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Coming Soon: Holy Angels… Messengers Of God, And Spiritual Terminators/Assassins. 1 Chronicles Chapter 21.

Pushing An Agenda Of Mass Control Of The Citizens And A Pathway To The Mark Of The Beast?

This Is Why You Should Not Be Teaching God’s Word If You Are Not Obedient To It And Thoroughly Versed In It.

The young lady in this video is claiming that we can only judge others if we are without sin ourselves but that is not what God’s word teaches. She’s an intelligent and attractive young lady and she comes across as passionate about the position she takes in relation to specific issues.

At certain points in the video, she is also making reference to the many people who are judging her because of statements her former husband made about her who is a major R&B singer and an actor. And many people are throwing her under the bus and judging her because of that and I don’t agree with that at all. She is right, that is wrong. You have to apply serious scrutiny in cases like that because we don’t know who is telling the truth. You can’t be quick to speak on issues you know very little about. Her husband makes some great music by the way. That doesn’t mean I am taking sides in this issue though, just emphasizing he makes great music.

But her teaching on judging is completely wrong, error-filled, and unbiblical and based on that I would also assume many of her other teachings are probably inaccurate and unbiblical as well. Let me also say before I enlighten the young lady, by using God’s word of course, that I am in agreement with her in relation to slandering and spreading gossip. That’s something the Bible and God strongly condemn. But as it relates to exposing the evil and wrongdoing of others so as to prevent others from following the same destructive behavior this is something God encourages.

And judging the unbiblical behavior or calling it out is a way of exposing it which the Bible encourages us to do. Ephesians 5:10-13, 2 Timothy 4:2. Christ also tells us in John 7:24 to judge not according to the appearance but to judge by righteous judgment. King David tells us in Psalms 33:5 that God loves judgment. In Matthew 23:23 Christ puts judgment on a level of importance with love, and faith, and condemns the Scribes and Pharisees for not doing it, in righteousness. “In righteousness” is the key phrase we need to be paying attention to.

As you will see as we proceed God and Christ don’t have a problem with judging and exposing evil, in fact, they encourage it. But they do have a problem with individuals who are not living in accordance with his ten commandments and word, doing it. Throughout scripture, which I will outline momentarily, you will see a pattern of condemning judging when it’s done in unrighteousness.

This is the problem God and Christ have with those who judge when they are disobedient themselves. The false teaching that says we are not to judge was created by Satan through false unlearned ministers as a way to ensure evil spreads unchecked. So Satan can ensure the physical and spiritual destruction of humanity.

Christ expressly tells us to judge in righteousness in John 7:24 or to judge righteous judgment and what that simply means is to only judge while walking in accordance with God’s word and ten commandments faithfully. Only then do you have the right to judge. And to also use God’s word in determining if the behavior you are judging is acceptable in God’s eyes or not.

This is the context in which it is acceptable to judge. Romans 2: 1-6 emphasizes that the person who judges another while doing the same things himself is inexcusable and condemns himself when he is judged because he judges others while being disobedient to God’s word himself in the form of doing the same things he is condemning others of doing.

God tells us in Isaiah 61:8 that he loves judgment. So being sin free is not a requirement for judging bad behavior. But being righteous is a requirement. No one is sin free because we were born in sin and have all sinned. But righteousness simply means departing from all forms of sin as the Bible defines them while striving to remain obedient to God’s ten commandments and word. We also see Christ emphasizing in Matthew 7:1-5 that you must get the beam out of your own eye before you can see clearly to judge another person’s situation.

We see Christ emphasizing once again that we must be righteous ourselves which is defined by keeping God’s ten commandments and his word faithfully before we can judge another person’s behavior. This is clearly the context in which the Bible is emphasizing when judging is okay and encouraged. So the lady is absolutely wrong about what she is teaching in relation to judging. Passionate, and emotional, but wrong as the Bible clearly shows here.

That’s why the Bible says in James 3:1 let us not all be teachers because they will receive the greater condemnation. The Bible also tells us in 2 Peter 2:1-3 that the judgment and damnation of false teachers lingereth not and slumbereth not. God takes teaching his word so seriously because you are dealing with the physical and spiritual lives of individuals and if what you teach results in them being destroyed God will destroy you.

Also, after Jesus spared the woman she is talking about in this video he later told her to go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon her. This is the verse false unlearned ministers conveniently overlook. The righteousness that’s required that’s defined by obedience to God’s ten commandments and word. This is what they all work feverishly to avoid and falsely condemn as unbiblical.

This is what false ministers constantly try to argue around while twisting and taking God’s word out of context to do it. Or while using some verses in scripture to take the meaning out of context. God is not impressed by passion to teach his word. Only by the fact that you are teaching in righteousness and in truth.

