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Q&A: The Bible Says In Revelation That Christ’s Hair Is Like Wool So How Can You Claim Israelites Are White When Blacks Have The Hair Texture Of Wool?

Question: The Bible Says In Revelation That Christ’s Hair Is Like Wool So How Can You Claim Israelites Are White When Blacks Have The Hair Texture Of Wool?

Donald Bohanon: The Bible says in Revelation 1:14 that Christ’s hair was white like wool, not like wool. That is another misquote of scripture used as a way to justify the teaching that Jesus was a black man.

And even if that were the case, and it’s not, what also needs to be understood is that many Jews have a curly type of hair texture so wool-like hair texture is not exclusive to blacks only. Some Jews were also darker skinned. The Bible is misquoted often, like in this case, to justify the teaching that Jesus was a black man.

Jesus was a Jew and many Jews have a curly hair texture that’s consistent with that of wool. But once again, the Bible never said Jesus’ hair was like wool, only that it was white like wool, as white as snow.

That’s a big difference and gives a different context and meaning than the false quote about his hair being like wool. It never made reference to the texture of his hair in that verse, only to the color of his hair. Read it yourself Revelation 1:14.

Q&A: Why Aren’t You Speaking On Bigger Platforms And On Camera To Spread The Truth?

Question: Why Aren’t You Speaking On Bigger Platforms And On Camera To Spread The Truth?

Donald Bohanon: I do what I can with my limited resources. I’m not so quick to speak on platforms like Youtube for instance where they can censor what you say or simply completely shut you down if you say something that’s contrary to their agenda. It would be counterproductive and a waste of time to have created so much content only to have it removed instantly.

I prefer being in complete control so what I say and teach won’t be compromised. But if you want me to reach the masses, spread the word and donate. There would be no sadder situation to be in where you are in the midst of everything that’s been prophesied on this site wishing that you had done more to support the work to prevent the calamity that you yourselves will be going through.

God actually does say a time is coming when he is going to shut the work down and at that time people will be earnestly looking for guidance from his true apostles and prophets and the truth they speak but they won’t be able to find it or them because they will be taken to a place of safety to escape the calamity.

God says this world doesn’t deserve his servants or his truth because you reject the truth and persecute his servants. He says he’s going to eventually send strong delusion in the form of false teachers and deceivers so you will believe lies instead to your own physical and spiritual destruction.

Because you don’t love the truth but instead love lies and cling to lies. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12. God actually reveals to me that many people will be on the brink of giving only to allow themselves to be talked out of by others. There are times I have wept quietly when praying to God because I know what’s coming and I know it can be stopped. And I see some taking action but it’s not enough. More needs to be done, much more.

You can’t expect me to do more with limited resources when you do nothing and sit on your hands yourselves. God says you want me to embrace and support your views in exchange for support but that’s nonnegotiable and he would destroy me and you if I went that route. That doesn’t benefit me or you. And I promise the reapers are at the door even now awaiting marching orders from the great God Yahweh as his impatience grows. And that’s not an empty threat.

If you want to see me on camera reaching much larger audiences donate so I can do that. What I can promise is I will be transparent in providing all the details of where the money is going on this site. Do other self-proclaimed ministers do that? To build trust you have to trust first. I do what I can with what I have. The question is what are you doing? And will you continue to do nothing until it’s too late?

Q&A: Are You A Jehovahs Witness?

Question: Are You A Jehovahs Witness?

Donald Bohanon: No. There are some slight similarities but they don’t keep the commandments, or Holy Days, I don’t believe, which are absolute requirements. There are certain holidays they don’t recognize but that’s about where it ends in terms of similarities based on my understanding.

They unfortunately also have a book that when examined closely, heavily misinterprets scripture. This is in large part due to their lack of understanding of how important and crucial the Holy Spirit is in properly interpreting the word of God. Something you won’t receive if you reject God’s ten commandments and word.

