In Light Of The Current Spate Of Violent Attacks Against The Homosexual, Lesbian, And Transgender Community Do You Think You Could Be Partially Responsible For At Least Some Of It Because Of The Information You Put Out?

Question: In Light Of The Current Spate Of Violent Attacks Against The Homosexual,Lesbian And Transgender Community Do You Think You Could Be Partially Responsible For At Least Some Of It Because Of The Information You Put Out?

Donald Bohanon: Absolutely not. I just disseminate the truth. The homosexual/pedophile, lesbian and transgender community are responsible for their own problems. Because they are engaging in the abominable destructive behavior that’s bringing the violent backlash upon them. I’ve been commanded by scripture to expose the evil with the truth and I will continue to do that.

No one should ever stop speaking the truth because a few are offended by the truth. That’s simply giving the green light for evil to proliferate and spread out of control at an alarming rate. I’m not responsible in any way shape or form. They alone are responsible for what they’re reaping.

Obviously I don’t condone the taking of life in circumstances like this but the homosexual and lesbian community are largely responsible for their own problems. And at the same time, I can understand the justifiable frustration and anger that many citizens express.

When you consider they as a community are actively promoting and secretly working to advance a pedophile agenda. They freely and openly practice and promote a lifestyle in homosexuality that has killed tens of millions of people as a result of HIV infection and will kill tens of millions more in the future.

A perverse abominably evil way of life that is presently bringing the wrath of God upon the U.S. and other nations and will eventually result in the physical and spiritual deaths of hundreds of millions. They also as a community have been secretly and directly responsible for the rape, sexual molestation, and exploitation, of tens of millions of underage boys and girls. The facts in relation to this are indisputable.

What did you think was going to happen? You didn’t think there was going to be any backlash? You didn’t think people would eventually start waking up? What were you expecting gifts and well wishes? And if so that’s the purest example of insanity. You can’t steal and then cry and protest when you are punished for stealing.

You can’t cry and protest when you molest children
(which homosexuals and lesbians do at an alarming rate) and are then punished for it. You can’t lie and bear false witness against others and protest when you’re labeled a liar and punished for lying.

And the list goes on. You can’t engage in abominable evil behavior which has and is going to have a massively destructive impact on society as a result of their own perverted, filthy, unsafe sex practices and is going to result in the deaths of hundreds of millions by the hand of an angry God.

And then cry and protest when there’s serious backlash for all the pain, death, sorrow and suffering they as a community have caused. And will cause in the future. All these other practices are condemned and punished for obvious reasons.

But yet homosexuality and lesbianism etc, which are much, much, more destructive to lives and societies than any of these other behaviors, is praised and then legalized?

The fact that a pathetic, misguided and deceived former President, was successful in legalizing homosexual marriage still doesn’t make it right. There is a supreme authority who has deemed the behavior(for all the obvious reasons) abominably evil and destructive, and that is the only opinion and ruling that really matters in regards to this moral issue.Leviticus 18:22,Leviticus 20:13,Romans 1:26-32.

That supreme authority says if it’s not condemned, rejected and departed from, it’s going to negatively impact every life in this country and in the world. And the unfortunate deaths of a few misguided sexually perverse individuals will be the least of your concerns.

Evil, sexually perverse individuals, should conform to the demands of a moral society. A moral society should never conform to the evil demands of diabolical, sexually perverse individuals. Lest that society is corrupted and collapses. This has always been the historical outcome of every great society which has conformed to the evil demands of a few lost, misguided, sexually immoral citizens. Societal collapse.

Okay…some homosexuals/pedophiles, lesbians and transgenders, have been killed for engaging in abominably evil behavior. But what about the tens of millions who have lost their lives to deadly incurable disease and the tens of millions who will lose their lives in the future by contracting a deadly incurable disease because of the promotion and practicing of this abominable evil, corrupting, destructive, perverse sexual behavior?

What about the hundreds of millions who are about to lose their physical and spiritual lives because of practicing, promoting and supporting, the perverse abominably evil behavior?

What about the tens of millions of lost lives they have been responsible for and the hundreds of millions of lost lives they as a community will be responsible for? What about the lives of tens of millions of underage(not to exclude of age) boys and girls that have been destroyed as a result of being sexually molested physically, emotionally and psychologically, by the homosexual/pedophile, lesbian and transgender community?

Not to mention the incessant lying, slandering, harassment and bullying many of them engage in on a consistent basis. But yet in spite of how corrupting and destructive the lifestyle has proven to be, they still work feverishly to promote and spread the destructive corrupting practice to all nations? 

But yet they cry and protest because they’ve lost a few lives because of their own evil actions? Yet they have been directly responsible as a community for the deaths of tens of millions? You sound ridiculous and hyper hypocritical.

