Why Are Billionaires Building Apocalypse Proof Bunkers?

They obviously believe all the prophecies about these coming calamities. And they are wise to do so. Either that or they may have some inside information about what’s on the horizon and they are making preparations just in case. But what about the rest of earths population, where do they go? And what will they do? God promises to protect his servants when these things occur.

God is going to give his angels charge to protect his servants. But what will others who despise God evidenced by their behavior do? And I guess the real question would be “why are billionaires building bunkers they ‘think’ will be apocalypse proof?” Because in reality, those bunkers will afford no protection whatsoever in the coming great and terrible lord, or in the great tribulation, neither will they afford any protection in the judgment.

The truth of the matter is in his wrath God is going to instruct his destroying angels to breach and destroy these kinds of fortifications to get to and destroy those hiding inside those bunkers for all the evil they engaged in that contributed to and resulted in the apocalypse and calamity coming upon the inhabitants of the earth.

Because they are primarily responsible in many ways, they wont escape the destruction. Faced with the power and wrath of God’s holy angels those bunkers will be like flimsy straw huts in category 5 tornadic winds. Or because they are spirit beings they will simply walk through the walls of those fortifications and strike down all those who dwell inside. Either way, there will be no escaping God’s wrath.

God will see to that. Or at the very least God will use the troops of the armies that he sends against the U.S. to conquer them, to pluck them out of those fortifications and put them in concentration camps as is outlined in his word. The only way to escape what’s coming is to fight against and defeat those who are pushing the insane agendas that will bring God’s wrath upon you. Considering this will probably be a far right leaning government and the re-emergence of the Third Reich they will probably share the same historic hate for the Jews that they harbored then.

So the Jews of which Mark Zuckerberg happens to be one, may certainly be targets for concentration camps and extermination because the Third Reich and or Nazis have always blamed the rich Jews for everything that destroys societies. Like promoting illicit sexual behavior, and sexual perversions, rampant drug abuse and usage, greed and political corruption, exploitation of the poor, etc. So they wont escape and will be targeted by God as he uses these armies (and other methods of course) to search them out and destroy them.

In fact, God says this army will be the rod of correction in his hand and his indignation to punish the U.S. and other nations for their sins. Those fortifications will do them no good at all especially in the coming GATDOTL. Angels are extremely, extremely, powerful and a far, far, cry from the fake depictions as babies with wings that you often see on many murals.

The reason you haven’t seen that power is because God is restraining them. The truth of the matter is they are extremely loyal to God and are just as offended by all the evil they see because they see how it angers and saddens God and how humans suffer because of it, so they want to act in terms of destroying it. But God is holding them back in hopes that nations and peoples will repent. But he wont restrain them forever.