A Spike In Measles Cases Across The Country.

By Donald Bohanon


You can probably expect the liberal/homosexual/lesbian community to continue to blame the religious community for the spike in measles cases. Which in reality is a very diabolical attempt to create animosity towards the religious community.


The religious community is not the only community refusing vaccinations for their children. And not all religious people have taken that stance. I’m sure they only make up a small percentage of cases of those who actually refuse to vaccinate their children.


I’m convinced many other groups refuse to vaccinate their children but don’t necessarily fall into the religious category. But the liberal media is quick to label those same groups and individuals religious as well, even though they don’t necessarily fall into that category because it fits their narrative and plans of working to drum up hostility against the religious community.


Why? Because the religious community is the primary community that rightfully and justifiably speaks out against the homosexual lifestyle. And the liberal media obviously works in tandem with the homosexual community and many of the owners of these media platforms are homosexual/bisexual themselves. And are working to advance the homosexual/pedophile agenda. And the homosexual community is the primary group that hates and seeks to eradicate religion and the religious community.


When the religious community is villainized that then makes it easier for homosexual deviants to further their goals, because the homosexual, based on all the negative press against the religious community(the villain) then becomes (the hero) in many respects.


Now enter the Pete Buttigieg’s of the world with the secret urging and support of former President “Barrack Obama” who are now viewed as the antidote to the religious villains and fanatics. Because homosexuals like Pete Buttigieg and others have always secretly railed against the religious community and labeled them fanatical in many respects.


And who garner some interest and support because of it. Will now be viewed as the heroes because they stand against the alleged “religious fanatics.” The falsely labeled religious community who are then falsely deemed responsible for the widespread measles epidemics, and other epidemics and problems, now and in the future, because they refuse to vaccinate their children, etc.


And although he may claim to be supportive of certain religious groups, don’t be fooled, he will remove that fake veil of support if he ever secures the office of the President and reveals who he really is and how he really feels about Christians and other religious groups. And will ultimately seek to undermine religious freedoms and freedom of speech.


Whether you know or choose to believe it or not when you legalized homosexual marriage you basically destroyed freedom of speech, religious freedom, and an organized flourishing moral society from a sexually moral standpoint.


When you truly understand the ultimate long term outcome of such a foolish, destructive, and haphazard decision, if it’s not righted. When you truly understand the underlying goals and objectives of those who practice and support it. They are already working feverishly to destroy religious freedom and freedom of speech now, with limited power. What do you think they are going to do if they ever wield complete power and control?


When will you understand the words of radical, fanatical, sexually perverse God-haters and those who support them, and their agenda’s, can never be relied on and mean nothing. And are as reliable as a  person with severe brain damage. And make no mistake about it they will go to extreme lengths to steal the upcoming election.

Proverbs 29:2

King James Version (KJV)
2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

  The real “radicals and fanatics…. homosexual deviants” are then elevated to hero and leadership status and who are now praised and viewed as the answer to the villainous, religious fanatics, who are viewed as largely responsible for the widespread epidemics because they have been falsely branded as the primary group that refuses to vaccinate their children. And are therefore viewed as contributing to the widespread epidemics.


To be fair there are some extreme but small religious factions (who although extreme) don’t compare to homosexual deviants and the growing radical, fanatical homosexual movement. Homosexuals (the real radical fanatics) in terms of their radical plans and agenda. Like legalizing pedophilia. Which will have a much, much, much, more profound, destructive, and widespread physical and spiritual impact, than any single religious extremist act of violence. But to be clear these are violent acts that are not to be dismissed or overlooked either.


Let me emphasize, if homosexual deviants ever wield complete power they will destroy religious freedom completely. Because it’s counterproductive to what they are trying to accomplish. They hate it and don’t feel they need it anyway.


Because it’s a barrier and impediment to their goals and agenda. 0ne of which includes the legalization of pedophilia. And be not deceived a homosexual is a pedophile and pedophile is a homosexual. The same demonic, filthy, perverted spirit of lust that controls and influences the homosexual, controls, and influences the pedophile as well.