And that is unfortunately what most of these professing forms of Christianity do and is why they are in darkness as it relates to prophecy, doctrine, faith, grace, judgment, etc. God simply reveals no deep spiritual revelation to those who reject his word and the ten commandments, period. Amos 3:7.

Colossians 1:9 (N I V) For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.

But the fact that they don’t recognize certain holidays is supported by the Bible. But those are probably the only similarities TRUE CHRISTIANITY shares with them..

Q&A: Why Do You Claim Barrack Obama Is A Servant Of Satan?

Question: Why Do You Claim Barrack Obama Is A Servant Of Satan?

Donald Bohanon: Because he’s proven it by his actions. He tried to get the black community to drink lead-tainted water when he knew it was poisonous. He’s been instrumental in legalizing homosexual and lesbian marriage. He paved the way for men who claim to be women to access women’s bathrooms and compete in women’s sports.

He has paved the way for children to get gender reassignment surgery. Among other things. All these things are detestable to God. But he has gone full steam ahead in promoting this detestable offensive behavior. He claims to serve God but his actions clearly say otherwise. The Bible says these types of individuals profess to know God but by their works they deny him being abominable and disobedient unto every good work reprobate.

Titus 1:14-16. Matthew 7:15-20, Matthew 15:8. Many other verses in scripture support my position. He is also stiffnecked proud and resistant to everything pertaining to God which is the very nature and character of Satan. I see Satan clearly working in him like looking through a glass window.

Words mean nothing to God your actions determine who you are to God. And he has done nothing but promote abominable rebellion against God. Abominable behavior that’s going to bring the full wrath of God crashing down on the heads of the whole human race if they don’t reject it and turn it around. Based on his actions and according to God’s word he’s a servant of Satan and an enemy of God in every sense of the word.  John 8:44.

But yet fools continue to follow and seek his counsel when it has done nothing but undermine and destroy the moral fabric of America. And when the moral foundation of a nation is destroyed the nation collapses. And I’m convinced he knows that better than most.

And he has the audacity to talk like he’s the one who defines what decency is and acts as the moral authority when he is promoting cutting off the genitals of children. He’s an example of self-righteous hypocrisy at its worst. There is one moral authority and that is God and his word. Not Barrack Obama.

Not to mention the economic catastrophe his advice has created. Another major part of the problem that’s destroying the country is that you have nothing but clueless puppets and followers of fools in positions of leadership. What could possibly go wrong in such a scenario?

What Do You Say About Women Who Have Slept With Hundreds Of Men And Even Women And Who Encourage Other Women To Do The Same?

Question: What Do You Say About Women Who Have Slept With Hundreds Of Men And Even Women And Who Encourage Other Women To Do The Same?

Donald Bohanon: Based on my experience those types of women, deep inside, are miserable. Because many of them feel they will never find a meaningful relationship in the future and they know they have pretty much wrecked their reputations for life so they feel they don’t have anything to lose by continuing in the destructive, corrupting, behavior.

So they will encourage other women to do the same because they don’t want the women they are offering that destructive, reckless advice to, to be happy and find a man who really loves them. Misery has always loved and will always love company. Those types of women are miserable and in reality, are being used by Satan to destroy themselves physically and spiritually and to destroy the physical and spiritual lives of others, and further undermine and destroy society whether they know it or not.

I would never take relationship advice from a woman who has been successful at wrecking her own life and ensuring she never finds a meaningful relationship. Homosexuals and lesbians also encourage ignorant, clueless, women to engage in the same kind of destructive, corrupting, promiscuous, behavior while calling it liberating (when in reality it’s totally destructive and enslaving) because they feel they are thinning out the pool of eligible worthwhile women by doing it.

In hopes of improving their chances of getting quality eligible men for themselves. And as if they stood a chance. While the lesbians target and reserve the female rejects with sullied reputations for themselves. Lesbians homosexuals and bisexual men actually work together in that capacity to draw ignorant men and women into their destructive corrupting lifestyles and clutches.

