The Cruel Way Some Women Fight When They Are `Motivated By Revenge Or Jealousy And Are Vendetta-Driven And Narcissistic.

I certainly don’t agree with all of Jordan Petersons’ views but he was pretty accurate in this discussion and in his assessment of how women fight when they are vendetta-driven and narcissistic.

I also don’t agree with his assessment that anti-social behavior tends to produce violence in every anti-social person. When you consider God commands his servants to be separate from the world, because of all the obvious reasons, that certainly can have the appearance of or be misconstrued as being anti-social but I have found these people to be some of the most humble and kind people I have ever met.

So being anti-social or separate from certain individuals or groups doesn’t necessarily produce aggression in individuals especially if those individuals or groups are evil, perverse, destructive, and corrupt themselves, that’s actually a good thing.

Being anti-social in and of itself doesn’t produce violence or aggression but evil, anger, hatred, perversion, pride, arrogance and ego, etc, are what produces violent behavior and if that kind of behavior is used against an anti-social person who keeps to themselves, is humble, respectful, and doesn’t bother anyone that can certainly produce aggression in the anti-social person and it would probably be justified in that case. Most anti-social people I know are not violent or aggressive they are simply so disgusted by what they see in the world that they distance themselves from it and want no part of it.

So I don’t agree that anti-social behavior in and of itself produces violence or aggression, in fact, it’s the other way around if we are being honest, and when you think about it, because large social gatherings comprised of social individuals can in actuality produce violent outcomes.

Especially when you have gatherings of individuals who are prideful, instigators, ignorant, egotistical, arrogant, inconsiderate, disrespectful, antagonistic, angry, envious, liars, etc, and who have an ‘I’m the toughest guy in the whole universe attitude’ (but in reality, most are punks and cowards who hide behind guns).

Their true colors and who they really are eventually come out when they are arrested and convicted for those gun crimes at which point they resort to begging the judge for mercy and crying for their mamas and are ultimately forced to automatically assume the position while in prison with little to no resistance and end up being sexually violated and turned out while in prison and even killed because most of them are scary young punks when they don’t have guns to hide behind.

And who will go to any lengths to get attention and impress women who aren’t even worthy of it, slanderers, sexually perverse, hateful, loud, excessive alcohol and drug users, and abusers, verbally abusive, narcissistic, etc, all set in a backdrop where gangster rap music that promotes violence, mayhem, social disorder, chaos, and confusion, is constantly blaring in the background. Large or even smaller gatherings of these kinds of social individuals can produce very violent and volatile outcomes. In fact, this is the perfect environment for violence and aggression to manifest itself.

On the other hand, if you are an anti-social person you rarely come in contact with others because you are ‘anti-social’, so the likelihood of some violent encounter happening is greatly reduced in comparison to larger or even smaller gatherings of social individuals with the character flaws mentioned earlier such as lack of social skills, mental and emotional instability, anger management issues, alcohol abuse issues, egotistical, prideful, arrogant, disrespectful, etc. Anti-social behavior in and of itself doesn’t produce violence and aggression but the lack of character or the character flaws mentioned earlier do. And that applies to anti-social individuals as well if they display those same destructive corrupting flaws or characteristics.

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