The Migrant Crisis: The Hidden Obama And Biden Plan To Push Blacks Further Down The Economic And Social Ladder? Black Chicago Residents Sue Mayor To Defund The Migrants. They Want Deportations.

And why wouldn’t it be? Think about it, the influx of migrants into the country solves a lot of problems for the Democrat party and the Biden administration. Migrants, for example, are less likely to buck against the the ultra extreme radical sexual engineering and social engineering agenda because they are just happy to get the opportunity to live in a country like the United States.

And they certainly wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that so they are more likely to keep quiet and tow the party line. So they are less likely to oppose the fraudulent climate change agenda, the homosexual /pedophile agenda, the transgender agenda, etc. At least this is what this administration thinks is how it will be and is what they are banking on. There is also a lot of truth to the claim that Mexicans are hard workers so why not use them to replace people who refuse to work for low or median wages?

Many blacks don’t want to work for less than they feel they are worth and many of them also believe they deserve special consideration in the form of higher wages etc, for all the contributions they have made to this country in terms of free labor without compensation, and serving in the armed services and laying their lives down while still being enslaved in many cases, etc. This is how many blacks feel. Well, migrants who are willing to work those low-paying jobs would be the perfect solution to that problem.

Many of these migrants will also need help from social services and that can work to push blacks further down the social and economic ladder. I actually think it’s safe to say this can and will be used to weaken the power and necessity of the black vote when you have millions of illegals voting Democrat the need for the black vote won’t be as strong or necessary.

This can further serve to push blacks further down the economic and social ladder and lessen their influence. And in so doing make it easier to implement their ultra extreme radical social and sexual engineering agenda. I’m convinced many of them feel illegal immigrants will be easier to control and more manageable.

The massive influx of illegal immigrants into U.S. cities is a lose-lose for blacks and latinos all around when you honestly evaluate the situation. And the Mayor could care less because I’m sure he is obviously being nicely compensated for it all under the table.

This has nothing to do with compassion for illegal immigrants as they suggest but it has everything to do with securing complete power and control over U.S. citizens as a way to advance a satanic diabolical agenda which includes eventually implementing the mark of the beast. I wrote an article about this years ago warning the black and latino community about the dangers of voting for Joe Biden and the Democrat party because I saw the plan brewing before they even began to implement it. But no one was listening