In other words, there is no limit to homosexual perversion. It will always morph into even filthier forms of sexual perversion because it has no moral foundation to stand on and it is the result of demonic influence in most cases. And according to them, there is no established definition for morality anyway.


So working to legalize pedophilia or the practicing of child molestation is not considered wrong because according to them there is no such thing as right or wrong or morality. Some may start out as psychological in nature in terms of desires and urges. Some may start out as physical in nature in terms of desires and urges but they all eventually morph into demonic influence over time.


A pervert is a pervert is a pervert is a pervert. And homosexual perversion always breeds, even more, filthier forms of sexual perversion. Homosexual perversion has no limits or boundaries. And by there own admission there is no such thing as right or wrong or established morality. And many religious groups act as barriers to their goals because they condemn all such practices and use the Bible and other moral reference points, etc, to do so. So simply working to protect religious freedom is totally insufficient.


As I covered in a previous audio”Climate Change Or Wrath Of God?” several years ago, the plan step by step was the legalization of homosexual marriage. Then mass homosexual adoption. Then legalization of pedophilia. At which point the sexual deviants would have the ability to do whatever they wanted to do sexually to the children legally in those adopted environments.


Because pedophilia at that point would then be legal. If they aren’t molesting children physically/sexually they will be manipulating and molesting them psychologically and emotionally in some way shape or form. Which will eventually lead to sexual molestation. Or at least that will always be their expectation and goal.


Not to mention their other satanic goals and perverted sexual objectives that will spring forth from those sick and twisted accomplishments. Filthy, insane fanatical goals, that would make the act of an alleged religious extremist seem mild by comparison. Let me be clear what they are doing unbeknownst to them and the broader community is engaging in mass physical and spiritual genocide.


This statement is validated when you consider the tens of millions who have died from HIV related complications and the tens of millions who will die from HIV infection in the future. Not to mention the hundreds of millions who will lose their physical lives in God’s coming punishment on an unrepentant world. And their spiritual lives when judged for engaging in these ungodly sex practices and because of the resulting abominable evil the filthy behavior produces. Romans 1:26-32,Romans 1:32.


When former President Barrack Obama said in the video at the top of this site “the day is coming when relationships between men and men and women and women will be just as admirable as relationships between men and women” while speaking at a homosexual gathering, homosexual/pedophile adoption is a part of what he had in mind.


Understanding that widespread molestation, brainwashing, and indoctrination of underaged boys and girls, was necessary to accomplish such a sick and twisted objective. Here’s that video below. This man is not who most think he is and he must be stopped. Because if you don’t stop him what he’s doing (using his influence and secretly encouraging and promoting this behavior and advancing the homosexual/pedophile agenda)is most certainly going to result in your destruction and fall as a nation.


Honest ethical unbiased studies have shown homosexual deviants molest children at a much higher and alarming rate than the American public has been led to believe. While being just 2% of the population they are responsible for 20%-40% percent even as high as 60% in some cases of all cases of man against underage boy molestation.


As opposed to the ridiculous and patently false studies which suggest heterosexual men are responsible for higher incidents of child molestation. Those false studies are designed by the homosexual community to demonize men. And feminize and destroy their role as the dominant gender, so they can advance their own agenda of a female/lesbian and homosexual dominated society.


Radical, fanatical, homosexual deviants, by way of the liberal media, are now seeking to demonize the religious community by suggesting they are the primary reason for the spike in measles cases thereby drumming up fear and resentment against the religious community.


When in reality the rise in disease epidemics will be the result of blatant rebellion against God as he punishes nations for that abominable sin and rebellion. And the abominable, filthy sex practices of the homosexual community, will be a primary driver of the rise of epidemics and the judgments and punishments of an angry God. As opposed to small segments of the religious communities, stance on vaccinations.




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