contest. No one, man or woman, who adopts this way of thinking is fit to lead in these dangerous and uncertain times.

Where evil and confusion abound and are proliferating globally virtually ensuring the fall and destruction of nations if not quickly addressed and corrected. And where strong, righteous, unwavering leadership is needed that can’t be negatively influenced or misdirected by the evil agendas and opinions of evil corrupt men and women. If you can’t perform the basic critical function of thinking for yourself in these wicked and deceptive times while using the honest truth based critical information you have acquired in that analysis you are simply pathetic, the problem, and liability, in this present age.

Racially Motivated?: A Disturbed Gunman Allegedly Carries Out A Racially Motivated Mass Shooting Incident.(Warning!! Graphic Images And Violence.)


We have no affiliation or association with World Star they are merely the source of this information.

But how can it be a racially motivated shooting when the first victim was a white woman? Let me be clear I don’t condone any acts of violence but this seems to be following a consistent pattern where these kinds of incidents happen right around election time.

Or at the very least around the time elections are quickly approaching. As a way to incite racial hatred, violence, and tension, and to influence elections. This is a very sad and tragic event and I pray for the victims and their families. I’m not necessarily saying that this incident was staged but the fact that it happened right around the time the mid-terms are approaching raises eyebrows.

I also find the fact that they label it racially motivated, suspicious when his first victim appears to be a white woman. And not discounting the fact that some reports are now suggesting that more than one white person was killed.

And when you consider the alleged shooter allegedly talked extensively with a black man for hours before the shooting and didn’t harm him. This even makes you question if the alleged manifesto is authentic when you consider the inconsistencies in the story. I will be adding additional posts as more information comes in disputing or confirming the reason behind the shooting.

Caught Lying Like A Rug: Look How They Cry And Weep When The Tables Are Turned On Them.

We have no association or affiliation with WSHH they are just the source of this information. We also don’t agree with all of Candace Owen’s views but we are certainly in agreement with her in relation to this evil corrupt organization.

Extreme radical BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors weeps fake tears while lying on camera in an effort to paint a false picture that Candace Owens arrived at her home with right-wing radicals while loosely suggesting they may have had evil intent. When in reality she was doing a documentary about how BLM has misappropriated millions of dollars in a massive corruption scandal.

Patrisse Cullors being one of the leaders who were leading the charge in terms of stealing money and depositing it into their own pockets. I also find it offensive that she would shed fake tears while falsely claiming that she was under threat of harm when none of that is true.

While at the same time encouraging other extreme left-wing radicals to terrorize Supreme Court Justices in hopes of forcing them to vote the way they want them to vote as it relates to Roe v Wade. And when she has been instrumental in undermining and destroying the black community by promoting sexually perverse abominable behavior throughout the black community. The blatant hypocrisy of this evil, corrupt, organization, is nauseating.

The truth of the matter is BLM has never cared about the black community but instead has been an arm of the LGBTQ community working to advance their ungodly, destructive, corrupting, sexual engineering agenda. And God’s word continues to ring true based on its accuracy when describing the corrupt spiritual condition of individuals given over to this kind of warped sexual perversion and how that in turn completely destroys, corrupts, and perverts the character of these individuals. Romans 1:18-32.

The word of God continues to prove itself infallible and accurate when describing these kinds of sexually perverse individuals. And Patrisse Cullors further validates God’s word being a lesbian woman once again caught in nefarious activity in the form of stealing millions from a corrupt organization that falsely claims to be advancing the interest of black people while doing nothing for them financially but yet instead enriching themselves through theft of funds.

I also find it disturbing that these kinds of extreme leftist radical activists have the audacity to cry when someone shows up at their door just to do a documentary when they are at the doors of Supreme Court Justices and Religious Institutions hurling insults and threatening violence in hopes of forcing Justices to vote how they want them to vote as it relates to Roe v Wade? These types of people are nothing but cowards, cry babies, and bullies, and when you stand up to them they fold like lawn chairs on a rainy day and tuck their tails and run. Boy how things change when the tables are turned on them.

Romans 1:18-32: Men And Women Around The Globe Promote A Worldwide Boycott Of Disney! Disney’s Goal Is To Promote Homosexuality And The Homosexual/Pedophile Agenda To Children Around The World!

I would encourage Governor DeSantis and others who are standing against the advancement of this insane agenda to keep standing and never give up. Failure is not an option when it comes to children and the nation.

And while homosexual/pedophile predation on children ramps up the radical liberal left and companies like Disney seek to implement a more aggressive approach to advancing the homosexual/pedophile agenda. I also don’t feel the bill goes far enough.

