Question: How Do You Respond To Those Who Say If You Use The Word Of God To Condemn Sinful Behavior You Are Secretly Not Living In Accordance With God’s Word Yourself?


Donald Bohanon:  Whoever makes a statement like that is ignorant concerning the Bible and don’t know what they are talking about in relation to God’s word and it’s requirements. And are probably living in complete defiance of God’s word themselves.


It’s been my experience that those who make statements like that are normally living in defiance of God’s commandments and his word, and in many cases in abominable ways. They will make unbiblical statements like that cavalierly and not be able to provide one ounce of biblical proof to confirm or substantiate those ridiculous statements.


And if they do provide a verse it’s normally taken out of context to promote perverse behaviors and lifestyles and advance and evil unbiblical agenda.I’ve found those types of individuals to be perverse in their behavior and practices, and in many cases living in abominable defiance of God and his word.


They normally make statements like that to deceptively make themselves appear righteous in the eyes of ignorant onlookers and observers. But yet openly and secretly defy God in abominable ways. The truest and purest examples of hypocrites they are.


I also think that distorted unbiblical way of thinking is fueled by so many instances of false ministers preaching the word of God but yet living completely contrary to what God commands. They normally get caught in all kinds of compromising positions which produces more confusion and brings even more shame and reproach on the name of God and true Christianity.


 So that has obviously created an environment of distorted thinking in relation to what really determines what’s deemed righteous in God’s eyes. As well as the behavior required to be considered righteous in God’s eyes.


Unfortunately,  false ministers, their ignorance of the Bible and their hypocrisy, is what’s fueling much of that error-filled thought. God informs his servants throughout his word to condemn and expose evil and to use his word to do it.


Not sit idly by and allow abominable evil and sin to flourish without uttering a peep. I have provided numerous verses in other articles and posts you can reference to confirm and validate this.  Ephesians 5:10-13