Here’s Some More Disturbing Information For You.

Etsy is another extreme radical far left liberal fascist company that shutdown my account after briefly selling on their platform. They falsely claimed I was selling products that violated their TOS, now mind you, I was selling items that benefitted health like blood pressure monitors, smart watches, heated blankets, etc.

So they lied and shut the campaigns down. The ironic thing about it is there are hundreds of people selling items like g spot stimulators, clitoris stimulators, strapon dildos, butt plugs, 27 inch dildos, butt salves, moisturizers, and lubricants, BDSM devices, anus dilapidating and stretching devices, whips and chains, and the list goes on, and all or most violated their TOS but they are still selling on Etsy today.

The reason I know this is because I intentionally did a search on their platform for some of the most outrageous things that come to mind because I knew they would be available because you have sex perverts and deviants for the most part running the company and virtually all of the things I searched for came up in their search results with hundreds of people selling those items.

I intentionally searched for some of the most outrageous things just to prove a point. And I was actually shocked that some of the things even existed. It appears sex aid technologies are advancing faster than even what I could mentally come up with heretofore. But yet this company touts itself as a wholesome family oriented company but nothing could be further from the truth. More like a hardcore porn and sex toy one stop shop.

None of the accounts that ‘really’ violated their TOS were shutdown and they are still selling today. But they shut my account down falsely claiming I violated TOS. They would also use the fact that 2 or 3 products were shipped in error, which happens in cases like this, but I notified those customers, let them keep the products, and shipped out correct replacements at no cost to them and they were happy and satisfied.

I even had one customer in particular tell me one of the products I was selling worked so well that he wanted to tell as many people about it as he could but he was disappointed to find they had deactivated my account. I was able to communicate with him within the Etsy portal because I still had limited access to it at that time. After deactivating my account they also held the money that was due me for months which also violates their TOS. I had to threaten legal action to get my money back at which point they apologized and released the funds.

They tried to falsely claim I was doing something nefarious because of a slight mix up in the shipping only after I had made it right with the customers by allowing them to keep the products that were shipped out in error, while also shipping out the original correct product at no charge to them. This only happened about 2 or 3 times. But it’s to be expected in this kind of business.

There were also a few customers who were complaining that it was taking longer than expected to receive the items, but keep in mind, this was around the time America was experiencing a shipping back log and also implementing covid restrictions.

But those customers eventually received their items in a timely fashion and were satisfied with the products. But they still deactivated the account after I had made everything right with those customers which is required of an honest business and something I was obligated and happy to do. They then reactivated the account after I had proven I made everything right and the customers were thoroughly satisfied.

So, when that didn’t work, they shut my account down permanently, by falsely claiming violation of TOS by claiming the items I was selling like blood pressure monitors, smart watches, jewelry, etc, were not allowed on their platform. But the butt salves and gels, butt plugs, clitoris stimulators, g spot stimulators, 22 inch dildos, BDSM devices, anus stretching contraptions, a type of ball containment scrotum handcuffing device, and on and on, etc, which clearly violated their TOS at the time, are still being sold on their site today.

I think I may be in the wrong business, the butt gels and salves, butt plugs, clitoris stimulators, g spot stimulators, anus annihilating and dilapidating advanced anus stretching technology devices, 29 inch dildos, ( which can also be described as a bootleg colectomy and hysterectomy in a box) etc, are all the rage and are selling like hot cakes. I could be an extremely wealthy man for crying out loud if I didn’t have any morals. There are people making thousands of sales even now. Think I’m lying? Go ahead do a search by following the links below. Better hurry before they try to take them down. They must have gotten wind of this article because they have since taken most of the items down. There were hundreds of pages of these items before I wrote this article.


Clitoris Stimulators

G-Spot Stimulators

Butt Plugs

Strap On Dildos

Butt Lube And Salves

Anus Stretching Contraptions

I suppose they can allow people to sell whatever they want to sell on their site (although I wouldn’t advise it) but how can you allow clear violations of your TOS but falsely claim I was violating TOS when it never happened? While also touting yourself as a wholesome family oriented company? That’s why these radical liberal left fascist companies need to be held responsible for this kind of religious discrimination by granting those discriminated against the ability to sue these companies.

And by all out financial assault from the American public and others around the world who see the evil and injustice in all of this to shut these extreme radical far left liberal fascist companies down. And then create reputable, honest, fair, companies founded on morals and principles to be established in their places. And I can prove everything I am saying. I have all the proof to back it up.