Destroying Angels?: What Appears To Be Human-Like Figures Walk Out Of The Clouds After Tornadoes Strike Arkansas.

We have no association or affiliation with WSHH they are just the source of this shocking information.

This appears to be authentic especially when you consider this appears to be a live broadcast immediately after the tornadoes struck. And if so this would validate the Bibles position that angels control the weather in accordance with God’s will.

And when angry, God often sends angels to destroy in hopes that sinful nations or individuals repent so God won’t have to completely destroy them. It would be very difficult to manipulate a live broadcast I would think. If anyone can provide information to prove this is a hoax (which it doesn’t appear to be to me) I’m open to hearing or seeing it and I stand corrected.

But if it is authentic I’m convinced God is revealing this information to prove to you I’m his servant so you will heed the warnings for your benefit as he has ensured that none of my words have fallen to the ground thus far. And they eventually come to fruition. Outlining that angels manipulate and control the weather under God’s command has been something I have been emphasizing for decades. And if this is authentic this could be additional proof of it.

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