The Freaks Come Out At Night: Romans 1:18-32–Homosexual/Pedophile Facebook Meta Executive ‘Jeren Miles’ Caught Grooming A Thirteen Year Old Boy For Sex.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I love naked cuddles on a cold evening.’ How senior Facebook executive was caught in a pedophile sting after allegedly grooming a ’13-year-old boy’ with sick messages and arranging to meet up in Ohio hotel room.

I have been emphasizing for years that these are the types of homosexual/pedophile predators many companies have employed in major positions within their organizations.


These predators are employed at liberal fascist companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon,  Youtube, Google, and many other companies and work within those companies fighting against anyone who doesn’t practice, support, or who speak out against their behavior and practices.


In the form of preventing them from earning money by not allowing them to market on their platforms and in many other ways. Not to mention preying on, persecuting, and harassing,  lower-level employees and even children.


They are allowed to operate within these organizations with impunity. To freely target and persecute anyone who doesn’t support or practice the perverse sexual behavior.


This kind of behavior whether these companies choose to believe it or not is costing them billions annually. And will cost them much more in the future. And will result in the collapse of their companies. Now we just need to see what actions Facebook will take against this child predator. And if other companies will follow suit.

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