No disrespect to the young lady she is just simply wrong on this issue and based on how terribly inaccurate and error-filled this teaching was she may be just as wrong and in error about her other teachings when you examine them through the lens of God’s word.

Incidentally, Christ viewed the Scribes and the Pharisees as hypocrites and false teachers because they had essentially watered down the ten commandments and replaced them with the doctrines and traditions of men and because of it Christ condemned them and said the Jews who followed those teachings worshipped him in vain. Mark 7:7-9.

The problem wasn’t that they kept the ten commandments the problem was they omitted the weightier matters of the law like judgment, faith, and love, and drowned out the rest of the ten commandments with their own ordinances and traditions that took precedence over the ten commandments which Christ clearly outlines in Mark 7:7-9.

And Christ did not view them as fellow servants of the household of God but as hypocrites, false teachers, and deceivers. And warned them that there would be a terrible price to pay for their hypocrisy and for leading others astray and away from God. Matthew 23:24-33. So she is wrong in that regard as well. She also says love is commanded by God and she’s right, but she appears to be equating love with justifying evil and or calling evil good and associating with evil. But that is condemned in scripture also Isaiah 5:20-25, Proverbs 17:15.

She also says there is nothing wrong with associating with people who rebel against God in abominable ways but that is condemned by scripture also 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, 1 Corinthians 10:20-22, 1 Corinthians 15:33-34, Ephesians 5:10-13, so she is wrong as it relates to these issues as well. God condemns it because he knows you can be drawn into the same destructive corrupting behavior by these kinds of individuals. Which can and will lead to your destruction.

Romans 16:17-18 tells us to avoid false teachers who teach a doctrine that’s contrary to the doctrines that God and Christ have taught us. Which is keeping the ten commandments and the word of God as a whole. And that they deceive the simple/ignorant by good words and fair speeches which this young lady is doing. The words sound good and are full of passion and emotion but they don’t stand up to direct Bible scrutiny. And they promote rebellion against God and Christ’s doctrines.

If it doesn’t stand up to direct Bible scrutiny it’s a lie. And we have to call it out and reject it. And what most of these ministers teach doesn’t stand up to Bible scrutiny. She is also unfortunately engaging in the same behavior she is condemning others of doing and that is gossiping and falsely accusing others without having the facts to support it. By claiming others are sinning as well. While having no proof to support it.

True servants of God don’t openly sin against Christ and God they may stumble on occasion and ask for forgiveness and strive to never do it again. But they aren’t sinning wilfully as she seems to be claiming because they know that leads to spiritual destruction when judged which is outlined in Hebrews 6:6-8, and Hebrews 10:26-31. But that’s normally what hypocrites do, falsely accuse others of what they do in an effort to make themselves appear righteous and to hide or try to falsely implicate others in their own sins.

So she is wrong in that regard also. I’m not trying to make her look bad only exposing the lies with the truth something I’m instructed to do by God’s word. Following these types of false teachings, in reality, can result in you losing your spiritual life when judged because they in most cases promote hypocrisy in the form of rebellion against God his ten commandments and his word. And that based on God’s word will be punished harshly and leads to spiritual death. Proverbs 13:13.

I would encourage the young lady to study with the true churches of God and information about those churches can be found on this site. Or she can get helpful information from the audios I put out. She will always be led astray and confused following false ministers and their false teachings. And she will always struggle with sin if she rejects God’s ten commandments and word because she will never receive the holy spirit if she doesn’t keep God’s ten commandments and word. And without the holy spirit, it’s impossible to live righteously.

And receiving God’s holy spirit is contingent upon keeping his ten commandments and word John 14:15-17, Acts 5:32. And she will never be able to properly interpret the word of God without the holy spirit. So she will always end up with these kinds of false, inaccurate, and deceptive teachings that do nothing but lead people away from the true God and his true doctrines and teachings and instead to destruction.

The lesson in the verses she is teaching about is to forgive but that doesn’t justify continued rebellion against God’s word. Christ forgave the woman but he commanded her to go and sin no more. This is what we should be taking away from the verse. Not that Christ forgiving her is somehow a justification for future sin and rebellion against God and his word the Bible.

That is what false ministers teach and she is just repeating the same inaccurate and error-filled talking points and it’s a satanic lie that leads to spiritual death when judged. Because it teaches and promotes hypocrisy in the form of rebellion against God’s ten commandments and word. Psalms 21:8-9, Psalms 92:7, Malachi 4:1-5, Matthew 13:49-50, Galatians 5:24, 1 John 3:10, 2 Timothy 2:19, Revelation 21:7-8.