Encouraging women to engage in reckless sexual behavior they know will ensure those women are not considered or looked at by quality men that matter. In reality, they want you to be miserable just like them. And they don’t want you to find true love and actually get the men they secretly lust after and long for themselves.

And a quality man is not someone who necessarily has insane wealth but it’s someone who has Godly character which is defined by honesty, loyalty, respect, wisdom, self-control, patience, knowledge, life experience, morality as the Bible defines it, and being selective about who they get involved with emotionally, etc.

Women who have slept with hundreds of men and women, and homosexuals and bisexuals, know those types of men unfortunately are not looking for women with that kind of sexual history. So they will encourage you to engage in destructive, reckless, sexual behavior in hopes that you will be in the same miserable position they are in.

Longing for true love from a man who truly loves them but never being able to find it because they have made all the wrong choices by allowing themselves to be led by their lusts thereby wrecking their reputations to the point that no man who is of any real value will give them any consideration.

So I would completely reject the advice of women who encourage you to engage in destructive behavior like that, homosexual men and lesbian women also do the same, and if unrepentant avoid them like the ebola virus for your own benefit.

Q&A: Would God Forgive A Woman Who Was A Prostitute And Could She Be Bought Into His Fold Of Protection Before These Terrible Things Happen That You Mention In Your Latest Audio?

Question: Would God Forgive A Woman Who Was A Prostitute And Could She Be Bought Into His Fold Of Protection Before These Terrible Things Happen That You Mention In Your Latest Audio?

Donald Bohanon: Absolutely. There is no sin great enough that God won’t forgive it or that the shed blood of Jesus Christ won’t wash away. Even if Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Stalin accepted Jesus Christ verbally repented of their sins and began to walk according to God’s commandments and word and continued in them and bore fruit after being baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit they would be forgiven and loved by God. And that’s saying something. In fact, the Bible says these are the types of people who Christ will be calling in the last days Matthew 21:28-32.

As long as they are committed to changing their lives and living God’s way he will forgive them and the Bible says he will even forget their sins. Micah 7:19, Hebrews 8:12. Another benefit of serving God is your past sins won’t be revealed to the world as the sins of the wicked and ungodly will be when they are judged.

Q&A: Why Do You Say The Stars Mentioned In Your Audio “The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord” Are Asteroids?

Question: Why Do You Say The Stars Mentioned In Your Audio “The Coming Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord” Are Asteroids?

Donald Bohanon: Because stars are actually planets. And asteroids are pieces of planets. Obviously, the Bible could not be talking about whole planets striking earth because there would be nothing left alive on earth, and in that scenario, the earth would most likely be completely destroyed.

When we consider verses in scripture that emphasize Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish his government we know whole planets couldn’t be striking earth at that time because there would be nothing left for Christ to return to.

Many scientists will tell you that asteroids are pieces of a planet and vary in size and weight so this is the most logical and reasonable scenario and supports other verses in scripture that suggest the outcome of those asteroids striking planet earth will be that the light of the sun and moon will be blocked out because an asteroid depending on it’s size and weight after striking earth will produce a dust cloud that blocks out the sunlight and the moonlight.

That’s actually a scenario that resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs. God caused that destruction because he knew dinosaurs couldn’t safely co-exist with humans. And he’s going to cause the same thing to happen to mankind because of their abominable sins, unfortunately.

The asteroids that strike planet earth in the “great and terrible day of the lord’ may not be as massive as the one that destroyed the dinosaurs but they will be big enough to create a similar effect but maybe not of the same magnitude or duration because that would result in the destruction of every living thing on planet earth with the exception of maybe insects and rodents.

So, the more likely scenario will probably be smaller asteroids striking the earth with a similar effect to the one that resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs but with less of a duration and magnitude.

But it will be no less frightening and impactful. Humanity will also, unfortunately, need to contend with tidal waves, hurricanes, floods, and other destructive events of cataclysmic proportions as a result of God shaking planet earth, in addition to the asteroids. God shaking the earth will probably happen before the stars/asteroids begin to fall from heaven/space to earth.

