Question: The Bible Says In Revelation That Christ’s Hair Is Like Wool So How Can You Claim Israelites Are White When Blacks Have The Hair Texture Of Wool?

Donald Bohanon: The Bible says in Revelation 1:14 that Christ’s hair was white like wool, not like wool. That is another misquote of scripture used as a way to justify the teaching that Jesus was a black man.

And even if that were the case, and it’s not, what also needs to be understood is that many Jews have a curly type of hair texture so wool-like hair texture is not exclusive to blacks only. Some Jews were also darker skinned. The Bible is misquoted often, like in this case, to justify the teaching that Jesus was a black man.

Jesus was a Jew and many Jews have a curly hair texture that’s consistent with that of wool. But once again, the Bible never said Jesus’ hair was like wool, only that it was white like wool, as white as snow.

That’s a big difference and gives a different context and meaning than the false quote about his hair being like wool. It never made reference to the texture of his hair in that verse, only to the color of his hair. Read it yourself Revelation 1:14.