They don’t seek to turn America into a gender studies class but instead into a homosexual utopia where homosexuality/pedophilia and other sexual perversions are supported, promoted, and practiced liberally and heterosexuality is virtually nonexistent and condemned and practiced in the shadows.

Similar to the way it was for homosexuals and lesbians before homosexual marriage was legalized. They are also bitter at the fact the behavior and lifestyle were rightfully rejected and condemned for centuries and now seek to turn the tables on the heterosexual community. I also failed to mention they are a very vindictive community. Consistent with how Romans 1:26-32 describes them.

I also disagree with the fact that many talk show hosts straddle the fence while associating with homosexuals and lesbians and giving them voices on their platforms so they can promote lies about who they really are and what their real goals are and demonize those who speak the truth. While claiming to love and follow God at the same time when God expressly says we are not to have any association with these individuals at all unless they sincerely change their perverted ways.

Ephesians 5: 10-13, 1 Corinthians 10:20-22, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. Although those who support them claim to be motivated by love the Bible says disobeying God and his word is the antithesis of love and has proven to result in disease, suffering, death, disorder, chaos, confusion, etc, and is one of the surest ways to ensure your physical and spiritual destruction.

Calling evil good and good evil to appease those who practice this behavior and justifying the wicked for reward is condemned throughout scripture and should never be mistaken for acts of love and is considered an abomination by God punishable by death in the lake of fire when judged. And is a form of self-righteousness Proverbs 17:15, Isaiah 5;20-25, Revelation 21:7-8.

When they strongly support and promote the obvious filthy, corrupting, destructive, behavior they are normally practicing it secretly and like it, or, at the very least, are being compensated in some way to promote and support it. So they are essentially justifying the wicked for reward. Which is powerfully condemned by God. Proverbs 17:15.

They are essentially following their own views and definitions of righteousness separate from how the Bible defines righteousness. And those views are normally formed based on their own lusts, likes, and greed, etc. God’s definition of righteousness is complete obedience to his word and not the words of men and women that conflict with his word. Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4.

And not rejecting and defying his word to appease those who hate it evidenced by how they behave and rebel against it. Deuteronomy 7:10, Psalms 21: 8-9, Romans 1:30. Which is normally a symptom of following and believing biblically ignorant false ministers who regularly grossly misinterpret God’s word as a result of applying their own personal interpretation to it rather than allowing it to interpret itself.

And as a way to endear themselves to the ignorant masses and liberally enrich themselves in the process Romans 16:17-18. And which only serves to ensure the widespread global proliferation of destructive behavior.

Homosexuals and lesbians who come on these shows and voice their agreement with Disney’s position regarding these matters are nothing but hypocrites who in many respects covertly seek to continue to further the homosexual agenda by falsely claiming to be allies of the religious community and heterosexual community by backing their position on this issue.

In hopes of creating a fake form of love and righteousness that will endear the religious and heterosexual community to them. If homosexuals are sincere they will openly condemn the behavior they practice and admit that it’s wrong. And fight against the practicing, promotion, and support of it.

The truth of the matter is the homosexual lifestyle which has given birth to every other form of twisted sexual behavior cant be supported on any level and must be rejected in all of its forms. You can’t straddle the fence and claim to be a supporter of Disney’s position while supporting homosexuality.

Because if so you are a part of the problem and an imposter a hypocrite and a low-key supporter of the insane destructive homosexual/pedophile agenda. It should be clear to everyone by now who doesn’t have their head stuck in the sand that one of the homosexual community’s main goals is to brainwash and sexually molest children.

Only a fool would believe otherwise when their actions clearly speak for themselves. Actions have always spoken and will always speak louder than words. And not discounting how the word of God describes them in Romans 1:26-32. Which is most important.

So, no one should be surprised by their behavior if you sincerely follow and believe God’s word. Why are you shocked and surprised if you are truly a follower and believer of God’s word? I am not surprised and have always known who they really are because God told me who they are through his word and he never lies and sees much, much, much, deeper than man and knows and understands vastly more than man and is always on point. Romans 1:26-32.

And anyone who supports any aspect of the homosexual agenda is complicit in the rape and molestation of children. Worldwide boycotts of all the companies that support these insane sexual abominations are one of the only ways to stop the progression of this sexual engineering insanity. That will certainly lead to the destruction of the nation.

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Promote A Worldwide Boycott Of Disney!: Romans 1:18-32- Disney To Produce More Gay Content For Kids After Staff Backlash Over Company’s Silence Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill.

