Question: In Your Latest Audio ‘Are All Sins Equal?’ You Say Fornication Is A Form Of Idolatry But Can You Explain What Makes It A Form Of Idolatry?

Donald Bohanon: Continued participation in reckless sexual activity outside of marriage can and will eventually become habit-forming. Just like any other activity, you engage in consistently and recklessly can eventually become habit-forming as a result of continued participation.

Excessive sexual activity in particular can be as habit-forming as excessive drug or alcohol use. Because it produces endorphins and or dopamine much like what happens when you use drugs like cocaine, heroin, and alcohol, etc, this can over time become addictive.

So much so that it may be hard to control your sexual desires and the desire for continued sex can become all-consuming. So in that sense sex can become like your God. Something that you essentially idolize and worship and desire over everything else.

It can also in the case of women completely wreck your reputation for the rest of your life. Your name, unfortunately, can become synonymous with being a slut, which can in turn make it virtually impossible if not very difficult at the very least to secure a meaningful relationship in the future.

And unfortunately being wealthy, rich, and educated, won’t change that because at the end of the day you will just be an educated rich whore/slut in the eyes of most. And unfortunately, any real man of character that’s worth having will probably never view you as anything of value that he can grow and build with but only as a sperm extraction device. As nothing but a sperm depository.

Extreme promiscuous behavior can also result in diseases, children being born out of wedlock, disloyalty and betrayal in relationships, and emotional and mental anguish as a result of hurting yourself and others who have become emotionally attached to you in the process because of your disloyalty and inability to bring your sexual desires under control, etc.

All of which also play a role in undermining and destroying relationships, the family structure, communities, and society as a whole. These are just a few of the reasons why God forbids it and requires that we reserve sex in a marriage format under God’s rules that support and encourage the act of sex as a form of bonding and procreation between the husband/man and the wife/woman to further cultivate the love bond in the union of marriage.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit in addition to the strong love and trust that has been established in the relationship as a result of following those laws that act as a form of love fertilizer to cultivate a strong love bond that strengthens and encourages the husband and wife, even more, to follow those rules faithfully. A healthy and vibrant sex life is essential to a strong marriage union as well.

Absent the deceit, disloyalty, disrespect, betrayal, lies, etc, etc, etc. that accompany many marriages and relationships that don’t live by those rules. Fornication can over time become a consuming obsession that can destroy relationships, happiness, and lives.

And in so doing it can become your God and Satan will then become your God because he will use your addiction to sex as a way to lead you to rebel against God in many other ways while simultaneously destroying your happiness, your peace, your trust, your mental stability, and yourself physically and spiritually in the process.

Emotional anguish can also be further exacerbated by turning to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of emotional hurt and betrayal that you have subjected yourself to and caused others.

So now you have to contend with the sex addiction in addition to the drug and alcohol addiction that you have become addicted to as a way to suppress the pain from the emotional hurt and shame that the sex addiction has created. Incidentally, this is the kind of enslaving, destructive, shackling, corrupting, behavior perverse groups call freedom and encourage you to embrace

Those substance addictions can also rapidly age you. Especially the consistent consumption of hard liquor. It can essentially rob you of your youth much faster than normal. It can all over time become a carousel of problems and dependencies that are very difficult to exit or overcome. It normally happens gradually and progresses over time.