Question: What Do You Say About Women Who Have Slept With Hundreds Of Men And Even Women And Who Encourage Other Women To Do The Same?

Donald Bohanon: Based on my experience those types of women, deep inside, are miserable. Because many of them feel they will never find a meaningful relationship in the future and they know they have pretty much wrecked their reputations for life so they feel they don’t have anything to lose by continuing in the destructive, corrupting, behavior.

So they will encourage other women to do the same because they don’t want the women they are offering that destructive, reckless advice to, to be happy and find a man who really loves them. Misery has always loved and will always love company. Those types of women are miserable and in reality, are being used by Satan to destroy themselves physically and spiritually and to destroy the physical and spiritual lives of others, and further undermine and destroy society whether they know it or not.

I would never take relationship advice from a woman who has been successful at wrecking her own life and ensuring she never finds a meaningful relationship. Homosexuals and lesbians also encourage ignorant, clueless, women to engage in the same kind of destructive, corrupting, promiscuous, behavior while calling it liberating (when in reality it’s totally destructive and enslaving) because they feel they are thinning out the pool of eligible worthwhile women by doing it.

In hopes of improving their chances of getting quality eligible men for themselves. And as if they stood a chance. While the lesbians target and reserve the female rejects with sullied reputations for themselves. Lesbians homosexuals and bisexual men actually work together in that capacity to draw ignorant men and women into their destructive corrupting lifestyles and clutches.

Encouraging women to engage in reckless sexual behavior they know will ensure those women are not considered or looked at by quality men that matter. In reality, they want you to be miserable just like them. And they don’t want you to find true love and actually get the men they secretly lust after and long for themselves.

And a quality man is not someone who necessarily has insane wealth but it’s someone who has Godly character which is defined by honesty, loyalty, respect, wisdom, self-control, patience, knowledge, life experience, morality as the Bible defines it, and being selective about who they get involved with emotionally, etc.

Women who have slept with hundreds of men and women, and homosexuals and bisexuals, know those types of men unfortunately are not looking for women with that kind of sexual history. So they will encourage you to engage in destructive, reckless, sexual behavior in hopes that you will be in the same miserable position they are in.

Longing for true love from a man who truly loves them but never being able to find it because they have made all the wrong choices by allowing themselves to be led by their lusts thereby wrecking their reputations to the point that no man who is of any real value will give them any consideration.

So I would completely reject the advice of women who encourage you to engage in destructive behavior like that, homosexual men and lesbian women also do the same, and if unrepentant avoid them like the ebola virus for your own benefit.