Men And Women Of Character And Conviction Don’t Fold When Pressure Is Applied They Grow Stronger And More Resilient While Exercising Their Faith In God.

And be not deceived bad company corrupts good character. And also be mindful of who you associate with there are a lot of effeminate gay men masquerading as masculine heterosexual men to get next to real masculine heterosexual men. And they will use gullible women to accomplish that. It’s a weak, devious, transparent, tactic they have been using for decades on gullible women.

And although they will talk until they’re blue in the face trying to make women and men think otherwise no staunch heterosexual man in their right mind is looking for or interested in gay/bisexual men, or transgender females/men period. Or checking to see if a bisexual/homosexual or transgender female/man has a ring on his finger or not. They are full of lies and deceptive tactics that are quite disturbing and diabolical when you understand the lengths and depths of it…PAUSE… They not only lie to others incessantly they lie to themselves equally as much. Romans 1:18-32.