Lies Lies And More Lies Meant To Control And Advance Diabolical Agendas. It’s Not Impossible If It’s Coming From The Hand Of God. And It Can’t Be The Consensus If Thousands Of Independent Climate Scientists Disagree.

Debunking The Man Made Climate Change Hoax And Exposing Its Dangers.

Dr. Patrick Moore – A Dearth of Carbon?: Dr. Patrick Moore Debunks The Man-Made Climate Change Lie.

The Pushing Of The Man Made Climate Change Theory/Agenda A Guise To Advance A Totalitarian Agenda?

The Big Climate Con Job.

Rising Gas Prices And Living Costs In France Meant To “Curb Global Warming” Incite Violent Riots.

Featured: The Truth About Man-Made Climate Change/Global Warming.

Ouch: 30 Years Of Data Just Proved The Global Warming ‘Godfather’ Wrong.

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