Q&A: You Say Men Don’t Want A Woman Who Has Had Sex With 2 -3 Men At The Same Time? So Why Would A Woman Want A Man Who Has Had Sex With 2-3 Women At The Same Time?

Question: You Say Men Don’t Want A Woman Who Has Had Sex With 2 -3 Men At The Same Time? So Why Would A Woman Want A Man Who Has Had Sex With 2-3 Women At The Same Time?

Donald Bohanon: I was speaking in the context of having a train run on you as a woman, A man can’t have a train run on him because he is the penetrator. A man can only have sex with one vagina at a time. A woman has three ways she can accommodate a man’s penis simultaneously.

Vaginally, orally, and anally ( I’m not suggesting I would engage in anal intercourse only emphasizing the different ways a woman can be penetrated by a man). This is impossible in the case of men because a woman can’t penetrate a man. Trains can only be run on women. And this in the eyes of most men is degrading for a woman.

Most men would not consider being in a serious relationship with a woman who would allow herself to be degraded in this fashion. Because it says that the woman has no control over her sexual desires, is weak, and is not trustworthy in that regard.

Because this makes the man feel like he will be betrayed if he puts his trust in that woman. So he will be very reluctant to allow himself to get emotionally involved.

Q&A: How Can You Say God Is Love And Serve Him When He Allows So Much Death And Suffering?

Question: How Can You Say God Is Love And Serve HimWhen He Allows So Much Death And Suffering?

Donald Bohanon: Let me get this right. God tells you not to steal but you steal. Not to lie but you lie. Not to bear false witness against your neighbor but you bear false witness against your neighbor. Not to commit adultery but you commit adultery. Not to slander others but you slander others. Not to murder but you murder.

Not to commit fornication but you commit fornication. Not to covet but you covet yours and the things of others. Not to engage in perverse sexual behavior but you engage in perverse sexual behavior, etc, etc.

So, because you have now created an environment of violence, death, backstabbing, lying, confusion, treachery, sexual perversion, sorrow, suffering, theft, distrust, desperation, dishonesty, betrayal, disease, divorce, disloyalty, etc, etc, etc, because you have essentially rejected his instruction that’s full of love and wisdom…

He is now to blame? God is not allowing it to happen, you are. And God is not to blame, you are. Because you have rejected his counsel and direction which if followed from the heart would produce the desired results of peace and prosperity but you refuse to follow it. And God won’t step in to correct it because he knows if he did correct it you wouldn’t do what he commanded (once again) and you would be right back to square one in no time flat.

Suffering as a result of your own sins and rebellion while blaming him for it. God is not going to waste his time perpetually correcting the mistakes of men ( as it relates to obeying what’s commanded in his word) because he knows man will simply repeat those same mistakes and in so doing create the same sets of problems. And he would have to correct it over and over and over again.

And it would be like running in place and going nowhere. He will punish the rebellion but he expects you to correct it by obeying him. And he knows you wouldn’t be suffering as you are if you obeyed him at the outset. But you won’t. So God has appointed a time when he will establish his government over the whole earth. And men, women, and children, at that time, will be required to live by the ten commandments and the Bible. Sin and rebellion will be put to rest in one fell swoop.

This will produce the abundant physical and spiritual blessings man has long sought after but have eluded him. Because he has always rejected the very instruction that would have produced the very things that he desired. And that’s following God’s word, commandments, guidance, and direction.

One key to the effectiveness of that soon-coming rulership that will see sin and crime vanish rather quickly will be the fact that God, Christ, and the glorified saints, who will be ruling with Christ, will see and know everything. So when evil is carried out it will be punished immediately.

There will be no need for investigations, trials, juries, judges, or attorneys. This will have a major impact on crime and sin because everybody will know that if you commit a crime you wIll be punished immediately after committing it without a need for a trial because Christ and the glorified saints will know. It will probably be stopped before it even happens.

People will begin to realize you can’t get away with committing a crime or sin. As opposed to years of investigation to find the truth and punish crime in some cases under man’s present rule.