Christ also tells us in Matthew 5:48 to be perfect as God is perfect so we are to strive towards spiritual perfection so she is wrong in that regard as well. The purpose of judging is to expose evil so others won’t be ensnared by it and eventually destroyed as a result of it. It is not meant as a way to constantly bring up a person’s past and mistakes if they have repented and are striving to live in accordance with God’s word.

We are to love, encourage, and support them in such cases. I’m convinced she’s struggling with a sexual sin herself and I think I know what it is. But instead of fighting to overcome it, she seeks to justify it by twisting God’s word and taking it out of context as many do.

But it will be very difficult to overcome in a place like Atlanta where that particular form of sin is practiced so liberally and openly. She knows what I’m talking about. The holy spirit gives God’s servants the ability to see things others can’t see.

All the best to the young lady I pray God opens her eyes and guides her to God’s truths. Because as it presently stands she is not a true teacher of the Bible just another in a long line of deceivers and false teachers who teach lies as a way to advance an evil unbiblical agenda and steal from the people.

Some out of complete ignorance. And some as a result of blatant defiance. But never the less, it’s all deception. All the best to her though, may God open her eyes and guide her to the truth and from the hypocritical path that leads to the lake of fire. Job 27:8, Matthew 24:51.

Why? Because hypocrites are nothing but wicked individuals who masquerade as righteous and claim to be righteous that’s why they suffer the same fate as the wicked. Because they’re just wicked individuals who operate behind a fake cloak of righteousness. Titus 1:16, Matthew 7:15-20, Matthew 15:8.

The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord. Redone.

The Day of the Lord - Wikipedia

Sexual perversions, rape, mass murder in the form of war, in the urban neighborhoods and communities, and in the form of abortion, child molestation, homosexual and lesbian marriage now legalized and accepted as normal behavior, the practicing and promotion of black magic and sorcery, political corruption at the highest levels of government, lies, bribery, treachery, betrayal, etc.

Would a loving God sit back and allow such behavior to continue unchecked? Well, if you let false ministers who promote an evil ungodly agenda tell it, yes he would allow it to continue.

But as always we should only believe God and what his word says about abominable sinful behavior. And God through his word the Bible says a destructive event of cataclysmic proportions is soon to affect planet earth and all of its inhabitants. This event is called the great and terrible day of the lord.

The Bible says it will follow right on the heels of the great tribulation. Another event of widespread suffering and sorrow. God says he’s going to punish a sinful world because of their abominable rebellion against him.

The Bible says God’s anger will be poured out in this way because of the sins of the world. Let’s study God’s word to see what this event is, why it will happen, and when it will happen. Today’s audio is entitled the coming great and terrible day of the lord. This audio was recorded on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Listen: The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord 2Redone.

This version is a redo of the previous version. I didn’t like how it turned out so I re-recorded it. I left out the statement about how the United States is exporting the abominable sins to other nations and former President Barrack Obama being a part of that. But those actions are going to bring the full wrath of God upon the whole earth because it’s a form of suicide by cop.

Satan is actually destroying humanity by influencing them to sin against God in abominable ways because he knows how God is going to respond, by completely destroying man. Which is Satan’s goal the complete destruction of mankind as a whole on a physical and spiritual level. Similar to what happened in the great flood but much worse.

But he’s just doing it by God’s hand in this case by influencing mankind to defy and sin against God in abominable ways. He does it by using his servants like Barrack Obama and others to spread and promote abominable sexual perversions and sinful behavior here in this country and to nations worldwide. Once again, a type of suicide by cop.

But the statements I made in the previous audio about the American government and former President Barrack Obama and how they are exporting sin and perversion to other nations still apply. I also in this newer audio said Christ telling the woman at the well that he would have given her living water was in Matthew but it’s actually in John 4:10. Sorry I was just talking a little too fast. The original audio is below.

Listen: The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord.

The Forgotten Message Of Jesus Christ.

What Was Nailed To The Cross?

Coming Soon: Matthew 16:26 What Does It Profit A Man To Gain The Whole World But Yet Lose His Own Soul?

2 Corinthians 11:13-15: Another Prominent False Minister Exposed As A Homosexual.

I have heard of this guy and have heard him speak a time or two and when I did hear him speak in a couple of videos I immediately felt he was involved in the homosexual/bisexual lifestyle. That feeling was the result of watching a video he was promoting that was basically trying to justify homosexuality.

That immediately raised a red flag. The fact that he was a false minister teaching a false unbiblical doctrine didn’t help either and only reinforced my belief. Not to mention the fact that the guy just looked strange and creepy. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a false homosexual minister.

The truth of the matter is many of these false ministers are secretly engaged in homosexual and bisexual behavior. But the difference is many of them actually support and promote homosexuality and falsely teach that to embrace and support the lifestyle is an act of love and biblical. Unlike this false minister in question. But in reality, that is completely unbiblical.