No member of the homosexual, lesbian and transgender community or any supporter of homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism/ self-righteous hypocrites, can preach to me about love and compassion while they engage in some of the most evil, abominable, destructive behavior and practices against children and others. And refuse to correct or address it. That is insane hypocrisy and a twisted and deranged mental state. If they don’t want to be punished, persecuted and receive serious backlash for doing abominable evil, then don’t do abominable evil. 

They are largely responsible as a community for the violence and backlash they are suffering. And hate crimes legislation will not be the solution to this problem. Because the more the evil perversion proliferates, the more violent backlash they are going to receive as a community. And implementing hate crime laws wont change that.

The solution is to overturn the homosexual marriage ruling and openly condemn the behavior as opposed to justifying it which only causes it to spread and proliferate. Which will cause a further violent backlash. In fact, implementing hate crime laws will only embolden homosexuals and lesbians to do more evil. Because they use it as a form of protection to get away with doing evil. Sorta like the kid who calls the adult over to the car and spits in his face and then quickly rolls the window up so the adult can’t chastise him for his behavior. But only in this case in a more serious, impactful, deadly and dangerous fashion.

Hate crimes protections are not meant for sexually perverse evildoers.  But for innocent victims primarily in relation to racial persecution and discrimination. Not as a form of protection to protect sexually perverse, mentally deranged and distorted individuals, who engage in all forms of evil. And who will then use it as a form of protection to get away with even more abominable evil acts.

Many homosexuals and lesbians secretly engage in all kinds of mental and emotional manipulation, sexual molestation, persecution, harassment, lying, slandering and bullying of the innocent and vulnerable, when trying to satisfy their lust and draw them into the perverse lifestyle. And then hide behind hate crimes laws as a form of protection so as not to be punished for their own evil actions.

Sexual deviants should never be afforded any special protections. Just like the pedophile shouldn’t be given special protections the homosexual shouldn’t be either because they’re one and the same. And rest assured once they’re successful in legalizing pedophilia (and they will be if changes aren’t made) they will seek hate crimes protections for the pedophile as well. 

Do you really think all of these individuals were killed just for being homosexual? Do you honestly believe they were all simply innocent pawns in these attacks? If you think that you are very naive. But the pro-homosexual liberal media will certainly try and spin it that way.

I’m convinced there are deeper underlying issues the public doesn’t know about that provoked many of these attacks. I also wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that certain perverse individuals in positions of power and influence in the country and outside the country are responsible for creating certain incidents in a deceptive effort to garner support and sympathy for the homosexual and lesbian community.

As a way to help further their agenda even more. And even get certain homosexual democratic presidential candidates elected to the office of president. Some perverse, wealthy and influential individuals, actually being responsible for creating fake chaos and a phony atmosphere of homosexual persecution, to garner sympathy and support for the community. A type of deceptive and all too frequent form of radical liberal propaganda. The name George Soros and a few others actually come to mind.

No, I’m not the problem and neither is anyone else who exposes the perversion and evil for what it is. The homosexual/pedophile, lesbian and transgender community and what they practice and promote are the problem.

And let me be clear the homosexual, lesbian, transgender and pedophile, are one and the same. It’s all the same thing. The quicker you grasp that truthful tidbit as a nation the better off you will be. The same demonic spirit of perverted lust that controls and drives the homosexual and lesbian controls and drives the pedophile and the transgender as well. The same evil, filthy spirit of sexual perversion, drives them all to engage in filthy sex, with the same sex, no matter what their age. 

There will always be punishment and consequences for abominable evil in one way, shape, form or another. And in many cases in several different forms. Only a pathetic, heartless, poor excuse for a human being,(who is either soulless, participating in the perverse sexual behavior themselves in some way shape or form. Or led and governed by their lust, greed, or blind ambition. Or bought and paid for/getting a check) would turn a blind eye to all the evil they are engaging in secretly against children (that goes largely unreported by the liberal media) and do nothing about it.

News flash! If your opinion or actions are influenced by a check or some form of compensation your opinion is biased and worthless. Because you will adopt the position of the person (whether wrong or right) who is writing your check.

You should never be in a position of leadership if a check or some form of compensation is influencing your opinion regarding critical matters. If you are being paid or compensated in some way to practice, promote and support, a dangerous and destructive lie, you should never be in a position of power and influence.

If they don’t want to be persecuted, punished and receive serious backlash for doing abominable evil, then don’t do abominable evil. Therein lies the solution. But they will always do abominable evil because the very thing they love and are obsessed with and refuse to depart from (the filthy, destructive, corrupting, sexual perversion) is the very thing that has corrupted them and produces all the evil they are guilty of in God’s eyes. 

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