Not to mention the fact that the environment won’t be conducive to criminal behavior because normally criminal behavior is birthed as a result of hunger, poverty, necessity, desperation, and despair. There will be no lack of, need or want, under Christ’s rulership.

Quite frankly, to commit crime and sin, under those circumstances, would just make you evil, dumb, and stupid. And that type of behavior and attitude won’t be tolerated in the world to come. For the benefit of mankind as a whole- Ecclesiastes 8:11. Not to mention the fact that righteousness being so widespread will produce more righteousness.

Because it’s much easier to live righteously when everyone else is living righteously. As opposed to living in an environment where evil is more widespread which makes it harder to live righteously. A righteous environment produces righteousness. And a wicked environment produces wickedness.

Also, not to dismiss the fact that God’s spirit will be poured out on all flesh. In addition to one of if not the most important and powerful deterrents will be the fact that Satan is ripped off the throne of earth. Mankind will no longer be influenced by Satan but by God and Christ instead.

This is all going to be a major deterrent to crime and sin and will transform the spiritual, physical, mental, moral, and emotional landscape of humanity. Which will in turn transform humanity for the better in short order. Completely eliminating sin and rebellion in a rapid fashion.

To the benefit of the whole human race. These are just some deterrents but there will be others also. But this is why God is not intervening but instead allowing you to learn from your own mistakes, the pain and suffering rebelling against him and his way of life produces.

You won’t do what he says so he is letting you have at it, to learn the hard way. And when he does establish his government you won’t be able to argue against it because you have had 6000 years from the creation of man to do it your way but have failed miserably and are still failing as I write this. Man doesn’t have the answers that will produce lasting results and peace (his failures throughout history with the collapse of nations and empires one after the other over and over again have proven that) but God does.

Mans’s carnal corrupt spiritual nature is his problem. He is governed and led by Satan in many respects but in varying degrees. This means he is led by his lust, greed, pride, jealousy, anger, blind ambition, etc in varying degrees.

And because of this, he will never be successful at producing lasting results of peace and prosperity because peace and prosperity can’t co-exist with his destructive emotions and carnal nature. A carnal nature that can only be corrected by a spiritual solution. A spiritual solution that he has rejected from his creation. God is about to show you how it should be done. Take notes.

There Are People In Florida Fighting Against What You Preach Against So Why Wouldn’t You Pray For Them And For The Hurricane To Spare Them And Their State?

Question: There Are People In Florida Fighting Against What You Preach Against So Why Wouldn’t You Pray For Them And For The Hurricane To Spare Them And Their State?

Donald Bohanon: First, let me start off by sending my prayers and condolences to the people of Florida. I pray God will comfort and provide for them in these very difficult times. I also pray for all those who have lost loved ones. It’s a very sad situation to be sure. But the fact that a few people are fighting against the promotion of abominable sinful behavior in Florida doesn’t change the fact that tens of millions of people in Florida are practicing and promoting abominations.

This is the problem. When God gets angry it’s very difficult to reason with him. And make no mistake about it this Hurricane was an expression of his wrath. I prayed that they would be spared but I also prayed that his will be done. God will heed my prayers and others like me when you convince him you are serious about making changes through drastic action. God wants to see changes as a result of action. I’m convinced God is angry about what he sees. I wrote recently that we were reaching the point of no return and I really feel that.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to overturn the destructive immoral policies that are resulting in catastrophic plaques from God upon our country. I feel for all the people in this country and around the world who are going through similar weather-related issues.

But ultimately the only real solution will be to heed God’s warning and take action to overturn many of the destructive policies this administration and the administration before the last administration have implemented.

Or these things are sure to get worse as God gives his angels charge/ marching orders to heap mischiefs/calamity on America, and as we approach the coming great and terrible day of the lord, on other nations as well because of their abominable sins. And heap means unfortunately a lot of destruction and calamity by the way. I pray that God opens the eyes of everyone reading this and pushes them to take action.

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