But false homosexual and bisexual ministers come in different shapes sizes and colors and vary in their position about where they stand as it relates to supporting or not supporting the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle. Some speak out against it as a cover to really hide the fact that they secretly engage in it. And others wholeheartedly embrace support and promote it and falsely suggest that it’s an act of love.

But the primary identifying factors that expose them as false ministers are their unrestrained abominable sin and the doctrine they teach which is completely contrary to what the Bible teaches. And that is that keeping the word of God and the ten commandments is not necessary and that we are under grace and because of it we can sin freely and break the ten commandments and transgress the word of God without worry. And they teach that Sunday is God’s sabbath day all of which is completely unbiblical.

Because they refuse to acknowledge or keep the ten commandments and word of God they are disqualified from receiving the Holy Spirit which makes it virtually impossible for them to live a life of righteousness consistent with what God and the Bible require.

Acts 5:32, John 14:15-17, 1 John 2:2-6. Not to mention the fact that without the Holy Spirit it will be impossible to allow the Bible to properly interpret itself. There are also other identifying traits that you should look for to determine if a false minister or a person is secretly homosexual or bisexual that I outline in one of my Q&A sessions regarding homosexuality.

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A Spike In Measles Cases Across The Country.

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Sexual Perversion And The Spiritual And Mental Derangement It Produces: A Man Hating Lesbian Mother And Her Lesbian Partner Cut Off Sons Genitals Dismember Him And Stuff His Body Parts Into Bags.

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Is Grace A License To Sin?

According to the Bible Grace was bestowed upon us as an act of mercy from Christ to pay the penalty for our sins. Christ also applies it as a way to cover our sins when we stumble. In such cases when we stumble we ask for forgiveness for our sins and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and shed blood then cover those sins when we stumble on occasion. But one of the most dangerous and false doctrines that are being taught today is that grace gives us a license to freely sin.

False ministers teach the false soul-destroying doctrine of salvation by grace through faith which means if you accept Jesus Christ as your savior verbally the price for sin has been paid and you can freely continue in sin without any change in behavior which is completely unbiblical and is the result of false unlearned ministers applying their own personal interpretation to scripture as opposed to allowing the Bible to interpret itself.

No one can interpret the Bible, the Bible simply interprets itself and you must allow it to do that. Any other approach leads to complete error and gross biblical misinterpretation. As we study God’s word you will clearly see that to willfully sin and to use grace as a license to sin leads only to condemnation when judged and to spiritual death.

The truth of the matter is taking spiritual advice from false unlearned ministers with a perverted evil agenda can and will lead to your spiritual destruction. Because in most cases they will lead you into rebellion against God’s word and his commandments. And as we will see momentarily that will only ensure that you are a recipient of God’s wrath when you are judged.

It’s important to reveal this information at such a time when you consider there are so many false ministers who are supporting and promoting offensive unbiblical behaviors that if practiced and embraced are sure to result in destruction when judged. This will be made clear as we study God’s word.

But the problem is many people are embracing and practicing the behaviors that false ministers are teaching are okay to promote and practice.. We will also see that the freedom that’s being emphasized by Paul as a result of grace is freedom from the enslaving shackles of sin. And not the freedom to fully engage in sinful behavior. Let’s study God’s word to see how he views using grace as a license to sin and how he promises to punish it. Today’s audio is entitled Is Grace A License To Sin? This audio was recorded on June 27, 2022.

At the beginning of this audio I keep mentioning let’s go to Romans 2:6-12 but what I actually meant was Romans 2:6-16. It was late at night when I recorded the audio and I was sleepy I also had Romans 2:6-12 written down so kept referencing it while failing to realize the mistake. Sorry about that.

Listen: Is Grace A License To Sin?

Are All Sins Equal?

Bible Verses About All Sins Being Equal - King James Version (KJV)

Many have been taught that all sins are equal and they all carry the same weight of punishment when judged. But what does the Bible teach? Does for instance lying carry the same punishment as stealing? Or does witchcraft result in the same punishment as practicing sorcery for instance?

Many have been fooled into believing by false unlearned ministers many who promote a perverse agenda that every sin is equal. But what does God and his word say? This is the primary authority and source we should look to regarding matters about life and its many unanswered questions.

Let’s examine God’s word to see what it says in regards to sin and if they all are equal in his eyes. Today’s audio is entitled Are All Sins Equal? This audio was recorded on June 18, 2022. This will be very brief audio and will cut to the chase using just a few critical scriptures to lay out God’s view about specific sins and how they are not all the same in God’s eyes.

Listen: Are All Sins Equal ?

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