By Donald Bohanon

I’m not surprised. But if you are going to stand for what’s right you have to really stand for what’s right no matter what the cost. Because if not you are not really standing you are just pretending. There are always ways to get around different obstacles in your fight to do what’s morally right.

In this case, being faced with backlash from brainwashed pro LGBTQ supporters within the organization and without I would myself do a complete restructuring of my staff and employee base and get rid of those who engaged in behavior that was negatively affecting the company bottom line and who support the destructive agenda and hire employees with views that fall in line with the right moral views that the organization espouses.

The staff and employees work for you. You don’t work for the employees. Change your rules and TOS to reflect this. You may lose some viewership for a period of time but I’m convinced you will gain a different and equally large demographic of supporters who wholeheartedly believe in what you’re doing.

And who will be more than happy to support you financially and in other ways. To change the destructive trajectory of the nation to save the nation and its children is going to require an all-hands-on-deck approach. Women around the world need to be fully engaged and influencing companies like Disney to do away with all aspects of the homosexual/pedophile agenda. And to not support it on any level. Promote a worldwide boycott of the company and any company that promotes these perversions that are designed to brainwash and pervert children. You have to hit them in the pocket book that’s the only way they will listen. And you can’t stop fighting until total victory is secured. The truth of the matter is if Disney really wants to make changes these are easy problems to solve.

After all, these are also your children they are salivating at the chance to rape and molest. Many other companies will have to get on board and apply the same strategy to ensure their companies can continue to flourish because if not the companies will eventually collapse and the nation with it if we continue to follow an unsustainable irrational destructive insane sexual engineering agenda that leads to only one sad outcome.

Those companies and individuals who support this agenda which is designed to brainwash and molest children will be judged and punished harshly and all the acts of mercy won’t change that because of how offensive the willful brainwashing and abuse/molestation of children is to God and because of how widespread that abuse will be and how it will proliferate around the Globe if gone unchecked and not stopped.

No amount of kind acts will be able to cover the magnitude of abominable sin and physical and spiritual death this will result in. The same thing applies to homosexuality and all other sexual abominations and how they will eventually proliferate around the Globe and result in the physical and spiritual deaths of millions.

To intentionally engage in abominable sexual sin while intentionally promoting the proliferation of it globally while doing acts of kindness in hopes of covering the sin is foolish and a strategy that biblically ignorant individuals will probably engage in that will backfire when judged because God will see it for what it is and will be less likely to pardon when he considers your role in the intentional global proliferation of abominable sexual sins of all forms.

Which resulted in the physical and spiritual deaths of millions and quite possibly billions. If you are going to do this, that is to make the necessary changes outlined here. I would suggest you do it quickly because Barrack Obama and other politicians have a habit of coming on my site reading articles and getting information in hopes of implementing measures and insighting opposition in order to hopefully counter it by deceptive and manipulative means.

Disney Article Below

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Minister Of Kentucky Church Talks About Damage From Tornado.


It’s certainly not my intention to add more misery to the present situation unfolding in Kentucky. I’m merely here to speak the truth and set the record straight. But it’s statements like this minister just made in the video above claiming that he nor his congregation embraces the notion that it’s a response from God because something is wrong. This is a major part of the problem.


He is obviously lacking knowledge of God’s word because God doesn’t provide deep spiritual revelation to those who reject his commandments and word and who simply believe that a simple verbal acceptance of Jesus Christ determines that you’re righteous in God’s eyes. And because of it, he falls under the category, as Christ emphasized in Matthew 15:14, of the blind leading the blind.  Listen, I get it, people are stressed, on edge, and even fearful, because of how much they have been tried in the past year or two.


They don’t want to believe that God is allowing these things to come upon them and even instructing his angels in many cases to punish in this way. It just creates a more somber and stressful situation. But working to convince yourselves that your sins are irrelevant to God and that he will never punish you for them when his word clearly says otherwise is a form of insanity.


Following the words of false ministers like this is a major part of the problem. He doesn’t know what he is talking about and his words, because many will heed them, will further exacerbate the situation. Because many people will simply believe that they can continue to engage in abominable sin without a corrective response from God and that way of thinking is completely unbiblical and just plain stupid.


This false minister and others like him love to make blanket ignorant statements like he just made without providing one verse in scripture to substantiate what he said. And when they do it’s normally one verse or two taken completely out of context which in that context makes it unbiblical.


