African Nations And Nations Around The World If America Is Pushing Sexual Perversions As A Requirement For Economic Assistance Completely Reject It!!!

The United States’ primary goal is to advance a sexual engineering agenda worldwide as opposed to an economic agenda. Advancing an economic agenda in many respects is secondary and is just a means to that end. There are many sexual deviants ie homosexuals/pedophiles/lesbians in positions of leadership throughout American government.

And the U.S. seeks to increase those numbers by putting sexual deviants in more positions of influence in different levels of government with individuals like former President Barrack Obama being at the forefront of the fight only working behind the scenes as a type of puppet master controlling clueless, ignorant, subservient, idol worshippers, to work to advance that agenda worldwide. He’s been a complete failure as a President, a lame-duck president, and a destroyer, as opposed to a leader, but yet they continue to follow the fool. It’s just dumbfounding to me.

So, in many cases, when they come to the negotiating table they are first focused on getting other nations to be in lockstep with what they desire by testing the waters first, to ensure you are compliant and have a subservient attitude, so they can be sure they won’t have an issue with you opposing the advancement and promotion of their sexual engineering agenda. Which will normally include pushing homosexuality/pedophilia and other sexual perversions that will eventually be pushed as a requirement for economic assistance.

That’s why it’s important that other countries completely reject America’s schemes to covertly advance this ungodly agenda. Always be prepared for American government officials to reveal the necessity of embracing their immoral agenda but cloaked under the cover of good intentions in the form of economic or other help for these nations to assist with economic growth and advancement.

Embracing that agenda will only eventually ensure that you are cursed and destroyed by God. The really more important agenda and goal for them, is advancing a diabolical sexual engineering agenda, to morally corrupt, and a climate change agenda, as a way to control to ensure the advancement of other perverted and diabolical agendas can be successfully realized.

Always be prepared for them to eventually, aggressively, require that you embrace their agenda to accept and promote sexual perversions of all forms. And if it doesn’t come sooner, rest assured it will come later.

I would encourage African nations and other nations worldwide to completely reject it on all levels for your benefit. America as a nation will eventually begin to decline even more because of it. But you should reject what they offer to ensure you are not destroyed with them for embracing their abominable sins against God.

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