What Was The New Covenant Established On?

Many self-proclaimed ministers teach Christ came to do away with the commandments and that doing away with them is a part of the new covenant. They teach that we are to now live by faith alone separate from any other biblical requirements. They teach that faith alone and belief in Jesus as the son of God and Savior is the only requirement for salvation.

Many, unfortunately, have fully embraced this false, dangerous, and unbiblical doctrine, as truth and fact. But the truth of the matter is the Bible teaches something quite a bit different. Are you aware that this false teaching doesn’t line up with scripture at all? And are you aware that following it can actually lead to condemnation because of the hypocrisy and rebellion against the commandments and the word of God it teaches, promotes, and produces?

The false doctrine has also given birth to other subcategories of false doctrine if you will. For instance like faith being the only requirement for salvation. Sort of like a tree that births branches that extend outwardly in different directions. But only in this case all equally as false and misleading. In all honesty, the salvation by grace through faith only doctrine is a soul-destroying doctrine created by satan through men as a result of their gross biblical misinterpretation.

As a result of men not understanding a crucial and all-important truth which is you can’t understand the Bible unless you live it in terms of living God’s commandments and word while being powerfully led or filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing the Bible to interpret itself… the latter of which cannot happen unless you obey it in terms of living by the commandments and Bible as a whole.

You will find as we study scripture the charge to keep God’s commandments in conjunction with faith and good works is the prevailing theme and instruction throughout the Bible, and is what God commands, and is what he defines as righteous behavior, and is what he requires to be justified in his eyes. And you will also find the new covenant is based on keeping the commandments as well, but only in this case even more profoundly than was emphasized in the old testament. Let’s examine scripture to find out what the new covenant is and what it’s based on.

In this audio, I mention God talks about the punishment and destruction of false ministers in 2 Peter 3:1-3 But what I meant was 2 Peter 2:1-3. Sorry, I was just speaking a little too fast. I also make the statement “you can’t be obeying God in abominable ways” when speaking about those who claim to be humble but yet live lives in abominable rebellion against God.

But obviously what I meant was “you can’t be disobeying God in abominable ways” but at the same time claim to be humble, and meek, I was just speaking a little too fast again. I also mention that Mr. Armstrong was wrong in interpreting the Bible to mean all people will be saved which based on my study I find to be an error.

He was right about many things in relation to keeping the commandments and the Holy Days, etc, but based on my own thorough study of scripture he was wrong in his interpretation of the fate of the Wicked/Ungodly/ Haters Of God.

Recorded And Uploaded Sunday 1/31/21

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