Bible Verses About All Sins Being Equal - King James Version (KJV)

Many have been taught that all sins are equal and they all carry the same weight of punishment when judged. But what does the Bible teach? Does for instance lying carry the same punishment as stealing? Or does witchcraft result in the same punishment as practicing sorcery for instance?

Many have been fooled into believing by false unlearned ministers many who promote a perverse agenda that every sin is equal. But what does God and his word say? This is the primary authority and source we should look to regarding matters about life and its many unanswered questions.

Let’s examine God’s word to see what it says in regards to sin and if they all are equal in his eyes. Today’s audio is entitled Are All Sins Equal? This audio was recorded on June 18, 2022. This will be very brief audio and will cut to the chase using just a few critical scriptures to lay out God’s view about specific sins and how they are not all the same in God’s eyes.

Listen: Are All Sins Equal ?