Q&A: Are You Familiar With Lori Vallow And Are You A Part Of the Doomsday Cult?

Question: Are You Familiar With Lori Vallow And Are You A Part Of The Doomsday Cult?

Donald Bohanon: Yes, I am familiar with her and the cult. And no I have no affiliation with any doomsday cult. There are some important factors that need to be understood before drawing any conclusions as it relates to what they worship and what true Christianity teaches and is based on. In none of my audios have I condoned murder. And God expressly condemns murder under the new covenant.

First, it’s important to point out that most of these kinds of cults and followings are centered around the teachings and or doctrines of men as opposed to what’s clearly outlined in God’s word.

Many people blindly follow false religious figures or religions without cross-checking their teachings with what the Bible teaches. This has resulted in many being led astray. And many, in such a way, that it has, unfortunately, produced catastrophic results and consequences.

From my understanding, this woman believed that she was somehow helping her children by killing them because she had bought into a false doomsday scenario. I think any religion that teaches it’s okay to murder your children should sound an alarm just based on the most basic form of decency and conscience that we as human beings have.

Not to mention how murder is profoundly condemned by God in scripture under the new covenant. Much less the murder of your own children. And the ” thou shalt not kill” commandment is also one of His commandments that we are required to live by daily. Not to mention many other verses in scripture where it emphasizes showing love and mercy.

The Bible even goes as far as commanding parents not to provoke their children to wrath much less kill them. I have no affiliation whatsoever with any doomsday cult whose teachings are completely contrary to the teachings of the Bible and also fly in the face of God and his authority.

And their teachings of a doomsday scenario, as it relates to how the world will come to an end, are completely unbiblical and are obviously the result of gross biblical misinterpretation and don’t line up with scripture at all.

And the practice of condoning the murder of their own children I find completely evil, reprehensible, and unbiblical. But I pray for the woman because like so many others she has been a victim of the deception of religion and or false Christianity.

God’s word expressly condemns the murder of the innocent. None of what that cult teaches is consistent with the Bible.

And its doctrines were probably, more than likely, and unfortunately, created as a result of gross biblical misinterpretation as false unlearned individuals apply their own personal interpretation to scripture as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself.

Deceived individuals instead reject the word of God and essentially begin to follow religious figures and religion as opposed to God and what’s clearly outlined in his word. And this, unfortunately, is the end result of it. 

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