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The Anointing And The Anointed. What It Is, What It Means, And What They Mean To God.

The Bible often speaks about the anointing and the anointed. Many self-proclaimed ministers have interpreted this to mean some kind of power a specific individual has. And although that’s a part of it, in many cases, it doesn’t define what it is or what it means. The Bible gives specific examples throughout scripture as to what the anointing and the anointed mean. The Bible explains that the anointed is an individual chosen by God.

And the anointing is the choosing of an individual to be a disciple, a king, a prophet, or a priest. etc. These individuals really have no say in the matter and were chosen according to scripture before the world was even created. They are chosen for specific purposes in relation to God’s will. With that anointing comes serious responsibility for the anointed.

They are highly favored in God’s eyes and he protects and fights for them in a way that many can’t comprehend. To ensure his will is fulfilled concerning them. Let’s take a deep dive into God’s word to find out what the anointing and the anointed are and what they mean. We will take a look at what it is and how God has responded to those who have opposed them throughout history. The first part of this audio will explain what it is.

The second part will outline how God has fought for them throughout history using a few scriptures to emphasize this. Today’s audio is entitled The Anointing And The Anointed what it means, who they are, and what they mean to God. This audio was recorded on March 6, 2022.

In this audio, I say the surrounding tribes lived by no law but what I meant was they lived by no moral laws. They lived by no moral laws. And moral laws are really the most important laws to ensure the stability and survival of nations and sadly today many nations live by no moral/ spiritual laws. Also, Saul was not God’s original choice of King. The Israelites chose Saul even after God told them he would be a King that wouldn’t have their best interest in mind and wouldn’t do what God required. So God had Samuel reluctantly anoint Saul. Saul wasn’t God’s original choice as King of Israel.

I also chuckle a little bit in this audio when describing how Abishai wanted to kill Saul with his spear but not because Abishai wanted to kill Saul but only because I could relate to Abishai’s state of mind after being pursued relentlessly by Saul as Saul sought to kill David and his men.

Listen: The Anointed and the Anointing.

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Kathy Lee In An Interview With Megyn Kelly Promotes A False Religion And False Love Which Is Contradictory To The Message Of Obedience Constantly Emphasized Throughout Scripture.


My views regarding Kathy Lee’s statements about what’s expected from true followers of Christ can easily be misconstrued as an attack or dislike of Kathy Lee but nothing could be further from the truth. But I do have a problem with her message because if not fully supported by the Bible it can have terrible consequences for her and for those who follow it.


I will be elaborating more thoroughly on the points I disagree with and how they are not supported by God’s word. And how the Bible emphasizes that those who promote these false teachings, as well as those who follow them, will be dealt with harshly in the coming destruction on a sinful world and when they are judged.


Often times the Bible is completely misinterpreted as individuals like her apply their own personal interpretation to scripture as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself. And it’s often done to justify behavior that’s clearly condemned by God in his word or to placate those who live in abominable, blatant, and open, defiance of his word. And this, unfortunately, leads millions astray and encourages them to blatantly rebel against and defy God’s word.


I’m not asking you to believe or follow me but to only believe and follow God and what’s clearly outlined in his word. My goal is simply to educate and enlighten not deceive and placate. Rebuttal coming soon.

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