To be honest and blunt the guy is an ignorant false minister who promotes lies like so many others and unfortunately many are going to lose their physical and spiritual lies because of it but he certainly won’t go unpunished himself for teaching those lies. 2 Peter 2:1-3, James 3:1, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, 2 John 9-11.


Many of these self-proclaimed false ministers buy certificates of ordination on the internet and then proclaim themselves ministers without being thoroughly versed in God’s word. The truth of the matter is many of them are absolutely ignorant of God’s word with the exception of occasionally referencing a few of the most often used and popular verses in scripture. While being completely ignorant of the other 99.99% of scripture.  


His Church lies in heaps and ruins but yet God is protecting and pleased with him and his congregation? You don’t think God is powerful enough to protect his sanctuaries from calamity? In all honesty, this may very well be a message from God that he is displeased with what he and others are teaching because it flies in the face of what God instructs in his word. And their false teachings are creating an environment and atmosphere of hypocrisy and rebellion against God his commandments and his word. Several churches were leveled in this calamity and I’m convinced there’s a message from God in it all.


I’m convinced he’s actually telling us how he feels about these churches.  To get an understanding of how God responds to and has always responded to abominable sin follow the link below Proverbs 1: 24-33. Also, reference the Q&A category as well as the audios section.  All the positive thinking in the world won’t help you if God is angered and displeased with you and you are stiff-necked, stone-faced, and unrepentant.



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Working To Secure Implementation Of The Mark Of The Beast?


All the world leaders in this video claim to be focused on securing and protecting democracy but at the same time are clearly working to implement a digital system that will require every man woman and child to take a mark on and or in their hand or their forehead to buy and sell and if they don’t they won’t be able to buy and sell. But yet they claim this form of dictatorship is in reality a form of democracy?


They also claim to be united in fighting against authoritarianism but the system they’re working to implement is the purest example of authoritarianism. They also foolishly claim to be champions of free speech but at the same time promise to work to clamp down on any speech ‘they’ define as ‘hate speech’.


The elitist who control most of the world’s wealth and who have oppressed the poor for centuries now claim to be champions for the poor? Hahahahahahaha. And you can rest assured that conforming to all aspects of the evil system will be a part of the deal and failure to do so will determine if you have the freedom to buy and sell. It’s so ridiculous and laughable. Pride and perversion are blinding, terrible, corrupting, dangerous, and destructive. And I would advise all nations who go along with it reluctantly, to separate themselves from it before it’s too late.


They are in many respects allowing themselves to be influenced by fools in the form of rich elitists and former President Barrack Obama. Who I believe is a nut case, to be frank. Because he’s fully submitted to Satan and is actually being instructed by Satan and therefore has the mind of Satan and Satan is insane.  And who I’m convinced thinks he’s the antichrist. Or at the very least thinks he’s laying the groundwork for his arrival. But you’d never know it because these kinds of individuals, as the Bible says, come as wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Obama is creating chaos by promoting abominable rebellion against God worldwide and in so doing provoking God to plague nations because of the abominable sin. Virtually identical to the way Satan operates. Not to mention the fact he encouraged the black community to drink deadly lead-tainted water by falsely claiming it was safe when he knew it was very dangerous. So he obviously doesn’t care about the black community at all.


It’s almost as if he was trying to get the black community to drink the water so many could be harmed by the contamination. I’m convinced he’s totally focused on doing his pure evil, insane father’s bidding. Which, to be clear, is the complete destruction of the human race both physically and spiritually. And Obama’s evil actions are certainly reflective and supportive of that. He then exploits the chaos by offering to implement a dictatorial digital system that will resolve it all. He’s in essence a destroyer masquerading as a savior. Much like the false, deceptive, misleading role Satan plays. 


But in reality, the evil system will eventually lead to the worst death and suffering this world has ever seen because of their refusal to acknowledge the sovereignty of almighty God and to do as he commands in relation to the ‘Abominable Sins’. And in reality, the suffering won’t stop regardless of what system they implement until the ‘Abominable Sins’ stop. He probably also thinks it’s going to culminate in a never-ending world rule under one man, but boy is he going to be in for a rude awakening. Revelation 13:16-17

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I See You Panther And Lantern.

I see you panther and lantern but what good is displaying it going to do? If you were really serious about it your actions would show it. Showing the box that houses it isn’t doing me or the work any good. If you are serious your actions would dictate that. Also, a man’s ability to keep a secret is as precious as his word.


If he can’t keep a secret his word is no good. If the individuals this is actually directed to are sharp they should be able to pick up on it. And this is not a message to the perverted homosexual or bisexual community which I’m sure a homosexual or bisexuals twisted demon-controlled mind will convince them that it is.


Because they are delusional and their thoughts are controlled by their father Satan. You are completely off base and have totally missed the mark and are living in a complete fantasy world courtesy of demonic delusion if that is your takeaway from this  Romans 1:18-32. This has nothing to do with sexual perversions. You will go away and stay away if you are wise.

The New Woke Movement = Comatose/ Sound Asleep.

By Donald Bohanon


TTPAS has no affiliation or association with WSHH they are just the source of this terrible advice.


In the video above the young lady tries to rationalize disloyal behavior in the form of cheating by suggesting that it’s okay because the person who cheated really doesn’t belong to the person they cheated on. This is this new generation’s way to justify being disloyal and promiscuous in relationships.


But the truth of the matter is this new generation is simply a selfish generation that glorifies, promotes, and justifies selfishness. Many in this new generation are only focused on pleasing themselves regardless of how that affects the other person in the relationship. They refuse to accept responsibility for bad behavior but instead try to justify it as a form of freedom to do whatever pleases them.


And they call that behavior freedom. But the Bible outlines and is further supported by social and behavioral studies and the many instances of people being treated for and struggling with sexual addictions, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, etc. This behavior, in reality, as the Bible outlines, is very enslaving and shackling.


There is no freedom when given the ability to do whatever you choose, whenever you choose, with whomever you choose. Many studies have shown continued participation in this kind of self-destructive behavior produces a situation where the participant loses all self-control and is eventually enslaved by the very behavior they call freeing and liberating.


At which point they eventually need to seek professional help to overcome the alcohol, sex, or drug addiction, etc. God in his infinite wisdom saw ahead of time that this behavior would prove problematic and destructive for the individuals who engaged in it so he gave us instructions and rules to follow to ensure we didn’t fall victim to the enslaving clutches of these types of  sinful behaviors.


That’s why God in his word the Bible tells us the truth expressed in his word regarding these matters when followed will set you free from their enslaving clutches. Following the rules set by God that define proper moral behavior is what frees us from the enslaving shackles of sinful immoral behavior. Because we’re living in a way that won’t expose us to its shackling effects and or consequences.


The new message of liberation through sexual freedom is in reality a carefully constructed ploy by Satan to ensure many people are eventually shackled and enslaved, by engaging in sinful sexual behavior under the false cloak of liberating behavior.  


This new generation frowns on marriage because it requires sacrificing your desires for the needs of your spouse, commitment to your spouse, consideration for the feelings of your spouse, respect for your spouse, etc.


All of which are counterproductive and contrary to the woke doctrine of self first and doing what pleases you regardless of how destructive it is and how it negatively impacts, destroys, and undermines, the lives of those they claim to love, and the societies they live in.


The young lady in the video above suggests that, in so many words, if you even cheat in marriage its not cheating because the person who cheated doesn’t belong to you. But that’s easier said than done when the person actually becomes deeply emotionally involved in the relationship. In cases like that disloyal behavior can be very dangerous and can even prove deadly. And that’s not how God views it. In the eyes of God marriage means that the person you marry in essence becomes your property. But not to abuse or harm but to love in an unselfish manner.


Which means putting the needs of your spouse above yours. In other words, the husband must put the needs of his wife above his and the wife must put the needs of her husband above hers. While following the instructions for marriage and moral behavior outlined in the Bible. This is how true love and loyalty blossom and is cultivated in the marriage. And when this same model is applied in societies it has the same love building and cultivating effect.


Being disloyal in relationships and marriages only builds distrust, anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, etc, all of which are the antithesis of love and undermine and destroy love, trust, and loyalty, etc. And the abandonment of these things is the origin of resentment, disloyalty, anger, bitterness, mistrust, and hatred. Which in turn produce, sorrow, sadness, suffering, and even death.


The new Satan-inspired woke doctrine of liberation through sexual freedom, in reality, is the quickest way to get enslaved by one of the most addicting behaviors known to man which is sexual promiscuity.


And this form of addiction is very difficult to overcome. It also gives birth to other forms of self-destructive behavior all of which are offensive to God and will be judged harshly and can lead to spiritual destruction as well. 


Satan is promoting the liberation through sexual freedom lie in the end time because he knows it’s one of the most effective and enslaving methods available to ensure many are destroyed both physically and spiritually.


If you don’t want to follow a set of rules that apply to relationships then just don’t get involved in a relationship or a marriage. And if you are in a relationship or marriage respect your mate and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Playing with people’s emotions can have deadly consequences.



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